TSXV Mining Stocks

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88 Capital Corp.EEC
92 Resources Corp.NTY
Abacus Mining & Exploration CorporationAME
Abcourt Mines Inc.ABI
ABE Resources Inc.ABE
Aben Resources Ltd.ABN
Abitibi Royalties Inc.RZZ
Abraplata Resource Corp.ABRA
Adamera Minerals Corp.ADZ
Adex Mining Inc.ADE
Advance Gold Corp.AAX
Advantage Lithium Corp.AAL
Adventus Zinc CorporationADZN
Affinity Metals Corp.AFF
African Gold Group, Inc.AGG
African Queen Mines Ltd.AQ
Aguia Resources LimitedAGRL
Aguila American Gold LimitedAGL
Alabama Graphite Corp.CSPG
Alba Minerals Ltd.AA
Albert Mining Inc.AIIM
Aldershot Resources Ltd.ALZ
Aldever Resources Inc.ALD
Aldridge Minerals Inc.AGM
Alexandria Minerals CorporationAZX
Algold Resources Ltd.ALG
Alianza Minerals Ltd.ANZ
Alix Resources Corp.AIX
Alliance Mining Corp.ALM
Almadex Minerals LimitedAMZ
Almonty Industries Inc.AII
Alopex Gold Inc.AEX
Alphamin Resources Corp.AFM
Alset Minerals Corp.ION
Altai Resources Inc.ATI
Altair Resources Inc.AVX
Altamira Gold Corp.ALTA
Altan Nevada Minerals LimitedANE
Altan Rio Minerals LimitedAMO
Altiplano Minerals Ltd.APN
Altitude Resources Inc.ALI
Alto Ventures Ltd.ATV
Alturas Minerals Corp.ALT
ALX Uranium Corp.AL
Amarc Resources Ltd.AHR
Amarillo Gold CorporationAGC
American Creek Resources Ltd.AMK
American CuMo Mining CorporationMLY
American Lithium Corp.LI
American Manganese Inc.AMY
Amex Exploration Inc.AMX
Anconia Resources Corp.ARA
Anfield Gold Corp.ANF
Anfield Resources Inc.ARY
Angel Gold Corp.ANG
Angkor Gold Corp.ANK
Anglo-Bomarc Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.)ANB
Antioquia Gold Inc.AGD
Antler Gold Inc.ANTL
Apex Resources Inc.APX
Apogee Opportunities Inc.APE
Archon Minerals LimitedACS
ArcPacific Resources Corp.ACP
Arctic Star Exploration Corp.ADD
Arcus Development Group Inc.ADG
Ardonblue Ventures Inc.ARB
Arena Minerals Inc.AN
Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.LIT
Argentum Silver Corp.ASL
Argus Metals Corp.AML
Arian Resources Corp.ARC
Arianne Phosphate Inc.DAN
Arizona Silver Exploration Inc.AZS
Armor Minerals Inc.A
Arrowstar Resources Ltd.AWS
Ascot Resources Ltd.AOT
Ashanti Gold Corp.AGZ
Ashanti Sankofa Inc.ASI
Ashburton Ventures Inc.ABR
AsiaBaseMetals Inc.ABZ
Asian Mineral Resources LimitedASN
Astar Minerals Ltd.TAR
Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.BAY
Astorius Resources Ltd.ASQ
ATAC Resources Ltd.ATC
Atacama Pacific Gold CorporationATM
Athabasca Minerals Inc.ABM
Atico Mining CorporationATY
Atlanta Gold Inc.ATG
Atlantic Gold CorporationAGB
Aton Resources Inc.AAN
Aura Silver Resources Inc.AUU
Auramex Resource Corp.AUX
Aurania Resources Ltd.ARU
Aurcana CorporationAUN
AurCrest Gold Inc.AGO
Aurelius Minerals Inc.AUL
Aurion Resources Ltd.AU
Aurvista Gold CorporationAVA
Austin Resources Ltd.AUT
Austral Gold LimitedAGLD
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.ASM
Avrupa Minerals Ltd.AVU
AXE Exploration Inc.AXQ
Azarga Metals Corp.AZR
Azimut Exploration Inc.AZM
Azincourt Uranium Inc.AAZ
Aztec Minerals Corp.AZT
Bacanora Minerals Ltd.BCN
Bandera Gold Ltd.BGL
Banyan Gold Corp.BYN
Bard Ventures Ltd.CBS
Barker Minerals Ltd.BML
Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.BGM
Baroyeca Gold & Silver Inc.BGS
Barsele Minerals Corp.BME
Batero Gold Corp.BAT
Bayhorse Silver Inc.BHS
Bayswater Uranium CorporationBYU
BC Moly Ltd.BM
BCM Resources CorporationB
Be Resources Inc.BER
Bear Creek Mining CorporationBCM
Bearclaw Capital Corp.BRL
Bearing Lithium Corp.BRZ
Beaufield Resources Inc.BFD
Belmont Resources Inc.BEA
Belvedere Resources Ltd.BEL
Benton Resources Inc.BEX
Benz Mining Corp.BZ
Berkwood Resources Ltd.BKR
BHK Mining Corp.BHK
Bison Gold Resources Inc.BGE
Bitterroot Resources Ltd.BTT
Black Dragon Gold Corp.BDG
Black Isle Resources CorporationBIT
Black Mammoth Metals CorporationBMM
Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp.BLS
Blackheath Resources Inc.BHR
Blackrock Gold Corp.BRC
Blind Creek Resources Ltd.BCK
Blue Moon Zinc Corp.MOON
Blue River Resources Ltd.BXR
Blue Sky Uranium Corp.BSK
Bluestone Resources Inc.BSR
Bold Ventures Inc.BOL
Bonterra Resources Inc.BTR
Bravada Gold CorporationBVA
Braveheart Resources Inc.BHT
Brixton Metals CorporationBBB
Broadway Gold Mining Ltd.BRD
Broome Capital Inc.BCP
Brunswick Resources Inc.BRU
BTU Metals Corp.BTU
Buccaneer Gold Corp.BGG
Buffalo Coal Corp.BUF
Bullion Gold Resources Corp.BGD
Bullman Minerals Inc.BUL
BWR Exploration IncBWR
Cache Exploration Inc.CAY
Cadillac Ventures Inc.CDC
Calibre Mining Corp.CXB
California Gold Mining Inc.CGM
Callinex Mines Inc.CNX
Cameo Resources Corp.CRU
Camino Minerals CorporationCOR
Camrova Resources Inc.CAV
Canada Carbon Inc.CCB
Canada Coal Inc.CCK
Canada One Mining Corp.CONE
Canada Rare Earth Corp.LL
Canada Strategic Metals Inc.CJC
Canada Zinc Metals Corp.CZX
Canadian Arrow Mines LimitedCRO
Canadian International Minerals Inc.CIN
Canadian Mining Corp.CNG
Canadian Orebodies Inc.CORE
Canadian Platinum Corp.CPC
Canadian Zeolite Corp.CNZ
Canaf Group Inc.CAF
Canalaska Uranium Ltd.CVV
Canamex Resources Corp.CSQ
Canasil Resources Inc.CLZ
Candelaria Mining Corp.CAND
Candente Gold Corp.CDG
Canex Energy Corp.CSC
Canex Metals Inc.CANX
CaNickel Mining LimitedCML
Canoe Mining Ventures Corp.CLV
Canstar Resources Inc.ROX
Canterra Minerals CorporationCTM
Cantex Mine Development Corp.CD
Canuc Resources CorporationCDA
Canyon Copper Corp.CNC
Cardero Resource Corp.CDU
Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd.CRB
Carlin Gold CorporationCGD
Carmax Mining Corp.CXM
Cartier Resources Inc.ECR
Carube Copper Corp.CUC
Cascadero Copper CorporationCCD
Castle Peak Mining Ltd.CAP
Castle Silver Resources Inc.CSR
Cava Resources Inc.CVA
Caza Gold Corp.CZY
Centenera Mining CorporationCT
Central Iron Ore LimitedCIO
Centurion Minerals Ltd.CTN
Ceylon Graphite Corp.CYL
Champion Bear Resources Ltd.CBA
Chatham Rock Phosphate LimitedNZP
Cheetah Canyon Resources Corp.CHTA
Chesapeake Gold Corp.CKG
Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc.CBG
Chilean Metals Inc.CMX
Chimata Gold Corp.CAT
China Minerals Mining CorporationCMV
Cicada Ventures Ltd.CID
CKR Carbon CorporationCKR
Claim Post Resources Inc.CPS
Clean Commodities Corp.CLE
Cleghorn Minerals Ltd.JZZ
CMC Metals Ltd.CMB
Cobalt 27 Capital Corp.KBLT
Cobalt Power Group Inc.CPO
CobalTech Mining Inc.CSK
Colibri Resource CorporationCBI
Colombia Crest Gold Corp.CLB
Colonial Coal International Corp.CAD
Colorado Resources Ltd.CXO
Colt Resources Inc.GTP
Comet Industries Ltd.CMU
Commander Resources Ltd.CMD
Commerce Resources Corp.CCE
Comstock Metals Ltd.CSL
Condor Resources Inc.CN
Confederation Minerals Ltd.CFM
Conquest Resources LimitedCQR
Consolidated Woodjam Copper Corp.WCC
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.CEM
Contact Gold Corp.C
Copper Creek Gold Corp.CPV
Copper Fox Metals Inc.CUU
Copper Lake Resources Ltd.CPL
Copper North Mining Corp.COL
Copper One Inc.CUO
Coral Gold Resources Ltd.CLH
Corazon Gold Corp.CGW
Cordoba Minerals Corp.CDB
Corex Gold CorporationCGE
Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc.CGP
Cornerstone Metals Inc.CCC
Coronet Metals Inc.CRF
Corsa Coal Corp.CSO
Cresval Capital Corp.CRV
Critical Elements CorporationCRE
Crown Mining Corp.CWM
Cruz Cobalt Corp.CUZ
Crystal Exploration Inc.CEI
Crystal Lake Mining Corp.CLM
Crystal Peak Minerals Inc.CPM
Currie Rose Resources Inc.CUI
CWN Mining Acquisition CorporationCWN
Cypress Development Corp.CYP
Dajin Resources Corp.DJI
Damara Gold Corp.DMR
Decade Resources Ltd.DEC
Deep-South Resources Inc.DSM
Defiance Silver Corp.DEF
Desert Gold Ventures Inc.DAU
Desert Star Resources Ltd.DSR
Diamcor Mining Inc.DMI
Diamond Fields International Ltd.DFI
Dios Exploration Inc.DOS
Discovery Harbour Resources Corp.DHR
Discovery Metals Corp.DSV
Discovery-Corp Enterprises Inc.DCY
Dolly Varden Silver CorporationDV
Dorex Minerals Inc.DOX
Doubleview Capital Corp.DBV
Duncan Park Holdings CorporationDPH
Dunnedin Ventures Inc.DVI
Duran Ventures Inc.DRV
Durango Resources Inc.DGO
DuSolo Fertilizers Inc.DSF
Dynasty Gold Corp.DYG
Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc.DMM
E3 Metals Corp.ETMC
Eagle Graphite IncorporatedEGA
Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.EPL
East Africa Metals Inc.EAM
East Asia Minerals CorporationEAS
Eastfield Resources Ltd.ETF
E-Energy Ventures Inc.EEV
El Nino Ventures Inc.ELN
Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.ERA
Electra Stone Ltd.ELT
Eloro Resources Ltd.ELO
Ely Gold & Minerals Inc.ELY
Elysee Development Corp.ELC
Emerita Resources Corp.EMO
Emgold Mining CorporationEMR
Empire Metals Corp.EP
EMX Royalty CorporationEMX
Encanto Potash Corp.EPO
enCore Energy Corp.EU
Endurance Gold CorporationEDG
Enerspar Corp.ENER
Enforcer Gold Corp.VEIN
Engold Mines Ltd.EGM
Equitorial Exploration Corp.EXX
Erin Ventures Inc.EV
Eros Resources Corp.ERC
Eskay Mining Corp.ESK
Essex Minerals Inc.ESX
Ethos Gold Corp.ECC
Eureka Resources, Inc.EUK
Eurotin Inc.TIN
Everton Resources Inc.EVR
Evrim Resources Corp.EVM
ExGen Resources Inc.EXG
Explor Resources Inc.EXS
Fairmont Resources Inc.FMR
Falco Resources Ltd.FPC
Falcon Gold Corp.FG
Fancamp Exploration Ltd.FNC
Fieldex Exploration Inc.FLX
Filo Mining Corp.FIL
Finlay Minerals Ltd.FYL
Fiore Exploration Ltd.F
Firebird Resources Inc.FIX
Firesteel Resources Inc.FTR
Firestone Ventures Inc.FV
Fireweed Zinc Ltd.FWZ
First Bauxite CorporationFBX
First Cobalt Corp.FCC
First Energy Metals LimitedFE
First Idaho Resources Inc.FI
First Mexican Gold Corp.FMG
Fission 3.0 Corp.FUU
Five Star Diamonds LimitedSTAR
Fjordland Exploration Inc.FEX
Focus Graphite Inc.FMS
Focus Ventures Ltd.FCV
Foran Mining CorporationFOM
Fortune Bay Corp.FOR
Forum Uranium Corp.FDC
FPX Nickel Corp.FPX
Freedom Energy Inc.FREE
Freeport Resources Inc.FRI
Fremont Gold Ltd.FRE
Frontier Lithium Inc.FL
Frontline Gold CorporationFGC
Full Metal Minerals Ltd.FMM
Fura Gems Inc.FUR
Gainey Capital Corp.GNC
Galane Gold Ltd.GG
Galantas Gold CorporationGAL
Galileo Exploration Ltd.GXL
Galore Resources Inc.GRI
Galway Gold Inc.GLW
Galway Metals Inc.GWM
Garibaldi Resources Corp.GGI
GB Minerals Ltd.GBL
Gem International Resources Inc.GI
Genesis Metals Corp.GIS
Gensource Potash CorporationGSP
Gentor Resources Inc.GNT
Geodex Minerals Ltd.GXM
Geologix Explorations Inc.GIX
Geomega Resources Inc.GMA
Gespeg Copper Resources Inc.GCR
Getty Copper Inc.GTC
GFG Resources Inc.GFG
GGL Resources Corp.GGL
GGX Gold Corp.GGX
Giga Metals CorporationGIGA
Gitennes Exploration Inc.GIT
Giyani Metals Corp.WDG
Glacier Lake Resources Inc.GLI
Glen Eagle Resources Inc.GER
Global Energy Metals CorporationGEMC
GMV Minerals Inc.GMV
GobiMin Inc.GMN
Gold Reach Resources Ltd.GRV
Gold Reserve Inc.GRZ
Gold Standard Ventures Corp.GSV
Goldbank Mining CorporationGLB
Goldbelt Empires LimitedGBE
Goldcliff Resource CorporationGCN
Golden Arrow Resources CorporationGRG
Golden Dawn Minerals Inc.GOM
Golden Goliath Resources Ltd.GNG
Golden Hope Mines LimitedGNH
Golden Peak Minerals Inc.GP
Golden Predator Mining Corp.GPY
Golden Reign Resources Ltd.GRR
Golden Secret Ventures Ltd.GGS
Golden Share Resources CorporationGSH
Golden Tag Resources Ltd.GOG
Golden Valley Mines Ltd.GZZ
Goldex Resources CorporationGDX
Goldmining Inc.GOLD
GoldON Resources Ltd.GLD
GoldQuest Mining Corp.GQC
Goldsource Mines Inc.GXS
Goldstar Minerals Inc.GDM
Goldstrike Resources Ltd.GSR
Gossan Resources LimitedGSS
Goviex Uranium Inc.GXU
Gowest Gold Ltd.GWA
GPM Metals Inc.GPM
Granada Gold Mine Inc.GGM
Grande Portage Resources Ltd.GPG
Granite Creek Gold Ltd.GCX
Graphite One Resources Inc.GPH
Gray Rock Resources Ltd.GRK
Great Atlantic Resources Corp.GR
Great Bear Resources Ltd.GBR
Great Lakes Graphite Inc.GLK
Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd.GQ
Great Thunder Gold Corp.GTG
Greatbanks Resources Ltd.GTB
Green Arrow Resources Inc.GAR
Green Valley Mine IncorporatedGVY
Greencastle Resources Ltd.VGN
Grenville Gold Corp.GVG
Grizzly Discoveries Inc.GZD
Grosvenor Resource CorporationGVR
Group Ten Metals Inc.PGE
Growmax Resources Corp.GRO
GT Gold Corp.GTT
GTA Resources and Mining Inc.GTA
Guerrero Ventures Inc.GV
Gungnir Resources Inc.GUG
Gunpoint Exploration Ltd.GUN
Guyana Goldstrike Inc.GYA
Handa Copper CorporationHEC
Hannan Metals Ltd.HAN
Hansa Resources LimitedHRL
Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.HPY
Harfang Exploration Inc.HAR
Harvest Gold Corp.HVG
Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc.HAWK
Heatherdale Resources Ltd.HTR
Helio Resource Corp.HRC
HFX Holding Corp.HXC
Highbank Resources Ltd.HBK
Highbury Projects Inc.HPI
Highland Copper Company Inc.HI
Highvista Gold Inc.HVV
Highway 50 Gold Corp.HWY
Hinterland Metals Inc.HMI
Honey Badger Exploration Inc.TUF
Hornby Bay Mineral Exploration Ltd.HBE
HPQ-Silicon Resources Inc.HPQ
Hudson Resources Inc.HUD
Hunt Mining Corp.HMX
Iconic Minerals Ltd.ICM
IDM Mining LtdIDM
IEMR Resources Inc.IRI
iMetal Resources Inc.IMR
I-Minerals Inc.IMA
IMPACT Silver Corp.IPT
Inca One Gold Corp.IO
Independence Gold Corp.IGO
Indico Resources Ltd.IDI
Indigo Exploration Inc.IXI
Inform Resources Corp.IRR
Inomin Mines Inc.MINE
Intact Gold Corp.ITG
Interconnect Ventures CorporationIVC
International Bethlehem Mining Corp.IBC
International Corona Capital Corp.IC
International Lithium Corp.ILC
International Millennium Mining Corp.IMI
International Montoro Resources Inc.IMT
International Samuel Exploration Corp.ISS
Inter-Rock Minerals Inc.IRO
Inventus Mining Corp.IVS
InZinc Mining Ltd.IZN
Ironside Resources Inc.IRC
Isoenergy Ltd.ISO
Japan Gold Corp.JG
Jasper Mining CorporationJSP
Jaxon Mining Inc.JAX
Jayden Resources Inc.JDN
Jazz Resources Inc.JZR
Jourdan Resources Inc.JOR
Jubilee Gold Exploration Ltd.JUB
K2 Gold CorporationKTO
K92 Mining Inc.KNT
Kairos Capital CorporationKRS
Kaiyue International Inc.KYU
Kaizen Discovery Inc.KZD
Kapuskasing Gold Corp.KAP
Karmin Exploration Inc.KAR
Kenadyr Mining (Holdings) Corp.KEN
Kennady Diamonds Inc.KDI
Kermode Resources Ltd.KLM
Kesselrun Resources Ltd.KES
Kestrel Gold Inc.KGC
Khalkos Exploration Inc.KAS
Kilo Goldmines Ltd.KGL
Kincora Copper LimitedKCC
King's Bay Resources Corp.KBG
Kingsmen Resources Ltd.KNG
Kintavar Exploration Inc.KTR
Kivalliq Energy CorporationKIV
Klondike Gold Corp.KG
Klondike Silver Corp.KS
Knick Exploration Inc.KNX
Komet Resources Inc.KMT
Kootenay Silver Inc.KTN
Lamêlée Iron Ore Ltd.LIR
Lara Exploration Ltd.LRA
Latin American Minerals Inc.LAT
Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc.LME
Leading Edge Materials Corp.LEM
Legend Gold Corp.LGN
Letho Resources Corp.LET
Libero Mining CorporationLBC
Liberty One Lithium Corp.LBY
Lico Energy Metals Inc.LIC
Lincoln Mining CorporationLMG
Lion One Metals LimitedLIO
Lithion Energy Corp.LNC
Lithium Energi Exploration Inc.LEXI
Lithium Energy Products Inc.LEP
Lithium X Energy Corp.LIX
Logan Resources Ltd.LGR
Lomiko Metals Inc.LMR
Lorraine Copper Corp.LLC
Los Andes Copper LimitedLA
LSC Lithium CorporationLSC
Lucky Minerals Inc.LJ
Lumina Gold Corp.LUM
Lund Enterprises Corp.LEN
Lupaka Gold Corp.LPK
Macarthur Minerals LimitedMMS
MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.BMK
Magna Terra Minerals Inc.MTT
Magnum Goldcorp Inc.MGI
Majestic Gold Corp.MJS
Makena Resources Inc.MKNA
Malbex Resources Inc.MBG
Mammoth Resources Corp.MTH
Manado Gold Corp.MDO
Manganese X Energy Corp.MN
Manitou Gold Inc.MTU
Manson Creek Resources Ltd.MCK
Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc.DIA
Marifil Mines LimitedMFM
Maritime Resources Corp.MAE
Marlin Gold Mining Ltd.MLN
Mason Graphite Inc.LLG
Masuparia Gold CorporationMAS
Matachewan Consolidated Mines, LimitedMCM
Matamec Explorations Inc.MAT
Maverix Metals Inc.MMX
MAX Resource Corp.MXR
Maya Gold & Silver Inc.MYA
McChip Resources Inc.MCS
Medallion Resources Ltd.MDL
Medgold Resources Corp.MED
Mega Copper Ltd.MCU
Megastar Development Corp.MDV
Melior Resources Inc.MLR
Melkior Resources Inc.MKR
Meridian Mining Societas EuropaeaMNO
Mesa Exploration Corp.MSA
metalCORP LimitedMTC
Metalex Ventures Ltd.MTX
Metallic Minerals Corp.MMG
Metallis Resources Inc.MTS
Metals Creek Resources Corp.MEK
Metanor Resources Inc.MTO
Mexican Gold Corp.MEX
Mezzotin Minerals Inc.MEZ
Micrex Development Corp.MIX
Midland Exploration Inc.MD
Midnight Sun Mining Corp.MMA
MillenMin Ventures Inc.MVM
Millennial Lithium Corp.ML
Millrock Resources Inc.MRO
Millstream Mines Ltd.MLM
Minaurum Gold Inc.MGG
Minco Gold CorporationMMM
Mincom Capital Inc.MOI
Mindoro Resources Ltd.MIO
Minera Alamos Inc.MAI
Mineral Hill Industries Ltd.MHI
Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd.MMV
Mineworx Technologies Ltd.MWX
Minfocus Exploration Corp.MFX
Minnova Corp.MCI
Minsud Resources Corp.MSR
Miranda Gold Corp.MAD
Mirasol Resources Ltd.MRZ
Mkango Resources Ltd.MKA
ML Gold Corp.MLG
Monarca Minerals Inc.MMN
Monarques Gold CorporationMQR
Monitor Ventures Inc.MVI
Montan Mining Corp.MNY
Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd.MON
Monument Mining LimitedMMY
Morien Resources Corp.MOX
Morro Bay Resources Ltd.MRB
Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.MTB
Mundoro Capital Inc.MUN
Mustang Minerals Corp.MUM
MX Gold Corp.MXL
Namibia Rare Earths Inc.NRE
Napier Ventures Inc.NAP
Navy Resources Corp.NVY
Nebu Resources Inc.NBU
Neo Lithium Corp.NLC
Network Exploration Ltd.NET
Nevada Clean Magnesium Inc.NVM
Nevada Energy Metals Inc.BFF
Nevada Exploration Inc.NGE
Nevada Sunrise Gold CorporationNEV
Nevada Zinc CorporationNZN
Nevado Resources CorporationVDO
New Age Metals Inc.NAM
New Carolin Gold Corp.LAD
New Destiny Mining Corp.NED
New Dimension Resources Ltd.NDR
New Era Minerals Inc.NEM
New Nadina Explorations LimitedNNA
New Oroperu Resources Inc.ORO
New Pacific Metals Corp.NUAG
New Stratus Energy Inc.NSE
New World Resource Corp.NW
Newmac Resources Inc.NER
Newport Exploration Ltd.NWX
Newrange Gold Corp.NRG
Nexus Gold Corp.NXS
Nickel North Exploration Corp.NNX
Nickel One Resources Inc.NNN
Nicola Mining Inc.NIM
Nikos Explorations Ltd.NIK
Niobay Metals Inc.NBY
Niocan Inc.NIO
Nippon Dragon Resources Inc.NIP
Nitinat Minerals CorporationNZZ
Noble Metal Group IncorporatedNMG
Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.NOB
Nomad Ventures Inc.NMD
Noram Ventures Inc.NRM
Noront Resources Ltd.NOT
Nortec Minerals Corp.NVT
North American Nickel Inc.NAN
North American Potash Developments Inc.NPD
North Arrow Minerals Inc.NAR
Northern Empire Resources Corp.NM
Northern Graphite CorporationNGC
Northern Lion Gold Corp.NL
Northern Shield Resources Inc.NRN
Northern Superior Resources Inc.SUP
Northern Uranium Corp.UNO
Northern Vertex Mining Corp.NEE
NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc.NCX
Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc.NOU
Novo Resources Corp.NVO
NQ Exploration Inc.NQE
NRG Metals Inc.NGZ
NSGold CorporationNSX
Nubian Resources Ltd.NBR
Nulegacy Gold CorporationNUG
NV Gold CorporationNVX
NxGold Ltd.NXN
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp.FEO
Oceanus Resources CorporationOCN
OK2 Minerals Ltd.OK
Olivut Resources Ltd.OLV
Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd.OMM
Opawica Explorations Inc.OPW
Opus One Resources Inc.OOR
Orca Gold Inc.ORG
Orefinders Resources Inc.ORX
Orestone Mining Corp.ORS
Orex Minerals Inc.REX
Orezone Gold CorporationORE
Orla Mining Ltd.OLA
Oroco Resource Corp.OCO
Orofino Minerals Inc.ORR
Oronova Energy Inc.ONV
Orsu Metals CorporationOSU
Osisko Metals IncorporatedOM
Osprey Gold Development Ltd.OS
Otis Gold Corp.OOO
Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd.PBM
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc.BKM
Pacific Imperial Mines Inc.PPM
Pacific Iron Ore CorporationPOC
Pacific Potash CorporationPP
Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.PEX
Pacton Gold Inc.PAC
Paget Minerals Corp.PGS
Palamina Corp.PA
Pan Andean Minerals Ltd.PAD
Pan Global Resources Inc.PGZ
Pancontinental Gold CorporationPUC
Pangolin Diamonds Corp.PAN
Panoro Minerals Ltd.PML
Para Resources Inc.PBR
Parallel Mining Corp.PAL
Parlane Resource Corp.PPP
Pelangio Exploration Inc.PX
Pele Mountain Resources Inc.GEM
Pepcap Resources, Inc.WAV
Philippine Metals Inc.PHI
Phoenix Gold Resources Corp.PXA
Pine Point Mining LimitedZINC
Pinecrest Resources Ltd.PCR
Pistol Bay Mining Inc.PST
PJX Resources Inc.PJX
Plata Latina Minerals CorporationPLA
Plateau Uranium Inc.PLU
Plato Gold Corp.PGC
Playfair Mining Ltd.PLY
Portofino Resources Inc.POR
Power Americas Minerals Corp.PAM
Power Metals Corp.PWM
PPX Mining Corp.PPX
Precipitate Gold Corp.PRG
Prime Meridian Resources Corp.PMR
Prism Resources Inc.PRS
Prize Mining CorporationPRZ
ProAm Explorations CorporationPMX
Probe Metals Inc.PRB
Prosper Gold Corp.PGX
Prospero Silver Corp.PSL
Providence Gold Mines Inc.PHD
Puma Exploration Inc.PUM
Pure Energy Minerals LimitedPE
Pure Gold Mining Inc.PGM
Pure Nickel Inc.NIC
Purepoint Uranium Group Inc.PTU
Q-Gold Resources Ltd.QGR
QMC Quantum Minerals Corp.QMC
QMX Gold CorporationQMX
Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd.QZM
Quaterra Resources Inc.QTA
Quinto Resources Inc.QIT
Rackla Metals Inc.RAK
Radisson Mining Resources Inc.RDS
Radius Gold Inc.RDU
Rainmaker Resources Ltd.RIR
Rainy Mountain Royalty Corp.RMO
Rambler Metals and Mining plcRAB
Rapier Gold Inc.RPR
Rathdowney Resources Ltd.RTH
Red Eagle Exploration LimitedXR
Red Moon Resources Inc.RMK
Red Pine Exploration Inc.RPX
Red Tiger Mining Inc.RMN
Redstar Gold Corp.RGC
Redzone Resources Ltd.REZ
Regulus Resources Inc.REG
Reliant Gold Corp.RNG
Remington Resources Inc.RGM
Remo Resources Inc.RER
Renaissance Gold Inc.REN
Resolve Ventures Inc.RSV
Resource Capital Gold Corp.RCG
Reunion Gold CorporationRGD
Revelo Resources Corp.RVL
Revival Gold Inc.RVG
Rhyolite Resources Ltd.RYE
Richmond Minerals Inc.RMD
Riley Resources Corp.RLY
Rio Silver Inc.RYO
Rio2 LimitedRIO
Riverside Resources Inc.RRI
Rizal Resources CorporationRZL
RJK Explorations Ltd.RJX
Robex Resources Inc.RBX
Rochester Resources Ltd.RCT
Rock Tech Lithium Inc.RCK
Rockcliff Copper CorporationRCU
Rockhaven Resources Ltd.RK
Rockwealth Resources Corp.RWR
Rogue Resources Inc.RRS
Rojo Resources Ltd.RJ
Rokmaster Resources Corp.RKR
Romios Gold Resources Inc.RG
Roscan Minerals CorporationROS
Rosita Mining CorporationRST
Rotation Minerals Ltd.ROT
Roughrider Exploration LimitedREL
Royal Road Minerals LimitedRYR
Royal Sapphire Corp.RSL
RT Minerals Corp.RTM
Rugby Mining LimitedRUG
Running Fox Resource Corp.RUN
Rupert Resources Ltd.RUP
Rusoro Mining Ltd.RML
Rye Patch Gold Corp.RPM
Sable Resources Ltd.SAE
Sage Gold Inc.SGX
Saint Jean Carbon Inc.SJL
Salazar Resources LimitedSRL
Sama Resources Inc./Ressources Sama Inc.SME
Samco Gold LimitedSGA
San Marco Resources Inc.SMN
Sanatana Resources Inc.STA
Sandspring Resources Ltd.SSP
Sandy Lake Gold Inc.SLAU
Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd.SCZ
Sarama Resources Ltd.SWA
Satori Resources Inc.BUD
Savary Gold Corp.SCA
Saville Resources Inc.SRE
Scorpio Gold CorporationSGN
ScoZinc Mining Ltd.SZM
Search Minerals Inc.SMY
Secova Metals Corp.SEK
Sego Resources Inc.SGZ
Select Sands Corp.SNS
Senator Minerals Inc.SNR
Sennen Potash CorporationSN
Serengeti Resources Inc.SIR
SGX Resources Inc.SXR
Shoshoni Gold Ltd.SHJ
Sienna Resources Inc.SIE
Signature Resources Ltd.SGU
Silver Grail Resources Ltd.SVG
Silver Mountain Mines Inc.SMM
Silver One Resources Inc.SVE
Silver Predator Corp.SPD
Silver Pursuit Resources Ltd.SPF
Silver Range Resources Ltd.SNG
Silver Spruce Resources Inc.SSE
SilverCrest Metals Inc.SIL
Silvermet Inc.SYI
Sirios Resources Inc.SOI
Skeena Resources LimitedSKE
Skyharbour Resources Ltd.SYH
SLAM Exploration Ltd.SXL
Société d'Exploration Minière Vior Inc.VIO
Sojourn Exploration Inc.SOJ
Sokoman Iron Corp.SIC
SolidusGold Inc.SDC
Sonora Gold & Silver Corp.SOC
Sonoro Metals Corp.SMO
Southern Arc Minerals Inc.SA
Southern Lithium Corp.SNL
Southern Silver Exploration Corp.SSV
Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd.SPA
Sparton Resources Inc.SRI
Spearmint Resources Inc.SRJ
Sphinx Resources Ltd.SFX
Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd.SHL
SRG Graphite Inc.SRG
Stakeholder Gold Corp.SRC
Standard Graphite CorporationSGH
Standard Lithium Ltd.SLL
Stans Energy Corp.HRE
Starr Peak Exploration Ltd.STE
Stellar AfricaGold Inc.SPX
Stelmine Canada Ltée / Stelmine Canada Ltd.STH
Stockport Exploration Inc.SPT
Stratabound Minerals Corp.SB
Strategic Metals Ltd.SMD
Strategic Resources Inc.STI
Stria Lithium Inc.SRA
Strikepoint Gold Inc.SKP
Strongbow Exploration Inc.SBW
Stroud Resources Ltd.SDR
Sunvest Minerals Corp.SSS
Superior Gold Inc.SGI
Sutter Gold Mining Inc.SGM
Tajiri Resources Corp.TAJ
Tango Mining LimitedTGV
Tanzania Minerals Corp.TZM
Taranis Resources Inc.TRO
Tarku Resources Ltd.TKU
Tasca Resources Ltd.TAC
Telson Resources Inc.TSN
Tembo Gold Corp.TEM
Teras Resources Inc.TRA
Terraco Gold Corp.TEN
Terrax Minerals Inc.TXR
Tesoro Minerals Corp.TES
Teuton Resources Corp.TUO
Theia Resources Ltd.THH
Themac Resources Group LimitedMAC
Thor Explorations Ltd.THX
Thunder Mountain Gold, Inc.THM
Thunderstruck Resources Ltd.AWE
Tiger International Resources Inc.TGR
Timberline Resources CorporationTBR
Tinka Resources LimitedTK
Tintina Mines Ltd.TTS
Tintina Resources Inc.TAU
Tirex Resources Ltd.TXX
TNR Gold Corp.TNR
Toachi Mining Inc.TIM
Tolima Gold Inc.TOM
TomaGold CoporationLOT
Torq Resources Inc.TORQ
Transatlantic Mining Corp.TCO
Transition Metals Corp.XTM
Trek Mining Inc.TREK
Tres-Or Resources Ltd.TRS
Tri Origin Exploration Ltd.TOE
Trifecta Gold Ltd.TG
Trigon Metals Inc.TM
Trinity Valley Energy Corp.TE
Tristar Gold Inc.TSG
Triumph Gold Corp.TIG
Troymet Exploration Corp.TYE
True North Gems Inc.TGX
Trueclaim Exploration Inc.TRM
Tsodilo Resources LimitedTSD
Tudor Gold Corp.TUD
TVI Pacific Inc.TVI
Twyford Ventures Inc.TWY
Typhoon Exploration Inc.TYP
Ucore Rare Metals Inc.UCU
Ultra Lithium Inc.ULI
Unigold Inc.UGD
Unity Energy Corp.UTY
Universal Ventures Inc.UN
Uracan Resources Ltd.URC
Uravan Minerals Inc.UVN
URZ Energy Corp.URZ
US Cobalt Inc.USCO
Val-D'Or Mining CorporationMZZ
ValGold Resources Ltd.VAL
Valterra Resource CorporationVQA
Vanadium One Energy Corp.VONE
Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc.VRB
Vangold Mining Corp.VAN
Vanity Capital Inc.VYC
Vanstar Mining Resources Inc.VSR
Vantex Resources Ltd.VAX
Vela Minerals Ltd.VLA
Velocity Minerals Ltd.VLC
Vendetta Mining Corp.VTT
Venerable Ventures Ltd.VLV
Victoria Gold Corp.VIT
Victory Resources CorporationVR
Virginia Energy Resources Inc.VUI
Viscount Mining Corp.VML
Visible Gold Mines Inc.VGD
Volcanic Gold Mines Inc.VG
Voltaic Minerals Corp.VLT
Voyageur Minerals Ltd.VM
VR Resources Ltd.VRR
Vulcan Minerals Inc.VUL
VVC Exploration Corp.VVC
Walker River Resources Corp.WRR
War Eagle Mining Company Inc.WAR
Waseco Resources Inc.WRI
WCB Resources Ltd.WCB
Wealth Minerals Ltd.WML
Wescan Goldfields Inc.WGF
West African Resources LimitedWAF
West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd.WHY
West Kirkland Mining Inc.WKM
Westcore Energy Ltd.WTR
Western Pacific Resources Corp.WRP
Western Troy Capital Resources Inc.WRY
Westhaven Ventures Inc.WHN
WestKam Gold Corp.WKG
Westminster Resources Ltd.WMR
White Gold Corp.WGO
White Metal Resources Corp.WHM
Wolfden Resources CorporationWLF
Wolverine Minerals Corp.WLV
WPC Resources Inc.WPQ
Xander Resources Inc.XND
Xiana Mining Inc.XIA
Ximen Mining Corp.XIM
X-Terra Resources Inc.XTT
Xtierra Inc.XAG
Yellowhead Mining Inc.YMI
Zadar Ventures Ltd.ZAD
Zena Mining CorporationZCC
Zenyatta Ventures Ltd.ZEN
Zephyr Minerals Ltd.ZFR
Zinc One Resources Inc.Z
Zonte Metals Inc.ZON