TSXV Technology Stocks

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NameSymbolTechnology Sub-Sector
Advent-AWI Holdings Inc.AWICommunication Technology
C-Com Satellite Systems Inc.CMICommunication Technology
Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.YFICommunication Technology
Ellipsiz Communications Ltd.ECTCommunication Technology
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.FLYCommunication Technology
GINSMS Inc.GOKCommunication Technology
iSign Media Solutions Inc.ISDCommunication Technology
Novra Technologies Inc.NVICommunication Technology
Sangoma Technologies CorporationSTCCommunication Technology
Snipp Interactive Inc.SPNCommunication Technology
Avante Logixx Inc.XXHardware & Equipment
Blackline Safety Corp.BLNHardware & Equipment
Datametrex AI LimitedDMHardware & Equipment
Dynex Power Inc.DNXHardware & Equipment
Enablence Technologies Inc.ENAHardware & Equipment
Gatekeeper Systems Inc.GSIHardware & Equipment
Graphene 3D Lab Inc.GGGHardware & Equipment
Jemtec Inc.JTCHardware & Equipment
kneat.com, inc.KSIHardware & Equipment
Kraken Robotics Inc.PNGHardware & Equipment
Lite Access Technologies Inc.LTEHardware & Equipment
Loopshare Ltd.LOOPHardware & Equipment
NanoTech Security Corp.NTSHardware & Equipment
NexOptic Technology Corp.NXOHardware & Equipment
NovaTeqni CorporationNTQHardware & Equipment
Patriot One Technologies Inc.PATHardware & Equipment
Photon Control Inc.PHOHardware & Equipment
POET Technologies Inc.PTKHardware & Equipment
Siyata Mobile Inc.SIMHardware & Equipment
Tinkerine Studios Ltd.TTDHardware & Equipment
Trackx Holdings Inc.TKXHardware & Equipment
Valdor Technology International Inc.VTIHardware & Equipment
Wi2Wi CorporationYTYHardware & Equipment
YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc.YDHardware & Equipment
Ackroo Inc.AKRInternet Software & Services
AcuityAds Holdings Inc.ATInternet Software & Services
Alphinat Inc.NPAInternet Software & Services
betterU Education Corp.BTRUInternet Software & Services
Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc.BPLIInternet Software & Services
Breaking Data Corp.BKDInternet Software & Services
BTL Group Ltd.BTLInternet Software & Services
Darelle Online Solutions Inc.DARInternet Software & Services
DeepMarkit Corp.MKTInternet Software & Services
Destiny Media Technologies Inc.DSYInternet Software & Services
DXStorm.com Inc.DXXInternet Software & Services
Engagement Labs Inc.ELInternet Software & Services
EQ Inc.EQInternet Software & Services
Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp.FASInternet Software & Services
Fireswirl Technologies Inc.FSWInternet Software & Services
First Global Data LimitedFGDInternet Software & Services
Frankly Inc.TLKInternet Software & Services
Gaming Nation Inc.FANInternet Software & Services
Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc.DFSInternet Software & Services
HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.HIVEInternet Software & Services
H-Source Holdings Ltd.HSIInternet Software & Services
Identillect Technologies Corp.IDInternet Software & Services
Jackpot Digital Inc.JPInternet Software & Services
Kona Bay Technologies Inc.KBYInternet Software & Services
Kuuhubb Inc.KUUInternet Software & Services
LeoNovus Inc.LTVInternet Software & Services
MediaValet Inc.MVPInternet Software & Services
Millennial Esports Corp.GAMEInternet Software & Services
Mobio Technologies Inc.MBOInternet Software & Services
Movit Media Corp.MVInternet Software & Services
NYX Gaming Group LimitedNYXInternet Software & Services
Oculus VisionTech Inc.OVTInternet Software & Services
Peeks Social Ltd.PEEKInternet Software & Services
Poydras Gaming Finance Corp.PYDInternet Software & Services
Prodigy Ventures Corp.PGVInternet Software & Services
ProntoForms CorporationPFMInternet Software & Services
Shoal Games Ltd.SGWInternet Software & Services
Tangelo Games Corp.GELInternet Software & Services
Totally Hip Technologies Inc.THPInternet Software & Services
Urbanimmersive Inc.UIInternet Software & Services
Yangaroo Inc.YOOInternet Software & Services
Armada Data CorporationARDIT Consulting & Services
Diagnos Inc.ADKIT Consulting & Services
IMEX Systems Inc.IMEXIT Consulting & Services
Internet of Things Inc.ITTIT Consulting & Services
NTG Clarity Networks Inc.NCIIT Consulting & Services
01 Communique Laboratory Inc.ONESoftware
3TL Technologies Corp.TTMSoftware
Acceleware Ltd.AXESoftware
AirIQ Inc.IQSoftware
AnalytixInsight Inc.ALYSoftware
ARHT Media Inc.ARTSoftware
AtmanCo Inc.ATWSoftware
Axion Ventures Inc.AXVSoftware
BeWhere Holdings Inc.BEWSoftware
Clarocity CorporationCLYSoftware
Contagious Gaming Inc.CNSSoftware
Cortex Business Solutions Inc.CBXSoftware
Eight Solutions Inc.ESSoftware
eQube Gaming LimitedEQGSoftware
Fanlogic Interactive Inc.FLGCSoftware
Fintech Select Ltd.FTECSoftware
Intema Solutions Inc.ITMSoftware
Intertainment Media Inc.INTSoftware
Intouch Insight Ltd.INXSoftware
Ivrnet Inc.IVISoftware
Labrador Technologies Inc.LTXSoftware
McorpCX, Inc.MCXSoftware
Memex Inc.OEESoftware
Moovly Media Inc.MVYSoftware
Namsys Inc.CTZSoftware
OneSoft Solutions Inc.OSSSoftware
Quantum Numbers Corp.QNCSoftware
Quorum Information Technologies Inc.QISSoftware
Reliq Health Technologies Inc.RHTSoftware
RenoWorks Software Inc.RWSoftware
RewardStream Solutions Inc.REWSoftware
Route1 Inc.ROISoftware
RSI International Systems Inc.RSYSoftware
Smart Employee Benefits Inc.SEBSoftware
Sylogist Ltd.SYZSoftware
Symbility Solutions Inc.SYSoftware
Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions, Corp.SYNSoftware
The Mint CorporationMITSoftware
Total Telcom Inc.TTZSoftware
Trakopolis IoT Corp.TRAKSoftware
VersaPay CorporationVPYSoftware
VIQ Solutions Inc.VQSSoftware
Visionstate Corp.VISSoftware
Vitalhub Corp.VHISoftware
Vogogo Inc.VGOSoftware
ZoomMed Inc.ZMDSoftware