TSX Financial Stocks

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Aberdeen International IncAAB.TO
AGF Management Ltd Cl B NVAGF-B.TO
Aimia IncAIM.TO
Brookfield Asset Management Inc Cl A LvBAM-A.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 32BAM-PF-A.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pr. Ser 2BAM-PR-B.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pr. Ser 4BAM-PR-C.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pr. Ser 8BAM-PR-E.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pr. Ser 13BAM-PR-K.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Prf A Ser 17BAM-PR-M.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Pref Shs Ser 18BAM-PR-N.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Pref Ser 24BAM-PR-R.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Pref Ser 26BAM-PR-T.TO
Brookfield Am Pref Ser 28BAM-PR-X.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pr Ser 30BAM-PR-Z.TO
Canadian Banc Corp Pref ABK-PR-A.TO
Canadian Banc CorpBK.TO
Central Fund of Canada Ltd Cl U NVCEF-U.TO
CDN General InvCGI.TO
Canadian High Income Equity FundCIQ-UN.TO
CI Financial CorpCIX.TO
Clairvest GroupCVG.TO
Cymbria Corp Cl ACYB.TO
Dividend 15 Split Corp II PrfDF-PR-A.TO
Dividend 15 Split Corp IIDF.TO
Dividend 15 Split CorpDFN-PR-A.TO
Dividend 15 Split CorpDFN.TO
Dividend Growth Split Corp PrefDGS-PR-A.TO
Dividend Growth Split Corp Class ADGS.TO
Dividend Select 15 CorpDS.TO
Canoe Eit Income Fund UnitsEIT-UN.TO
Energy Income FundENI-UN.TO
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Invest LtdFAP.TO
North American Fin 15 Split Corp PrefFFN-PR-A.TO
North American Financial 15 Split CorpFFN.TO
Fiera Capital CorpFSZ.TO
Financial 15 Split CorpFTN-PR-A.TO
Financial 15 Split CorpFTN.TO
Guardian Capital Group Ltd Cl A NVGCG-A.TO
Guardian CapitalGCG.TO
Igm Financial IncIGM.TO
Income Fin UnINC-UN.TO
Life & Banc Split CorpLBS-PR-A.TO
Life & Banc Split CorpLBS.TO
Brompton Lifeco Split Corp Pref SharesLCS-PR-A.TO
Brompton Lifeco Split Corp Class ALCS.TO
Canadian Life Companies Split CorpLFE.TO
Mint Income FundMID-UN.TO
Mackenzie Mstr UnMKZ-UN.TO
Precious Metals and Mining TrustMMP-UN.TO
Prime Dividend Corp Cl APDV.TO
Premium Income APIC-A.TO
Premium Income PrPIC-PR-A.TO
Blue Ribbon Income FundRBN-UN.TO
Brompton Split Banc Corp PrefSBC-PR-A.TO
Brompton Split Banc Corp Cl ASBC.TO
S Split Corp Cl ASBN.TO
Sprott IncSII.TO
Top 10 Split Trust Pref ATXT-PR-A.TO
Top 10 Split TrustTXT-UN.TO
United Corp LtdUNC.TO
Urbana Corp A NVURB-A.TO
Urbana CorpURB.TO
World Financial Split CorpWFS-PR-A.TO
Tdb Split Corp Priority Equity SharesXTD-PR-A.TO
Tdb Split Corp Class A SharesXTD.TO
Commerce Split Corp Capital SharesYCM.TO
Canadian Life Split 2012 Pref ShLFE-PR-B.TO
US Finl 15 Split 2012 Pref ShFTU-PR-B.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 34BAM-PF-B.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 36BAM-PF-C.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pr Ser 37BAM-PF-D.TO
Brookfield Glbl Infras Sec Inc FdBGI-UN.TO
Olympia Financial Group IncOLY.TO
Aimia Inc Pref Ser 3AIM-PR-C.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Pref Ser 38BAM-PF-E.TO
Brookfield Select Opportunities Inc FundBSO-UN.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 40BAM-PF-F.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 42BAM-PF-G.TO
Fairfax India Holdings Corp USDFIH-U.TO
Brompton Oil Split Corp PrefOSP-PR-A.TO
Brompton Oil Split CorpOSP.TO
Healthcare Special Opp FundMDS-UN.TO
Brookfield Asset MGT Inc Pref Ser 44BAM-PF-H.TO
Onex CorpONEX.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 46BAM-PF-I.TO
Canoe Eit Income Fund Pref Ser 1EIT-PR-A.TO
Sprott Physical Gold Trust USDPHYS-U.TO
Sprott Physical Silver Trust USDPSLV-U.TO
Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc Pref Ser 48BAM-PF-J.TO
Partners Value Split Corp Pref Ser 8PVS-PR-F.TO
Big Pharma Split CorpPRM.TO
Big Pharma Split Corp Pref SharesPRM-PR-A.TO
Sprott Physical Gold Trust CADPHYS.TO
Sprott Physical Silver Trust CADPSLV.TO
Sprott Physical Gold Silver TrustCEF.TO
Sprott Physical Platinum Palladium CADSPPP.TO
Canoe Eit Income Fund Pref Ser 2EIT-PR-B.TO
Global Dividend Growth Split Corp Pref AGDV-PR-A.TO
Global Dividend Growth Split CorpGDV.TO
E Split CorpENS.TO
E Split Corp Pref SharesENS-PR-A.TO
Partners Value Split CorpPVS-PR-G.TO
Bip Investment Corp Pref Ser 1BIK-PR-A.TO
Partners Value Split Corp Pref Ser 10PVS-PR-H.TO
Big Banc Split Corp Cl ABNK.TO
Alaris Equity Partners Income TrustAD-UN.TO
Partners Value Split Corp Pref Series 11PVS-PR-I.TO
Pimco Tactical Income FundPTI-UN.TO
Real Estate and Ecommerce Split CorpRS.TO
Real Estate & E-Commerce Split CorpRS-PR-A.TO
RF Capital Group IncRCG.TO
RF Capital Group Inc Pref BRCG-PR-B.TO
Helios Fairfax Partners CorpHFPC-U.TO
International Clean Power Dividend FundCLP-UN.TO
Partners Value Split CorpPVS-PR-J.TO
Sustainable Power Infra Split Corp Pr APWI-PR-A.TO
Sustainable Power Infra Split Corp Cl APWI.TO
Standard Mercantile Acq CorpSMA.TO
Stack Capital Group IncSTCK.TO
Brookfield Property Preferred L.P.BPYP-PR-A.TO
Brookfield Business CorporationBBUC.TO
Partners Value Split Corp Pref Ser 13PVS-PR-K.TO
Bank of MontrealBMO.TO
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS.TO
Canadian Imperial Bank of CommerceCM.TO
National Bank of CanadaNA.TO
Royal Bank Pref Ser BbRY-PR-H.TO
Royal Bank Pref Ser BhRY-PR-N.TO
Royal Bank of CanadaRY.TO
Toronto-Dominion BankTD.TO
RBC First Pref Sh Series AZRY-PR-Z.TO
National Bank Pref Ser 30NA-PR-S.TO
BMO Cl B Pref Shares Ser 27BMO-PR-S.TO
TD Bank Pref Ser 1TD-PF-A.TO
BMO Non Cum Cl B Prf Share Series 29BMO-PR-T.TO
CIBC Pref Ser 39CM-PR-O.TO
BMO Cl B Pref Shares Ser 31BMO-PR-W.TO
TD Bank Pref Ser 3TD-PF-B.TO
National Bank Pref Ser 32NA-PR-W.TO
CIBC Pref Ser 41CM-PR-P.TO
TD Bank Pref Ser 5TD-PF-C.TO
Royal Bank Pref Ser BdRY-PR-J.TO
TD Bank Pref Ser 7TD-PF-D.TO
CIBC Pref Ser 43CM-PR-Q.TO
Royal Bank Pref Ser BfRY-PR-M.TO
TD Bank Pref Ser 9TD-PF-E.TO
Bank of Montreal Pref Ser 33BMO-PR-Y.TO
Royal Bank Pref Ser BiRY-PR-O.TO
National Bank Pref Ser 38NA-PR-C.TO
TD Bank Pref Ser 16TD-PF-I.TO
CIBC Pref Series 47CM-PR-S.TO
National Bank Pref Series 40NA-PR-E.TO
TD Bank Pref Series 18TD-PF-J.TO
National Bank Pref Series 42NA-PR-G.TO
TD Bank Pref Series 20TD-PF-K.TO
BMO Pref Shares Series 44BMO-PR-E.TO
Bns Preferred Shares Series 40BNS-PR-I.TO
RBC Pref Shares Series BoRY-PR-S.TO
CIBC Pref Series 49CM-PR-T.TO
TD Bank Pref Series 22TD-PF-L.TO
BMO Pref Shares Series 46BMO-PR-F.TO
CIBC Pref Series 51CM-PR-Y.TO
TD Bank Pref Series 24TD-PF-M.TO
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc Pref ACF-PR-A.TO
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc Pref CCF-PR-C.TO
Canaccord Genuity Group IncCF.TO
Royal Canadian Mint CDN Gold ReservesMNT.TO
Pinetree Capital LtdPNP.TO
Royal CDN Mint CDN Silver Reserves EtrMNS.TO
Currency Exchange International CorpCXI.TO
Goldmoney IncXAU.TO
Hut 8 Mining CorpHUT.TO
Galaxy Digital Holdings LtdGLXY.TO
Hut 8 Mining Corp WT AHUT-WT-A.TO
Bitfarms LtdBITF.TO
Accord FinancialACD.TO
Chesswood Group LtdCHW.TO
Goeasy LtdGSY.TO
Ecn Capital CorpECN.TO
Crown Capital Partners IncCRWN.TO
Ecn Capital Corp Pref Ser CECN-PR-C.TO
Propel Holdings IncPRL.TO
Tmx Group LtdX.TO
Co-Operators Gen Ins Cl E PrfCCS-PR-C.TO
IA Financial Corp IncIAG.TO
Sun Life Pref Ser 3SLF-PR-C.TO
Sun Life Pref Ser 4SLF-PR-D.TO
Sun Life Pref Ser 5SLF-PR-E.TO
Sun Life Pref Ser 8RSLF-PR-G.TO
Sun Life Pref Ser HSLF-PR-H.TO
Sun Life Financial IncSLF.TO
Sun Life Pref Ser 9QrSLF-PR-J.TO
Industrial Alliance Cl A Pref Ser BIAF-PR-B.TO
Industrial Alliance Cl A Pref Ser IIAF-PR-I.TO
E-L Financial Corp Ltd Pr Ser. 1ELF-PR-F.TO
E- L Financial Corp LtdELF-PR-G.TO
E - L Financial Corp Ltd Pref Ser 3ELF-PR-H.TO
E-L FinancialELF.TO
Great-West Lifeco Inc Pr. GGWO-PR-G.TO
Great-West Lifeco Inc 4.85 % Pr.Ser HGWO-PR-H.TO
Great-West Lifeco Inc Prf Series IGWO-PR-I.TO
Great-West Lifeco Inc Pref Ser LGWO-PR-L.TO
Great West Lifeco Pref Ser MGWO-PR-M.TO
Great West Lifeco Inc Pref Srs NGWO-PR-N.TO
Great West Lifeco Inc 5.4 Pct Pref ShGWO-PR-P.TO
Great-West Lifeco IncGWO.TO
Manulife Financial Cl A Pref Ser 2MFC-PR-B.TO
Manulife Financial Cl A Pref Ser 3MFC-PR-C.TO
Manulife Financial Cl 1 Sh Ser 3MFC-PR-F.TO
Manulife FinMFC.TO
Power Corp A PrPOW-PR-A.TO
Power Corp Pref Shares Series BPOW-PR-B.TO
Power Corp of Canada 5.80%POW-PR-C.TO
Power Corp Non-Cum 1st Pfd Shs Ser DPOW-PR-D.TO
Power Corp of Canada 5.60 Pct Pref Ser GPOW-PR-G.TO
Power Corp of Canada SvPOW.TO
Power Fin Ser A PrPWF-PR-A.TO
Power Fin Ser D PrPWF-PR-E.TO
Power Financial Corp Pref Ser EPWF-PR-F.TO
Power Financial Corp 5.90% Pr Series FPWF-PR-G.TO
Power Financial Corp 5.75% Pr Series HPWF-PR-H.TO
Power Fin Corp 4.95% Ser KPWF-PR-K.TO
Power Financial Corp Series L PfdPWF-PR-L.TO
Power Financial Corp 5.80 Pref Ser OPWF-PR-O.TO
Pwr Fnl Corp 4.40 Non Cumul Pref Ser PPWF-PR-P.TO
Power Financial Corp 5.5 Pct Pref Ser RPWF-PR-R.TO
Manulife Financial Pref Ser 9MFC-PR-I.TO
Great West Lifeco Pref Ser QGWO-PR-Q.TO
Great West Lifeco Inc Ser RGWO-PR-R.TO
Manulife Financial Class 1 Ser 11MFC-PR-J.TO
Power Financial Corp Pref Ser SPWF-PR-S.TO
Manulife Financial Pref Ser 13MFC-PR-K.TO
Power Financial Corp 4.20 Pct Pref Ser TPWF-PR-T.TO
Manulife Financial Pref Ser 15MFC-PR-L.TO
Great West Lifeco Pref Ser SGWO-PR-S.TO
Manulife Financial Pref Ser 17MFC-PR-M.TO
Manulife Financial Pref Ser 19MFC-PR-N.TO
Great West Lifeco Pref Ser TGWO-PR-T.TO
Power Financial Corp 5.15 Pct Pref Ser VPWF-PR-Z.TO
Manulife Financial Corp Pref Series 25MFC-PR-Q.TO
Sagicor Financial Company LtdSFC.TO
Great-West Lifeco Inc.GWO-PR-Y.TO
Power Financial CorporationPWF-PF-A.TO
Brookfield Asset Management Re Part LtdBAMR.TO
Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Ser CFFH-PR-C.TO
Fairfax Financial Hldngs Pref Ser EFFH-PR-E.TO
Fairfax Financial Hldngs Pref Ser GFFH-PR-G.TO
Fairfax Financial Holdings Series I PrefFFH-PR-I.TO
Fairfax Financial Holdings Pref Ser KFFH-PR-K.TO
Fairfax Financial Holdings LtdFFH.TO
Intact Financial Corp Pref Cl AIFC-PR-A.TO
Intact Financial Corp Pref Cl AIFC-PR-C.TO
Intact Financial CorpIFC.TO
Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Ser DFFH-PR-D.TO
Fairfax Financial Holdings Pref Ser MFFH-PR-M.TO
Fairfax Financial Holdings Pref Ser FFFH-PR-F.TO
Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Ser HFFH-PR-H.TO
Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Ser JFFH-PR-J.TO
Intact Financial Corp Pref Cl A Ser 5IFC-PR-E.TO
Intact Financial Corp Pref Shares Ser 6IFC-PR-F.TO
Intact Financial Corp Pref Shares Ser 7IFC-PR-G.TO
Intact Financial Corp Pref Shares Ser 9IFC-PR-I.TO
Definity Financial CorporationDFY.TO
Intact Financial CorpIFC-PR-K.TO
Trisura Group LtdTSU.TO
Sagen MI Canada IncMIC-PR-A.TO
Artis Real Estate Investment Trust UnitsAX-UN.TO
Crombie Real Estate Investment TrustCRR-UN.TO
H&R Real Estate Inv TrustHR-UN.TO
Morguard UnMRT-UN.TO
Artis REIT Pref Ser EAX-PR-E.TO
Artis REIT Pref Series IAX-PR-I.TO
Pro Real Estate Investment TrustPRV-UN.TO
Dream Impact Trust UnitsMPCT-UN.TO
Firm Capital Property TrustFCD-UN.TO
Chartwell Retirement ResidencesCSH-UN.TO
Northwest Healthcare Prop REITNWH-UN.TO
American Hotel Income Properties REIT LPHOT-UN.TO
Dream Industrial REITDIR-UN.TO
Granite Real Estate Investment TrustGRT-UN.TO
Summit Industrial Income REITSMU-UN.TO
Nexus Real Estate Investment TrustNXR-UN.TO
Allied Properties Real Estate Inv TrustAP-UN.TO
Dream Office REITD-UN.TO
True North Commercial REITTNT-UN.TO
Slate Office REITSOT-UN.TO
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment TrustBEI-UN.TO
CDN Apartment UnCAR-UN.TO
Interrent Real Estate Investment TrustIIP-UN.TO
Morguard Na Residential REIT UnitsMRG-UN.TO
Killam Apartment REITKMP-UN.TO
Bsr Real Estate Investment TrustHOM-U.TO
Minto Apartment REITMI-UN.TO
Bsr Real Estate Investment TrustHOM-UN.TO
European Residential Real Estate Invs. TrustERE-UN.TO
Flagship Communities Real Estate InvestmMHC-U.TO
Riocan Real Est UnREI-UN.TO
Choice Properties REITCHP-UN.TO
CT Real Estate Investment TrustCRT-UN.TO
Plaza Retail REITPLZ-UN.TO
Smartcentres Real Estate Investment TrustSRU-UN.TO
First Capital REIT UnitsFCR-UN.TO
Slate Grocery REITSGR-UN.TO
Slate Grocery REIT USDSGR-U.TO