CSE Listed Companies

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Company NameSymbolIndustry
1111 Exploration CorpELVNMining
1933 Industries Inc.TGIFDiversified Industries
1CM Inc (formerly was EPIC/Leviathan Natural Products Inc. until 2022-09-13)EPICLife Sciences
37 Capital Inc.JJJ.XMining
4Front Ventures Corp.FFNTLife Sciences
4Front Ventures Corp. WtsFFNT.WTLife Sciences
55 North Mining Inc.FFFMining
79 Resources Ltd.SNRMining
79North Inc.JQMining
Acme Gold Company LimitedAGEMining
ACME Lithium Inc.ACMEMining
Acreage Holdings, Inc. Fixed S.V.ACRG.A.ULife Sciences
Acreage Holdings, Inc. Floating S.V.ACRG.B.ULife Sciences
Adamant Holdings Inc. (formerly was UPCO/Upco International Inc until 2022-05-02)ADMTTechnology
Adastra Holdings Ltd.XTRXLife Sciences
Aduro Clean Technologies Inc.ACTCleanTech
Advance United Holdings Inc.AUHIMining
Advantagewon Oil Corp.AOCOil and Gas
Advantex Marketing International Inc.ADXDiversified Industries
Aether Catalyst Solutions, Inc.ATHRTechnology
Affinor Growers Inc.AFILife Sciences
Agra Ventures LtdAGRALife Sciences
AI-ML Innovations Inc.AIMLLife Sciences
Aion Therapeutic Inc.AIONLife Sciences
AJN Resources Inc.AJNMining
Albert Labs International Corp.ABRTLife Sciences
Alchemist Mining Inc.AMS.XMining
Alerio Gold Corp.ALEMining
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.AGNLife Sciences
Alliance Growers Corp.ACGLife Sciences
Alma Gold Inc.ALMAMining
Alpha Copper Corp (formerly was NUGT/Alpha Copper Corp until 2022-01-04)ALCUMining
Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc (formerly was ALPA/Alpha Esports Tech Inc. until 2022-01-11)ALPATechnology
Ambari Brands Inc.AMBDiversified Industries
American Aires Inc.WIFITechnology
American Copper Development CorporationACDXMining
American Critical Elements Inc. (formerly was RZR/Razore Rock Resources Inc. until 2022-09-22)ACREMining
American Future Fuel Corporation (formerly was AMPS/Future Fuel Corporation until 2022-07-07)AMPSMining
American Pacific Mining Corp.USGDMining
American Potash Corp. (formerly was NTM/New Tech Minerals Corp. until 2022-08-30)KCLMining
Ameriwest Lithium Inc.AWLIMining
AmmPower CorpAMMPTechnology
AMPD Ventures Inc.AMPDTechnology
ApartmentLove Inc.APLVTechnology
Appia Rare Earths & Uranium CorpAPIMining
Aquarius AI Inc.AQUATechnology
Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc.ASTITechnology
Archer Exploration CorpRCHRMining
Arctic Fox Minerals Corp.FOXYMining
Arctic Fox Ventures IncAFXMining
Arctic Glacier Income FundAG.UNDiversified Industries
Ares Strategic Mining Inc.ARSMining
AREV Life Sciences Global CorpAREVDiversified Industries
Argo Gold Inc.ARQMining
Argo Living Soils CorpARGODiversified Industries
Armada Mercantile Ltd.ARMDiversified Industries
Armadillo Resources Ltd.AROMining
Arway CorporationARWYTechnology
Asante Gold CorporationASEMining
Ascend Wellness Holdings, Inc.AAWH.ULife Sciences
ASEP Medical Holdings Inc.ASEPLife Sciences
Ashley Gold CorpASHLMining
Asia Green Biotechnology Corp.ASIALife Sciences
Atco Mining Inc.ATCMMining
Athena Gold CorporationATHAMining
Atmofizer Technologies Inc.ATMOTechnology
Aurwest Resources CorporationAWRMining
Australis Capital Inc.AUSADiversified Industries
Auxico Resources Canada Inc.AUAGMining
Avarone Metals Inc.AVM.XMining
Avila Energy CorporationVIKOil and Gas
Avisa Diagnostics Inc.AVBTLife Sciences
Axcap Ventures Inc. (formerly was NETC.X/Netcoins Holdings Inc. until 2022-05-16)AXCPDiversified Industries
Axiom Capital Advisors Inc.ACADiversified Industries
Ayr Wellness Inc. 10DEC2024 NotesAYR.NT.ULife Sciences
Ayr Wellness Inc. S.V., RVS, L.V.AYR.ALife Sciences
Ayurcann Holdings CorpAYURLife Sciences
BacTech Environmental CorporationBACCleanTech
Baden Resources Inc.BDNMining
Basin Uranium CorpNCLRMining
BC Craft Supply Co. Ltd.CRFTLife Sciences
Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc.BEETechnology
Belgravia Hartford Capital Inc.BLGVDiversified Industries
BellRock Brands Inc.BRCK.ULife Sciences
Benjamin Hill Mining CorpBNNMining
Berkley Renewables Inc.BKSDiversified Industries
Better Plant Sciences Inc.PLNTLife Sciences
BetterLife Pharma Inc.BETRLife Sciences
Bettermood Food Corporation (formerly was HAPY/Happy Gut Brands Limited. until 2022-05-19)MOOOLife Sciences
BevCanna Enterprises Inc.BEVLife Sciences
Beyond Medical Technologies IncDOCTTechnology
Beyond Minerals Inc.BYMining
Beyond Oil Ltd.BOILDiversified Industries
Bhang Inc.BHNGLife Sciences
Big Gold Inc.BGMining
Big Red Mining Corp.REDMining
BIGG Digital Assets IncBIGGTechnology
Biocure Technology Inc.CURELife Sciences
BioHarvest Sciences Inc.BHSCLife Sciences
BioMark Diagnostics Inc.BUXLife Sciences
Biome Grow Inc.BIOLife Sciences
BIOSENTA Inc.ZRODiversified Industries
BioVaxys Technology Corp.BIOVLife Sciences
Bird River Resources Inc.BDROil and Gas
BitRush Corp.BRHTechnology
Black Tusk Resources Inc.TUSKMining
Blackhawk Growth Corp.BLRDiversified Industries
Blackhawk Growth Corp. 17DEC2024 Wts.BLR.WTDiversified Industries
Blanton Resources Corp.BLNTMining
Blender Bites LimitedBITEDiversified Industries
Blockchain Foundry IncBCFNTechnology
Blockchain Venture Capital Inc.BVCITechnology
Bloom Health Partners Inc. (formerly was MTEC/Maitri Health Technologies Corp. until 2021-10-29)BLMHDiversified Industries
Blue Lagoon Resources Inc.BLLGMining
Blueberries Medical Corp.BBMLife Sciences
Bluesky Digital Assets Corp.BTCDiversified Industries
Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. Pr ABTC.PR.ADiversified Industries
BnSellit Technology IncBNSLTechnology
Body and Mind Inc.BAMMLife Sciences
Bolt Metals Corp.BOLTMining
Bond Resources Inc.BJBMining
Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc.VEGILife Sciences
Brascan Gold IncBRASMining
Braxia Scientific CorpBRAXDiversified Industries
Bright Minds Biosciences Inc.DRUGLife Sciences
Britannia Life Sciences Inc.BLABDiversified Industries
Bunker Hill Mining Corp.BNKRMining
Burrell Resources Inc.BURYMining
Buscando Resources Corp.BRCOMining
BYND Cannasoft Enterprises IncBYNDLife Sciences
BYT Holdings Ltd.BYTDiversified Industries
C21 Investments Inc.CXXILife Sciences
C2C Gold CorpCTOCMining
Camarico Investment Group Ltd.CIGLife Sciences
Canada House Wellness Group Inc.CHVLife Sciences
Canadian Copper Inc.CCIMining
Canadian GoldCamps Corp.CAMPMining
Canadian Metals Inc.CMEMining
Canadian Nexus Team Ventures CorpTEAMTechnology
Canadian Overseas Petroleum LimitedXOPOil and Gas
Canadian Palladium Resources Inc.BULLMining
CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp.CNFALife Sciences
Canamera Energy Metals Corp.EMETMining
Canamex Gold Corp.CSQMining
Cannabix Technologies Inc.BLOTechnology
CannAmerica Brands Corp.CANALife Sciences
Cannibble Food-Tech LtdPLCNLife Sciences
Canntab Therapeutics LimitedPILLLife Sciences
Cansortium Inc.TIUM.ULife Sciences
Canter Resources CorpCRCMining
Caprock Mining CorpCAPRMining
Captiva Verde Wellness Corp.PWRLife Sciences
Captor Capital CorpCPTRDiversified Industries
Carlyle Commodities Corp.CCCMining
Carmanah Minerals Corp.CARMMining
Carson River Ventures Corp.CRIVMining
Cartier Iron CorporationCFEMining
Cascada Silver Corp.CSSMining
Cascadia Blockchain Group Corp.CKTechnology
Cashbox Ventures Ltd. (formerly was WIKI/Wikileaf Technologies Inc. until 2021-11-02)CBOX.XLife Sciences
CAT Strategic Metals CorporationCATMining
CAVU Energy Metals Corp. (formerly was CAVU/CAVU Mining Corp. until 2022-05-19)CAVUMining
CBD Global Sciences Inc.CBDNLife Sciences
CDN Maverick Capital CorpCDNMining
CENTR Brands Corp.CNTRLife Sciences
Cerro de Pasco Resources Inc.CDPRMining
Cerro Grande Mining CorporationCEGMining
Certive Solutions Inc.CBPTechnology
Chalice Brands Ltd.CHALDiversified Industries
Chemesis International Inc.CSILife Sciences
Chemistree Technology Inc.CHMTechnology
ChitogenX Inc. (formerly was ORTH/Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. until 2022-09-09)CHGXLife Sciences
Choom Holdings Inc.CHOOLife Sciences
Choom Holdings Inc. 8JUL2024 WarrantsCHOO.WTLife Sciences
Christina Lake Cannabis CorpCLCLife Sciences
City View Green Holdings Inc.CVGRDiversified Industries
Clarity Gold Corp.CLARMining
Class 1 Nickel and Technologies LimitedNICOMining
CleanGo Innovations Inc.CGIIDiversified Industries
Clear Sky Lithium Corp.POWRMining
Clearmind Medicine Inc.CMNDLife Sciences
Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc.CNITechnology
CLS Holdings USA, Inc.CLSHLife Sciences
CMX Gold & Silver Corp.CXCMining
Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd.CGNLife Sciences
CoinAnalyst CorpCOYXTechnology
Columbia Care Inc.CCHWLife Sciences
Copland Road Capital Corporation (formerly was NAB/Nabis Holdings Inc. until 2022-01-13)CRCCDiversified Industries
Copper Ridge Exploration Inc.COPMining
Corcel Exploration IncCRCLMining
CordovaCann Corp.CDVALife Sciences
Core Assets Corp.CCMining
Core One Labs Inc.COOLLife Sciences
Cosa Resources Corp.COSAMining
Cover Technologies Inc.COVEDiversified Industries
Craftport Cannabis Corp (formerly was BBT/Benchmark Botanics Inc. until 2021-10-29)CFTLife Sciences
Cresco Labs Inc.CLLife Sciences
Crest Resources Inc.CRESMining
Crestview Exploration Inc.CRSMining
Cross River Ventures Corp.CRVCMining
Cross River Ventures Corp.15Dec2024 WarrantsCRVC.WTMining
Cruz Battery Metals Corp.CRUZMining
Cryptoblox Technologies Inc. (formerly was ACDC/Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp until 2022-03-08)BLOXTechnology
Cullinan Metals CorpCMTMining
Cult Food Science CorpCULTDiversified Industries
Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.CURALife Sciences
Cypher Metaverse Inc. (formerly was CODE/Codebase Ventures Inc. until 2022-03-22)CODEDiversified Industries
Cypherpunk Holdings Inc.HODLDiversified Industries
Danavation Technologies Corp.DVNTechnology
Danavation Technologies Corp. WtsDVN.WTTechnology
DeepRock Minerals Inc.DEEPMining
DeepSpatial Inc.DSAITechnology
Defence Therapeutics IncDTCLife Sciences
Delic Holdings CorpDELCTechnology
Delta Cleantech Inc.DELTCleanTech
DigiMax Global IncDIGITechnology
Direct Communication Solutions Inc.DCSITechnology
Discover Wellness Solutions Inc.WLNSLife Sciences
Dominion Water Reserves Corp.DWRDiversified Industries
Doseology Sciences IncMOODDiversified Industries
Draganfly Inc.DPROTechnology
Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc.DSTTechnology
E79 Resources CorpESNRMining
EarthRenew Inc.ERTHCleanTech
EarthRenew Inc. 21JUNE2026 WarrantsERTH.WTCleanTech
Eat & Beyond Global Holdings Inc (formerly was EATS/Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. until 2022-03-30)EATSDiversified Industries
Eat Well Investment Group Inc.EWGDiversified Industries
Eat Well Investment Group Inc. 23DEC2024 WarrantsEWG.WTDiversified Industries
Eden Empire IncEDENLife Sciences
Edgemont Gold Corp.EDGMMining
EGF Theramed Health Corp.TMEDTechnology
Element Nutritional Sciences Inc.ELMTLife Sciences
Element79 Gold Corp.ELEMMining
Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.EMHLife Sciences
Emergence Global Enterprises Inc.EMRGDiversified Industries
Emergia Inc.EMERDiversified Industries
EMP Metals Corp. (formerly was SNL/Sentinel Resources Corp. until 2021-11-19)EMPSMining
Empatho Holdings Inc.EMPHLife Sciences
Emperor Metals Inc.AUOZMining
Empower Clinics IncCBDTLife Sciences
Entheon Biomedical Corp.ENBILife Sciences
EnviroGold Global LimitedNVROCleanTech
EnviroMetal Technologies Inc.ETITechnology
EonX Technologies Inc.EONXTechnology
ePlay Digital Inc.EPYTechnology
ESGold Corp. (formerly was SEK/Secova Metals Corp. until 2022-07-13)ESAUMining
Etruscus Resources Corp.ETRMining
Eurogas International Inc.EIOil and Gas
Eviana Health CorporationEHCLife Sciences
Evolution Global Frontier Ventures Corp.EGFVMining
eXeBlock Technology Corporation (formerly was XBLK/eXeBlock Technology Corporation until 2022-08-23)XBLK.XTechnology
EXMceuticals Inc.EXMLife Sciences
Exploits Discovery Corp.NFLDMining
EYEFI Group Technologies Inc.EGTITechnology
Fabled Copper Corp.FABLMining
Fandifi Technology Corp. (formerly was FDM/Fandom Sports Media Corp. until 2022-04-11)FDMTechnology
Faraday Copper Corp. (formerly was CBK/Copperbank Resources Corp. until 2022-04-22)FDYMining
Fathom Nickel Inc.FNIMining
FenixOro Gold Corp.FENXMining
FinCanna Capital Corp.CALILife Sciences
Fineqia International Inc.FNQDiversified Industries
Fiore Cannabis Ltd.FIORLife Sciences
First American Uranium Inc. (formerly was PROP/Prosperity Exploration Corp until 2022-09-15)URMMining
First Energy Metals LimitedFEMining
First Growth Funds LimitedFGFLDiversified Industries
First Lithium Minerals Corp.FLMMining
First Responder Technologies Inc.WPNTechnology
First Tellurium Corp.FTELMining
First Uranium Resources Ltd (formerly was KMI/Karam Minerals Inc. until 2022-01-13)URNMMining
Flow Metals Corp.FWMMining
Flower One Holdings Inc.FONELife Sciences
Flower One Holdings Inc. 18SEP2023FONE.WT.BLife Sciences
Flower One Holdings Inc. A Wts.FONE.WT.ALife Sciences
Flower One Holdings Inc. Series 15NOV2019 DebenturesFONE.DB.CLife Sciences
Flower One Holdings Inc.Series 28MAR2019 DebenturesFONE.DB.BLife Sciences
Foremost Lithium Resource & Technology Ltd. (formerly was FAT/Far Resources Ltd. until 2022-01-06)FATMining
Forte Minerals CorpCUAUMining
Forty Pillars Mining Corp.PLLRMining
Four Nines Gold Inc.FNAUMining
Fox River Resources CorporationFOXMining
FSD Pharma Inc. Subordinate Voting SharesHUGELife Sciences
G2 Energy Corp.GTOOOil and Gas
GABY Inc.GABYLife Sciences
Gaia Grow Corp.GAIALife Sciences
Gallagher Security Corp.GLLTechnology
Gama Explorations Inc.GAMAMining
Gamelancer Media Corp. (formerly was GMNG/Gamelancer Gaming Corp. until 2022-09-28)GMNGTechnology
Gamelancer Media Corp. 3MAY2023 Warrants (formerly was GMNG.WT/Gamelancer Gaming Corp. 3MAY2023 Warrants until 2022-09-28)GMNG.WTTechnology
GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc (formerly was GET/GameOn Entertainmnet Technologies Inc. until 2021-10-29)GETTechnology
Gamesquare Esports Inc.GSQTechnology
Gander Gold CorporationGANDMining
Gelum Resources Ltd.GMRMining
Gemina Laboratories LtdGLABLife Sciences
Gencan Capital Inc. (formerly was GCA/Gencan Capital Inc. until 2021-12-02)GCA.XDiversified Industries
General Copper Gold Corp. (formerly was GGLD/General Gold Resources Inc. until 2022-03-25)GGLDMining
Generic Gold Corp.GGCMining
GeneTether Therapeutics Inc.GTTXLife Sciences
Geologica Resource Corp.GRCMMining
Getchell Gold Corp.GTCHMining
Global Care Capital Inc.HLTHDiversified Industries
Global Compliance Applications Corp. (formerly was APP/Global Cannabis Applications Corp. until 2022-07-13)APPTechnology
Global Health Clinics Ltd.MJRXLife Sciences
Global Helium Corp.HECOMining
Global Hemp Group Inc.GHGDiversified Industries
Global Hemp Group Inc. Wts.GHG.WTDiversified Industries
Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp.LIONMining
Global UAV Technologies Ltd.UAVTechnology
Global Wellness Strategies Inc.GWSDiversified Industries
Glorious Creation Limited (formerly was GCIT/Glorious Creation Limited until 2022-04-06)GCIT.XTechnology
Glow LifeTech CorpGLOWTechnology
Gnomestar Craft IncGNOMLife Sciences
Go Metals CorpGOCOMining
GOAT Industries Ltd (formerly was GOAT/Billy Goat Brands Ltd. until 2022-09-09)GOATDiversified Industries
Golcap Resources Corp.GCPMining
Gold Hunter Resources IncHUNTMining
Gold Lion Resources Inc.GLMining
Gold Port CorporationGPOMining
Gold Tree Resources LtdGTXMining
Gold'Futures Mineral Corp.FUTRMining
Golden Independence Mining Corp.IGLDMining
Golden Lake Exploration Inc.GLMMining
Golden Shield Resources Inc.GSRIMining
Golden Spike Resources CorpGLDSMining
GoldHaven Resources Corp.GOHMining
Goldrea Resources Corp.GORMining
Goldseek Resources Inc.GSKMining
Goodness Growth Holdings Inc.GDNSLife Sciences
Grand Peak Capital Corp.GPKDiversified Industries
Graph Blockchain IncGBLCTechnology
Graycliff Exploration LimitedGRAYMining
Great Republic Mining Corp.GRMMining
Green Block Mining Corp (formerly was LNK/Link Global Technologies Inc. until 2022-03-24)GBMCTechnology
Green River Gold Corp.CCRMining
Green Scientific Labs Holdings Inc.GSLLife Sciences
Green Thumb Industries Inc.GTIILife Sciences
GreenBank Capital Inc.GBCDiversified Industries
Greenhawk Resources Inc.GRHKMining
Greenrise Global Brands Inc. (formerly was XCX/AMP Alternative Medical Products Inc. until 2021-11-05)XCXLife Sciences
Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis CorporationGWAYLife Sciences
Grounded People Apparel Inc.SHOEDiversified Industries
Grown Rogue International Inc.GRINLife Sciences
Happy Belly Food Group Inc. (formerly was VEGN/Plant & Co. Brands Ltd until 2022-08-31)HBFGLife Sciences
Happy Belly Food Group Inc. Warrants (formerly was VEGN.WT/Plant & Co. Brands Ltd. Warrants until 2022-08-31)HBFG.WTLife Sciences
Harrys Manufacturing Inc.HARYDiversified Industries
HAVN Life Sciences Inc.HAVNLife Sciences
Hawkmoon Resources Corp.HMMining
Headwater Gold Inc.HWGMining
Hello Pal International Inc.HPTechnology
Hempsana Holdings Ltd.HMPSLife Sciences
Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.CANNLife Sciences
Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. 17MAR2023 WarrantsCANN.WT.ALife Sciences
Heritage Mining Ltd.HMLMining
Hero Innovation Group Inc. (formerly was EAP/Euro Asia Pay Holdings Inc until 2022-06-09)HROTechnology
Hi-View Resources IncHVWMining
High Fusion Inc (formerly was EAT/Nutritional High International Inc. until 2021-11-10)FUZNLife Sciences
High Tide Resources Corp.HTRCMining
Highlander Silver Corp.HSLVMining
Hillcrest Energy Technologies Ltd.HEATTechnology
HS GovTech Solutions Inc. (formerly was HS/HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. until 2022-04-26)HSTechnology
HS GovTech Solutions Inc. 4FEB2024 Warrants (formerly was HS.WT/HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. 4FEB2024 Warrants until 2022-04-26)HS.WTTechnology
Humble & Fume IncHMBLLife Sciences
Humble & Fume Inc. 14JUNE2024 WarrantsHMBL.WTLife Sciences
Hydrograph Clean Power IncHGTechnology
HYTN Innovations IncHYTNLife Sciences
I3 Interactive Inc.BETSTechnology
iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.IANLife Sciences
IC Capitalight Corp.ICDiversified Industries
Icanic Brands Company IncICANLife Sciences
ICEsoft Technologies Canada Corp.ISFTTechnology
Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc.ITKOMining
Idle Lifestyle Inc. (formerly was PODA/Poda Holdings Inc. until 2022-06-29)IDLE.XDiversified Industries
IGEN Networks Corp.IGNTechnology
Ikanik Farms IncIKNK.ULife Sciences
IM Cannabis Corp.IMCCLife Sciences
Imagin Medical Inc.IMETechnology
ImagineAR Inc.IPDiversified Industries
Indigenous Bloom Hemp Corp.IBHLife Sciences
INDVR Brands Inc.IDVRLife Sciences
infinitii ai inc. (formerly was CRL/Carl Data Solutions Inc. until 2022-10-06)IAITechnology
Infinity Stone Ventures Corp (formerly was HELP/Contakt World Technologies Corp. until 2022-03-29)GEMSTechnology
Inflection Resources Ltd.AUCUMining
InnoCan Pharma CorporationINNOLife Sciences
Intellabridge Technology Corporation (formerly was INTL/Intellabridge Technology Corporation until 2021-10-28)KASHTechnology
International Battery Metals Ltd.IBATMining
International Cobalt CorpCOMining
Interra Copper CorpIMCXMining
Ionic Brands Corp.IONCLife Sciences
Ionic Brands Corp. 2MAR2026 WarrantsIONC.WTLife Sciences
Irving Resources Inc.IRVMining
Irwin Naturals IncIWINLife Sciences
ISM Resources Corp.ISMMining
Isracann Biosciences Inc.IPOTLife Sciences
Izotropic CorporationIZOLife Sciences
James Bay Resources LimitedJBROil and Gas
Jones Soda CoJSDADiversified Industries
Jushi Holdings Inc. Class B Subordinate Voting SharesJUSHLife Sciences
Jushi Holdings Inc.10% 15JAN23JUSH.DB.ULife Sciences
Juva Life Inc.JUVALife Sciences
Kings Entertainment Group Inc.JKPTDiversified Industries
Kingsview Minerals Ltd.KVMMining
Koios Beverage Corp.FITLife Sciences
Komo Plant Based Foods Inc.YUMLife Sciences
Kraken Energy Corp. (formerly was IVOR/Ivor Exploration Inc. until 2022-05-10)UUSAMining
Kuya Silver CorporationKUYAMining
KWG Resources Inc.KWGMining
KWG Resources Inc. MVSKWG.AMining
La Imperial Resources Inc.LAIMining
Labrador Uranium IncLURMining
Lanebury Growth Capital Ltd.LLLDiversified Industries
LeanLife Health Inc.LLPDiversified Industries
Legible Inc.READTechnology
Leocor Gold Inc.LECRMining
Leopard Lake Gold Corp.LPMining
Level 14 Ventures Ltd.LVLMining
Levitee Labs Inc.LVTLife Sciences
Lexston Life Sciences Corp.LEXTLife Sciences
Li-FT Power Ltd.LIFTMining
Li-Metal Corp.LIMCleanTech
Lida Resources Inc.LIDAMining
Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.LQIDTechnology
Lobe Sciences Ltd.LOBELife Sciences
Lode Metals Corp.LODEMining
Lords & Company Worldwide Holdings Inc.LRDSLife Sciences
Lotus Ventures Inc.JLife Sciences
Love Pharma Inc.LUVLife Sciences
Lowell Farms Inc.LOWLLife Sciences
Lowell Farms Inc. Wts.LOWL.WTLife Sciences
Luff Enterprises Ltd.LUFFLife Sciences
Luxxfolio Holdings Inc.LUXXTechnology
Lynx Global Digital Finance CorporationLYNXTechnology
Madi Minerals Ltd.MADIMining
Madison Metals Inc.GRENMining
Madison Metals Inc. 26JAN2023 WarrantsGREN.WTMining
Majuba Hill Copper Corp. (formerly was BBR/Bam Bam Resources Corp. until 2022-05-30)JUBAMining
Majuba Hill Copper Corp. 14SEP2023 Warrants (formerly was BBR.WT/Bam Bam Resources Corp. 14SEP2023 Warrants until 2022-05-30)JUBA.WTMining
Makara Mining Corp.MAKAMining
ManifestSeven Holdings CorporationMSVNLife Sciences
Manning Ventures Inc.MANNMining
Maple Leaf Green World Inc.MGWLife Sciences
Marble Financial Inc.MRBLDiversified Industries
MariMed Inc.MRMDLife Sciences
Marret High Yield Strategies Fund AMHY.UNDiversified Industries
Marret Multi-Strategy Income Fund AMMF.UNDiversified Industries
Mary Agrotechnologies IncMARYLife Sciences
Maven Brands Inc (formerly was MJ/True Leaf Brands Inc. until 2021-10-29)MJLife Sciences
Max Power Mining CorpMAXXMining
Mayo Lake Minerals Inc.MLKMMining
McLaren Resources Inc.MCLMining
Medaro Mining Corp.MEDAMining
Medcolcanna Organics Inc.MCCNLife Sciences
Media Central Corporation IncFLYYDiversified Industries
MedMen Enterprises Inc. Class B Subordinate Voting SharesMMENLife Sciences
MegaWatt Lithium and Battery Metals Corp.MEGAMining
MegumaGold CorpNSAUMining
Meryllion Resources Corporation (formerly was MYR.X/Meryllion Resources Corporation until 2021-12-02)MYRMining
Metallica Metals CorpMMMining
Metalo Manufacturing Inc.MMIDiversified Industries
Metamaterial Exchangeco IncMMAXTechnology
MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (formerly was MEET/MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. until 2022-08-24)MWRKTechnology
MGX Minerals Inc.XMGMining
Mich Resources LtdMICHMining
Micromem Technologies Inc.MRMTechnology
Mijem Newcomm Tech Inc.MJEMTechnology
Mind Cure Health Inc.MCURLife Sciences
Mind Cure Health Inc. WarrantsMCUR.WTLife Sciences
Mindset Pharma Inc.MSETLife Sciences
Mindset Pharma Inc.15APR2024 Wts.MSET.WTLife Sciences
Minera IRL LimitedMIRLMining
Mistango River Resources Inc.MISMining
Miza II Resources Inc. (formerly was MIA/Miza ll Resources Inc. until 2022-06-16)MIAMining
MLK Gold LtdMLKMining
Mobilum Technologies Inc.MBLMTechnology
Modern Plant Based Foods Inc.MEATDiversified Industries
Mojave Brands Inc.MOJOLife Sciences
Molecule Holdings Inc.MLCLLife Sciences
Molten Metals Corp.MOLTMining
Mongoose Mining Ltd.MNGMining
Montego Resources Inc.MY.XMining
Mosaic Minerals Corp.MOCMining
Mountain Valley MD Holdings Inc.MVMDLife Sciences
MPX International CorporationMPXILife Sciences
Musk Metals CorpMUSKMining
MustGrow Biologics Corp.MGROLife Sciences
Muzhu Mining Ltd.MUZUMining
MYND Life Sciences Inc.MYNDLife Sciences
MyndTec Inc.MYTCLife Sciences
Myriad Metals Corp.MMCMining
Nabati Foods Global Inc.MEALDiversified Industries
NameSilo Technologies Corp.URLTechnology
NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc.NSHSLife Sciences
Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.NVGLife Sciences
Nation Gold CorpNATNMining
nDatalyze Corp.NDATLife Sciences
Neonmind Biosciences IncNEONLife Sciences
Nepra Foods Inc.NPRADiversified Industries
Nepra Foods Inc. WarrantsNPRA.WTDiversified Industries
Nerds On Site Inc.NERDTechnology
NetCents Technology Inc.NCTechnology
Nevada Lithium Resources Inc.NVLHMining
New Break Resources Ltd.NBRKMining
New Frontier Ventures Inc. (formerly was GFI/Gravitas Financial Inc. until 2022-10-03)VFI.XDiversified Industries
New Leaf Ventures Inc.NLVLife Sciences
New Wave Holdings Corp.SPORTechnology
New Wave Holdings Corp. Wts.SPOR.WTTechnology
Newfoundland Discovery Corp.NEWDMining
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.LUXCleanTech
Nexco Resources Inc.NXUMining
NexTech AR Solutions CorpNTARTechnology
Nextleaf Solutions Ltd.OILSLife Sciences
Nine Mile Metals Ltd. (formerly was SG/Stevens Gold Nevada Inc. until 2022-01-21)NINEMining
Nirvana Life Sciences Inc.NIRVLife Sciences
Norsemont Mining Inc.NOMMining
North Bud Farms Inc.NBUDLife Sciences
North Valley Resources Ltd.NVRMining
Northern Lights Resources Corp.NLRMining
Northstar Gold Corp.NSGMining
Nova Lithium Corp.NVLIMining
Nova Mentis Life Sciences Corp.NOVALife Sciences
Nova Net Lease REITNNL.ULife Sciences
NSJ Gold Corp.NSJMining
Nuinsco Resources LimitedNWIMining
Nuran Wireless Inc.NURTechnology
Nurosene Health Inc.MENDLife Sciences
One World Lithium Inc.OWLIMining
Optima Medical Innovations Corp. (formerly was TOKI/Tree of Knowledge International Corp. until 2021-11-17)OMICLife Sciences
Optimi Health CorpOPTILife Sciences
Optimi Health Corp.WarrantsOPTI.WTLife Sciences
Optimind Pharma Corp.OMNDLife Sciences
Orchid Ventures Inc.ORCDLife Sciences
Organic Potash CorporationOPCCleanTech
Origen Resources Inc.ORGNMining
Origin Therapeutics Holdings Inc.ORIGDiversified Industries
Orion Nutraceuticals Inc.ORILife Sciences
Ovation Science IncOVATLife Sciences
Oz Lithium Corporation (formerly was AUGF/Australian Goldfields Limited until 2022-05-13)OZLIMining
Pampa Metals CorporationPMMining
Pan American Energy Corp. (formerly was GSU/Golden Sun Mining Corp. until 2022-07-14)PNRGMining
Pangea Natural Foods Inc.PNGADiversified Industries
PanGenomic Health Inc.NARALife Sciences
ParcelPal Logistics IncPKGTechnology
Pasinex Resources LimitedPSEMining
Patriot Gold Corp.PGOLMining
Peak Minerals Ltd.PEKMining
PeakBirch Commerce Inc. (formerly was PKB/Peakbirch Logic Inc. until 2022-02-23)PKBLife Sciences
Pedro Resources Ltd.VBNMining
Peekaboo Beans IncBEANDiversified Industries
Peloton Minerals CorporationPMCMining
Perk Labs Inc.PERKTechnology
Permex Petroleum CorporationOILOil and Gas
Pharmadrug Inc.PHRXLife Sciences
Pharmala Biotech Holdings Inc.MDMALife Sciences
PharmaTher Holdings Ltd.PHRMLife Sciences
Plaintree Systems Inc.NPTTechnology
Planet 13 Holdings Inc.PLTHLife Sciences
Planet 13 Holdings Inc. 02FEB2023 Wts. DPLTH.WT.DLife Sciences
Planet 13 Holdings Inc. Warrants CPLTH.WT.CLife Sciences
Planet Based Foods Global Inc.PBFDiversified Industries
Plank Ventures Ltd.PLNKDiversified Industries
Plant Veda Foods LtdMILKLife Sciences
Plant-Based Investment Corp.PBICLife Sciences
PlantFuel Life Inc.FUELLife Sciences
PlantX Life IncVEGATechnology
Platinex Inc.PTXMining
Playground Ventures Inc.PLAYTechnology
Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc.PRTTechnology
PNG Copper IncPNGCMining
Poko Innovations Inc.POKOLife Sciences
POSaBIT Systems CorporationPBITTechnology
PR Technology Inc.PRTITechnology
Predictmedix Inc.PMEDLife Sciences
PreveCeutical Medical Inc.PREVLife Sciences
Prisma Exploration Inc (formerly was PCC/Prisma Capital Inc. until 2022-02-10)PMSMining
Prismo Metals IncPRIZMining
Prophecy DeFi Inc.PDFIDiversified Industries
Prospect Park Capital Corp.PPKDiversified Industries
Prospect Ridge Resources Corp.PRRMining
Provenance Gold Corp.PAUMining
Prudent Minerals Corp.PRUDMining
Psyched Wellness LtdPSYCLife Sciences
Psyence Group IncPSYGLife Sciences
PUDO Inc.PDODiversified Industries
Puranium Energy Ltd. (formerly was MREY/Monterey Minerals Inc. until 2022-04-04)UXMining
Puranium Energy Ltd. 23DEC2023 WarrantsUX.WTMining
Pure Extracts Technologies CorpPULLLife Sciences
Pure Extracts Technologies Corp. WarrantsPULL.WTLife Sciences
Pure to Pure Beauty Inc.PPBDiversified Industries
Pursuit Gold CorpPUGSMining
Pushfor Tech Inc. (formerly was PUSH/Pushfor Investments Inc. until 2022-06-08)PUSHDiversified Industries
QNB Metals Inc. (formerly was TIM/QNB Metals Inc. until 2022-09-28)TIM.XMining
Quantum Battery Metals CorpQBATMining
Quebec Nickel CorpQNIMining
Quebec Silica Resources Corp.QTZMining
Quimbaya Gold Inc.QIMMining
Quinsam Capital CorporationQCADiversified Industries
Quizam Media CorporationQQTechnology
Radial Research CorpRADTechnology
Radio Fuels Energy Corp.CAKEMining
Radio Fuels Energy Corp. 6DEC2026 WarrantsCAKE.WTMining
Raffles Financial Group LimitedRICHDiversified Industries
Railtown AI Technologies IncRAILTechnology
Rain City Resources Inc.RAINMining
Ramm Pharma Corp.RAMMLife Sciences
Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp.DOSELife Sciences
RDARS Inc.RDRSTechnology
Ready Set Gold Corp.RDYMining
Recharge Resources Ltd.RRMining
Red Lake Gold Inc.RGLDMining
Red Light Holland Corp.TRIPLife Sciences
Red Light Holland Corp. 24FEB2024 Warrants (formerly was TRIP.WT.A/Red Light Holland Corp. Warrants until 2022-03-23)TRIP.WT.ALife Sciences
Red Light Holland Corp. WarrantsTRIP.WTLife Sciences
Red Metal Resources Ltd.RMESMining
Red White & Bloom Brands Inc.RWBLife Sciences
Reflex Advanced Materials Corp. (formerly was FBAT/Freedom Battery Metals Inc. until 2022-10-13)RFLXMining
Relevant Gold Corp.RGCMining
Renforth Resources Inc.RFRMining
Reservoir Capital Corp.REODiversified Industries
Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd.CALMLife Sciences
Revive Therapeutics Ltd.RVVLife Sciences
Rift Valley Resources Corp.RVRMining
Rise Gold Corp.RISEMining
RIV Capital Inc.RIVDiversified Industries
Rock Edge Resources Ltd.REDGMining
Rockcliff Metals CorporationRCLFMining
Rockex Mining CorporationRXMMining
Rockland Resources LtdRKLMining
RooGold Inc.ROOMining
Royal Wins CorporationSKLLTechnology
Rritual Superfoods Inc.RSFDiversified Industries
Rritual Superfoods Inc. 05MAR2024 WarrantsRSF.WTDiversified Industries
RYAH Group, Inc.RYAHLife Sciences
S2 Minerals Inc.STWOMining
Saltbae Capital CorpCUBEMining
Sanu Gold Corp.SANUMining
Sasquatch Resources Corp.SASQMining
Sassy Gold Corp. (formerly was SASY/Sassy Resources Corporation until 2022-07-19)SASYMining
SBD Capital Corp.SBDDiversified Industries
Scope Carbon Corp.SCPETechnology
Scotch Creek Ventures Inc.SCVMining
Scout Minerals Corp.SCTMMining
ScreenPro Security Inc.SCRNLife Sciences
Scryb Inc. (formerly was RELA/Relay Medical Corp. until 2021-12-08)SCYBTechnology
Seahawk Gold Corp.SEAGMining
Sekur Private Data Ltd. (formerly was SWIS/GlobeX Data Ltd. until 2022-04-13)SKURTechnology
Sensor Technologies CorpSENSTechnology
Sharc International Systems Inc.SHRCCleanTech
Shoal Point Energy Ltd.SHPOil and Gas
Sierra Grande Minerals Inc.SGROMining
Silo Wellness Inc.SILOLife Sciences
Silver Dollar Resources Inc.SLVMining
Silver Hammer Mining CorpHAMRMining
Silver Phoenix Resources Inc.SPMining
Silver Sands Resources Corp.SANDMining
Silverfish Resources Inc.SFMining
Silverstock Metals Inc.STKMining
Sitka Gold Corp.SIGMining
Sixth Wave Innovations Inc.SIXWDiversified Industries
Sixty North Gold Mining Inc.SXTYMining
Sixty Six Capital Inc.SIXTechnology
SLANG Worldwide Inc.SLNGLife Sciences
Slave Lake Zinc CorpSLZMining
Snowline Gold Corp.SGDMining
Snowy Owl Gold CorpSNOWMining
SOL Global Investments Corp.SOLLife Sciences
SoLVBL Solutions IncSOLVTechnology
Sona Nanotech Inc.SONATechnology
Spacefy Inc.SPFYTechnology
SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd.EASYLife Sciences
Spearmint Resources Inc.SPMTMining
Spey Resources Corp.SPEYMining
Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc.SPIRTechnology
Spod Lithium Corp. (formerly was EEE/EEE Exploration Corp until 2022-09-23)SPODMining
SponsorsOne Inc.SPOTechnology
SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, IncLITETechnology
Sprout AI Inc. (formerly was SPRT/Sprout AI Inc. until 2021-11-04)BYFMTechnology
Sproutly Canada Inc.SPRLife Sciences
SQID Technologies LimitedSQIDTechnology
Squatex Energy and Ressources Inc.SQXOil and Gas
St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.SXMining
St. Anthony Gold Corp.STAGDiversified Industries
Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd.SNATechnology
Starmet Ventures Inc.STARMining
Starrex International Ltd.STXDiversified Industries
StateHouse Holdings Inc (formerly was HBOR/Harborside Inc. until 2022-07-22)STHZLife Sciences
Steadright Critical Minerals Inc.SCMMining
Steep Hill Inc. (formerly was CBDX/Canbud Distribution Corporation until 2022-02-25)STPHLife Sciences
Stem Holdings Inc.STEMLife Sciences
Straightup Resources Inc.STMining
StrategX Elements Corp.STGXMining
Sunniva Inc.SNNLife Sciences
Supernova Metals Corp.SUPRMining
SureNano Science LtdSURETechnology
Swarmio Media Holdings Inc.SWRMTechnology
Sweet Earth Holdings CorporationSELife Sciences
SWMBRD Sports Inc.SWIMDiversified Industries
Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc.TAALTechnology
TAAT Global Alternatives Inc.TAATLife Sciences
Tactical Resources Corp.RAREMining
Talent Infinity Resource Developments Inc.TICOMining
Talmora Diamond Inc.TAIMining
Tana Resources Corp.TANAMining
Tantalex Lithium Resources Corporation (formerly was TTX/Tantalex Resources Corporation until 2022-05-25)TTXMining
Tarachi Gold Corp.TRGMining
Targa Exploration Corp.TEXMining
Tartisan Nickel Corp.TNMining
Taurus Gold Corp.TAURMining
Telecure Technologies Inc.TELETechnology
Telescope Innovations Corp.TELITechnology
Temas Resources Corp.TMASMining
Tempus Capital Inc.TEMPDiversified Industries
Tenet Fintech Group Inc (formerly was PKK/Peak Fintech Group Inc. until 2021-10-29)PKKTechnology
Tenet Fintech Group Inc. 7JUL2023 Warrants (formerly was PKK.WT/Peak Fintech Group Inc. 7JUL2023 Warrants until 2021-10-29)PKK.WTTechnology
Terra Balcanica Resources Corp.TERAMining
Terranueva CorporationTEQLife Sciences
TerrAscend Corp.TERLife Sciences
Tevano Systems Holdings Inc.TEVOTechnology
THC Biomed Intl LtdTHCLife Sciences
The Alkaline Water Company Inc.WTERDiversified Industries
The BC Bud CorporationBCBCLife Sciences
The Fresh Factory B.C Ltd.FRSHDiversified Industries
The Good Flour Corp.GFCODiversified Industries
The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd 10DEC2025 Warrants (formerly was TGOD.WB/The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd Warrants until 2022-03-23)TGOD.WBLife Sciences
The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd 23OCT2025 Warrants (formerly was TGOD.WA/The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd Warrants until 2022-03-23)TGOD.WALife Sciences
The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.TGODLife Sciences
The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. WarrantsTGOD.WSLife Sciences
The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. Wts.TGOD.WRLife Sciences
The Gummy Project Inc. (formerly was POT/Potent Ventures Inc. until 2022-06-01)GUMYDiversified Industries
The Hash CorporationREZNLife Sciences
The Tinley Beverage Company Inc.TNYDiversified Industries
The Yumy Candy Company Inc (formerly was YUMY/Yumy Bear Goods Inc. until 2021-12-29)TYUMDiversified Industries
ThreeD Capital Inc.IDKDiversified Industries
Tier One Capital Limited PartnershipTLP.UNDiversified Industries
Tiidal Gaming Group CorpTIDLTechnology
Tocvan Ventures Corp.TOCMining
Tony G Co-Investment Holdings Ltd.TONYDiversified Industries
Top Strike Resources Corp.VENILife Sciences
Torrent Gold Inc. (formerly was RAYN/Raindrop Ventures Inc. until 2022-04-27)TGLDMining
Tower One Wireless Corp.TOTechnology
TraceSafe Inc.TSFTechnology
Traction Uranium Corp. (formerly was TRAC/Traction Exploration Inc. until 2021-11-16)TRACMining
Transcanna Holdings Inc.TCANLife Sciences
Treatment.com International Inc.TRUETechnology
Trenchant Capital Corp.TCCDiversified Industries
Trenchant Capital Corp. 8% 31JAN23TCC.DB.ADiversified Industries
Trillion Energy International Inc.TCFOil and Gas
Trillion Energy International Inc. 29JUNE2025 WarrantsTCF.WTOil and Gas
TripSitter Clinic Ltd.KETATechnology
Trojan Gold Inc.TGIIMining
Troy Minerals Inc.TROYMining
Trulieve Cannabis Corp.TRULLife Sciences
Trulieve Cannabis Corp. 8% 6OCT2026 Notes USDTRUL.NT.ULife Sciences
Trulieve Cannabis Corp. 9.75% 18JUN24TRUL.DB.ULife Sciences
TruTrace Technologies Inc.TTTTechnology
Tryp Therapeutics IncTRYPLife Sciences
Tuga Innovations, Inc.TUGACleanTech
Two Hands CorporationTWOHDiversified Industries
Ubique Minerals LimitedUBQMining
Ultra Brands Ltd. (formerly was FEEL/Feel Foods Ltd. until 2022-05-16)ULTALife Sciences
UniDoc Health Corp.UDOCTechnology
United Lithium Corp.ULTHMining
UpSnap Inc.UPTechnology
Urbana CorporationURBDiversified Industries
Urbana Corporation A NVURB.ADiversified Industries
Valdor Technology International Inc.VTITechnology
Valorem Resources Inc.VALUMining
Vegano Foods Inc.VAGNLife Sciences
Veji Holdings Ltd. (formerly was VEJI/Vejii Holdings Ltd until 2022-08-25)VEJITechnology
Verano Holdings Corp.VRNOLife Sciences
Vext Science Inc. 02NOV2023 WarrantsVEXT.WTLife Sciences
Vext Science Inc. 08FEB2024 WarrantsVEXT.WT.ALife Sciences
Vext Science, Inc.VEXTLife Sciences
Vibe Growth CorporationVIBELife Sciences
Victory Nickel Inc.NIMining
Victory Resources CorporationVRDiversified Industries
Victory Square Technologies Inc.VSTTechnology
Vinergy Capital IncVINDiversified Industries
Vital Battery Metals Inc.VBAMMining
Volatus Capital Corp.VCMining
Voltage Metals Corp.VOLTMining
Voyageur Mineral Explorers Corp.VOYMining
VPN Technologies Inc.VPNTechnology
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp WarrrantsVSBY.WT.ATechnology
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp.VSBYTechnology
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. Warrants BVSBY.WT.BTechnology
VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. Wts.VSBY.WTTechnology
Waraba Gold LimitedWBGDMining
Waskahigan Oil & Gas Corp.WOGCOil and Gas
Way of Will Inc.WAYDiversified Industries
Wedgemount Resources CorpWDGYMining
Wellteq Digital Health IncWTEQTechnology
Wesana Health Holdings Inc.WESALife Sciences
West Island Brands IncWIBLife Sciences
West Mining Corp.WESTMining
West Oak Gold Corp.WOMining
West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc.RLGMining
Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp.WUCMining
Westmount Minerals CorpWMCMining
Westward Gold Inc.WGMining
Winston Gold Corp.WGCMining
World Class Extractions Inc.PUMPLife Sciences
WPD Pharmaceuticals Inc.WBIOLife Sciences
WSM Ventures Corp.WSM.XDiversified Industries
X1 Entertainment Group Inc. (formerly was XONE/X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd. until 2022-10-18)XONETechnology
Xebra Brands LtdXBRALife Sciences
Xigem Technologies CorporationXIGMTechnology
XPhyto Therapeutics Corp.XPHYLife Sciences
XR Immersive Tech Inc. (formerly was VRAR/Fantasy 360 Technologies Inc. until 2022-02-02)VRARTechnology
XRApplied Technologies IncXRATechnology
XS Financial Inc.XSFDiversified Industries
XTM Inc.PAIDTechnology
Yellow Stem Tech Inc.YYTechnology
Yooma Wellness Inc.YOOMLife Sciences
YourWay Cannabis Brands Inc (formerly was HOLL/Hollister Biosciences Inc. until 2021-12-15)YOURLife Sciences
ZeU Technologies Inc.ZEUTechnology
Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc.ZAIRTechnology
Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp.ZOGDiversified Industries
ZTEST Electronics Inc.ZTETechnology