CSE Listed Companies

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37 Capital Inc.
(formerly High 5 Ventures Inc. 29-Aug-12 to 04-Jul-14)
Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.
(formerly FLU 23-Dec-10 to 20-Feb-14)
ATTLife Sciences
Acana Capital Corp.
(Ameri-Can Agri Co. Inc. 11-Mar-15 to 05-Feb-16)
ACMDiversified Industries
Advantagewon Oil Corp.AOCOil & Gas
Advantex Marketing International Inc.ADXDiversified Industries
Affinor Growers Inc.
(Affinor Resources Inc. 09-Oct-14 to 29-May-14)
AFILife Sciences
Aida Minerals Corp.AMCMining
Alchemist Mining Inc.AMSMining
Alexandra Capital Corp.AXCMining
Alliance Growers Corp.ACGLife Sciences
ALQ Gold Corp.ALQMining
Alternate Health Corp.AHGLife Sciences
American Potash Corp.
(formerly Magna Resources Ltd. 22-Oct-08-18-Aug-14)
Ansar Financial and Development CorporationAFDDiversified Industries
APAC Resources Inc.APGMining
Appia Energy Corp.APIMining
Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc.ASTITechnologies
Arctic Glacier Income FundAG.UNDiversified Industries
Argo Gold Inc.
(formerly Arbitrage Exploration Inc. 27-May-15 to 21-Sep-16)
Armada Mercantile Ltd.
(prev. ARM 16-Oct-03 to 14-Oct-09)
ARMDiversified Industries
Armadillo Resources Ltd.AROMining
AREV Nutrition Sciences Inc.
(formerly Immunal Science Inc. 12-Jul-07 to 20-Jan-17) symbol AVR-AREV 01-Nov-17
AREVDiversified Industries
Asante Gold CorporationASEMining
Atlas Cloud Enterprises Inc.
(formerly Sypher Resources Ltd. 04-Oct-10 to 24-Jul-14)
Auxico Resources Canada Inc.AUAGMining
Avarone Metals Inc.AVMMining
Aydon Income Properties Inc.AYDDiversified Industries
Aylen Capital Inc.AYLDiversified Industries
BacTech Environmental Corp.BACCleantech
Beleave Inc.BELife Sciences
Benchmark Botanics IncBBTLife Sciences
Berkley Renewables Inc.BKSDiversified Industries
Big Rock Labs Inc.BLATechnology
Big Wind Capital Inc.
(formerly oro Resources Corp. 11-May-15 to 16-Jun-15)
BioMark Diagnostics Inc.BUXLife Sciences
(formerly RXT 11o Inc. 28-Apr-11 to 05-Jun-12)
ZRODiversified Industries
Bird River Resources Inc.
(formerly Bird River Mines Inc. 16-Mar-06 to 04-Feb-11)
BDROil & Gas
BitRush Corp.
(formerly The Streetwear Corporation 23-Sep-14 to 09-Sep-15)
Black Tusk Resources Inc.TUSKMining
BlackIce Enterprise Risk Management Inc.BISTechnology
Bradstone Capital Corp.BCADiversified Industries
Breathtec BioMedical Inc.BTHLife Sciences
Brisio Innovations Inc.BZIDiversified Industries
Calaveras Resource Corp.CRCMining
Callitas Health Inc.
(formerly M Pharmaceuticals Inc. 27-Jan-15 to 19Sep-17)
LILYLife Sciences
Canada House Wellness Group Inc.
(formerly Abba Medix Group Inc. 11-Mar-11 to 08-Nov-16)
CHVLife Sciences
Canadian Data Preserve Inc.DPCTechnology
Canadian Metals Inc.CMEMining
Cannabix Technologies Inc.
(formerly West Point Resources Inc. 24-Jun-14 - 12-Aug-14)
CannaRoyalty Corp.CRZLife Sciences
CannTrust Holdings Inc.TRSTLife Sciences
Captor Captial Corp.CPTRDiversified Industries
Carl Data Solutions Inc.
(formerly Carl Capital Corp.)
CRLDiversified Industries
Carlyle Entertainment Ltd..OLGDiversified Industries
Cartier Iron CorporationCFEMining
Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp.CKTechnology
Castle Resources Inc.CRIMining
Cautivo Mining Inc.CAIMining
Cautivo Mining Inc. Rts.CAI.RTMining
Cayenne Capital Corp.CYCMining
CDN MSolar Corp.CMSTechnology
Cerro Grande Mining CorporationCEGMining
Certive Solutions Inc.
(formerly VisualVault Corporation 21-Dec-12 to 04-Oct-13)
Chemistree Technology Inc.
(formerly Whattozee Networks Inc. 25-Jan-17 to 03-Aug-17)
ChroMedX Corp.
(formerly Monarch Energy Limited 07-Jul-14 to 17-Sep-14)
CHXLife Sciences
Cielo Waste Solutions Inc.CMCTechnology
CIM International Group Inc.CIMDiversified Industries
Cloud Nine Education Group Ltd.CNITechnology
CMX Gold & Silver Corp.CXCMining
CNRP Mining Inc.CNDMining
Copper Reef Mining Corp.CZCMining
Copperbank Resources Corp (formerly Choice Gold corp 06-Nov-14)CBKMining
Copperbank Resources Corp WarrantsCBK.WTMining
Credit Suisse Callable ROC Notes linked Callable ROC Notes 09JUL18CIS.DB.AStructured Products
Credit Suisse AG Callable Notes, Series C, Tranche 6ii 22OCT18CIS.DB.BStructured Products
Data Deposit Box Inc.DDBTechnology
Debut Diamonds Inc.DDIMining
Declan Resources Inc.LANMining
Deer Horn Capital Inc.
(formerly Deer Horn Metals Inc. 30-Sep-14 to 06-Oct-14)
Deploy Technologies Inc.DEPTechnology
Deveron UAS Corp.DVRDiversified Industries
Dizun International Enterprises Inc.KDZDiversified Industries
DNI Metals Inc.DNIMining
DOJA Cannabis Company LimitedDOJALife Sciences
Dragon Legend Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
(formerly DGS Minerals Inc. 16-Oct-15 to 10-Feb-17)
DLEDiversified Industries
Drone Delivery Canada Corp.FLTTechnology
Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc.
(formerly Creso Exploration Inc. from 19-Feb-14 to 07-Apr-14)
EA Education Group Inc.
(formerley Kenieba Goldfields Ltd. 19-Nov-14 to 19-Feb-15)
EADiversified Industries
Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.EACTechnology
Easy Technologies Inc.
(formerly EayMed Technologies Inc. 21-Oct-13 to 04-Feb-16)
Eco Oro Minerals Corp.EOMMining
Enertopia Corp.TOPDiversified Industries
EnviroLeach Technologies Inc.ETITechnology
ePlay Digital Inc.
(formerly Network Life Sciences Inc. 16-Jan-15 to 22-Nov-16)
ESI Energy Services Inc.OPIOil & Gas
Eurogas International Inc.EIOil & Gas
European Metals Corp (formerly Gondwana Oil Corp 6-Nov-14)ECUOil & Gas
European Metals Corp WarrantsECU.WTOil & Gas
EVI Global Group Developments Corp.
(formerly Blackeagle Development Corp. 15-Sep-15 to 12-Jul-16)
Eviana Health CorporationEHCLife Sciences
EVITRADE Health Systems Corp.
(formerly Auxellence Health Corporation 30-Jun-13 to 16-Sep-16)
Evolving Gold Corp.EVGMining
eXeBlock Technology CorporationXBLKTechnology
Explorex Resources Inc.EXMining
Exro Technologies Inc.XROTechnology
Fandom Sports Media Corp.
(formerly Hatch Interactive Technolgoies Corp. 08-Sep-15 to 02-Aug-16)
Far Resources Ltd.FATMining
Fineqia International Inc.
(formerly Nanostruck Technologies Ltd. 02-Oct-13 to 31-Nov-16)
FNQDiversified Industries
Fortify Resources IncFTYMining
Four Nines Gold Inc.FNAUMining
Fox River Resources CorporationFOXMining
Friday Night Inc.TGIFDiversified Industries
Future Farm Technologies Inc.FFTTechnology
GAR LimitedGLMining
GEA Technologies Ltd.JUJU.ALife Sciences
Gencan Capital Inc.GCADiversified Industries
Genius Properties Ltd.
(formerly Synergy Acquisition Corp. 17-Oct-14 to 12-Feb-14)
Glance Technologies Inc.GETTechnology
Glance Technologies Inc. Rts.GET.RTTechnology
Glance Technologies Inc. Wts.GET.WTTechnology
Glenbriar Technologies Inc.GTITechnology
Global Cannabis Applications Corp.
(formerly Fundamental Applications Corp. 18-Sep-14 to 17-Apr-17)
Global Hemp Group Inc.
(formerly AAF 10-Aug-10 to 24-Mar-14)
GHGDiversified Industries
Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp.LIONMining
Global Remote Technologies Ltd.RGTTechnology
Global UAV Technologies Ltd.
(formerly Alta Vista Ventures Ltd. 11-Sep-14 to 16-May-17)
UAVLife Sciences
Glorious Creation LimitedGCITTechnology
God's Lake Resources Inc.GLRMining
Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd.GLHDiversified Industries
Goldrea Resources Corp.GORMining
GoldTrain Resources Inc.GTMining
Grand Peak Capital CorpGPKDiversified Industries
Graphite Energy Corp.GREMining
Gravis Energy Corp.GVEMining
Gravitas Financial Inc.GFIDiversified Industries
Gravitas Financial Inc. 3% 25JUN23GFI.DB.ADiversified Industries
Gravitas Financial Inc. 3.5% 03DEC17GFI.DB.BDiversified Industries
GreenBank Capital Inc.GBCDiversified Industries
Green River Gold Corp.
(formerly Greywacke Exploration Ltd. 28-May-13 to 07-Sep-17)
Gunpowder Capital Corp.
(formerly Silver Shield Resources Corp. 07-Dec-15 to 17-May-16)
GPCDiversified Industries
Gunpowder Capital Corp. Pr. Series AGPC.PR.ADiversified Industries
Hadley Mining Inc.HMMining
HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.HSTechnology
Hello Pal International Inc.HPTechnology
High Hampton Holdings Corp.
(Fundamental change from previous HC 08-Sep-14 to 14-Sep-17)
HCLife Sciences
Heritage Global Inc.HGPTechnology
HiHo Silver Resources Inc.HHSMining
iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.IANLife Sciences
ICTV Brands, Inc.
(formerly International Commercial Television Inc. 21-Apr-14 to 21-Aug-14)
ITVDiversified Industries
IGEN Networks Corp.IGNTechnology
Imagin Medical Inc.
(formerly Expedition Mining Inc. 01-Jun-15 to 23-Feb-16)
Imagination Park Entertainment Inc.
(formerly GeoNovus Media Corp. 08-Sep-14 to 06-May-16)
InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(formerly Cannabis Technologies Inc. 21-May-14 to 20-Oct-14)
INLife Sciences
Innovative Properties Inc.INRDiversified Industries
Inspiration Mining CorporationISMMining
International Battery Metals Ltd.
(formerly Rheingold Exploration Corp. 26-Feb-15 to 28-Aug-17)
International Cobalt Corp.
(formerly Brakpan Ventures Corp. 25-Apr-16 to 28-Mar-17)
Irving Resources Inc.IRVMining
Isodiol International Inc.
(formerly Laguna Blends Inc. 23-Sep-15 to 08-Jun-17)
ISOLDiversified Industries
Jagercor Energy Corp.JEMOil & Gas
James Bay Resources LimitedJBROil & Gas
JDF Explorations Inc.JDFMining
JG Wealth Management CorporationJGWDiversified Industries
Kaneh Bosm Biotechnology Inc. (formerly Anexco Resources Ltd 5-Nov-14)KBBOil & Gas
Khan Resources Inc.KRIMining
Khot Infrastructure Holdings, Ltd.
(formerly Undur Tolgoi Minerals Inc. 08-Dec-11 to 14-Jan-14)
KOTDiversified Industries
Kontrol Energy Corp.
(formerley Arrowhead Gold Corp. 30-Oct-14 to 08-Aug-16)
Kootenay Zinc Corp.
(formerly Oceanside Capital 09-Dec-15 to 04-Oct-16)
KWG Resources Inc.KWGMining
KWG Resources Inc. M.V.KWG.AMining
La Imperial Resources Inc.LAIMining
LeenLife Pharma International Inc.
(formerly SPT Sulphur Polymer Tech Inc. 17-Dec-14 to 02-Dec-15)
LLPDiversified Industries
Legion Metals Corp.LEGNMining
Leo Resources Inc.LEOMining
Lexaria Bioscience Corp.
(formerly Lexaria Corp)
LXXDiversified Industries
Lexington Biosciences Inc.LNBLife Sciences
Liberty Health Sciences Inc.
(formerly SecureCom Mobile Inc. 29-Aug-14 to 25-Jul-17)
LHSLife Sciences
Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd.
(formerly Westar Resources Corp. 10-Feb-15 to 20-Oct-16)
LIBLife Sciences
Liberty Silver Corp.LSLMining
Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. (formerly Kariana Rsources Ltd. 17-Aug-11 to 06-May-15LDSLife Sciences
Lightning Ventures Inc.
(formerly Highmark Marketing Inc. 03-Jun-14 to 17-Jun-16)
LVIDiversified Industries
Lions Gate Metals Inc.LGMMining
LottoGopher Holdings Inc.LOTODiversified Industries
Lotus Ventures Inc.JDiversified Industries
Maccabi Ventures Inc.MBEMining
Mag One Products Inc.
(formerly Acana Capital Corp. 02-Dec-11 to 27-May-15)
MDDDiversified Industries
Makena Resources Inc.MKNAMining
Manitoba Builder Bonds XIIII - 5yr Ann Fixed 2.00% 06/15/19BBN.DB.BGovernment Debt
Manitoba Builder Bonds XIIII - 5yr Cpd Fixed 2.00% 06/15/19BBN.DB.CGovernment Debt
Manitoba Builder Bonds XIIII - Ann Floating 0.75% 06/15/19BBN.DB.DGovernment Debt
Manitoba Hydro Bonds XII - 5 yr - Ann Fixed 1.75% 06/15/18MHL.DB.BGovernment Debt
Manitoba Hydro Bonds XII - 5 yr - Ann Floating 0.75% 06/15/18MHL.DB.DGovernment Debt
Manitoba Hydro Bonds XII - 5 yr - Cpd Fixed 1.75% 06/15/18MHL.DB.CGovernment Debt
MB Builder Bond 3 Yr. Annual Fixed Rate 1.4% 15Jun18BMB.DB.AGovernment Debt
MB Builder Bond 5 Yr. Annual Fixed Rate 1.1% 15Jun20BMB.DB.BGovernment Debt
MB Builder Bond 5 Yr. Annual Ftg Rate 0.75% 15JUN20BMB.DB.DGovernment Debt
MB Builder Bond 5 Yr. Compound Fixed Rate 1.5% 15JUN20BMB.DB.CGovernment Debt
Marapharm Ventures IncMDMLife Sciences
Marret High Yield Strategies Fund Class AMHY.UNDiversified Industries
Marret Multi-Strategy Income Fund Class AMMF.UNDiversified Industries
Maricann Group IncMARILife Sciences
Matica Enterprise Inc.
(formerly Matica Graphite Inc. 21-Apr-14 to 03-Jul-14)
Maxtech Ventures Inc.MVTDiversified Industries
McLaren Resources Inc.MCLMining
ME Resources Corp.
(formerly QMI Seismic Inc. 29-Apr-10 to 02-Sep-11)
Metalla Royalty and Streaming Ltd.
(formerly Excalibur Resources Ltd. 21-Feb-07 to 06-Dec-16)
Metalo Manufacturing Inc.
(formerly Muskrat Minerals Inc. 29-Mar-12 to 15-Dec-15)
MMIDiversified Industries
MGX Minerals Inc.XMGMining
MGX Minerals Inc. Wts.XMG.WTMining
MGX Minerals Inc. Wts. May 2019 WtsXMG.WT.AMining
Micromem Technologies Inc.MRMTechnology
Micron Waste Technologies Inc.
(formerly Finore Mining Inc. 26-Sep-11 to 25-Oct-17)
Midnight Star Ventures Corp.STVMining
Minera IRL LimitedMIRLMining
Mint Corporation (The) Series A 10% 16MAY19MIT.DB.CDiversified Industries
Miramont Resources Corp.MONTMining
Mistango River Resources Inc.
(formerly GLR Resources Inc. 11-Nov-10 to 18-Mar-11)
MOAG Copper Gold Resources Inc.MOGMining
Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.
(formerly Hybrid PayTech World Inc. 13-Sep-13 to 19-Feb-15)
Montego Resources Inc.MYMining
Mountain Lake Minerals Inc.MLKMining
Murchison Minerals Ltd.MURMining
MPX Bioceutical Corporation
(formerly Canadian Bioceutical Corp.(27-Jan-16 to 06-Nov-17)
MPXLife Sciences
MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.
(formerly My Marijuana Canada Inc. 19-Sep-14 to 26-Feb-16)
MYMLife Sciences
Meryllion Resources CorporationMYRMining
Namaste Technologies Inc
(formerly Next Gen Metals Inc. 25-Feb-14 to 01-Mar-16)
NDiversified Industries
Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.NVGCleantech
Navis Resources CorpSUVMining
NetCents Technology Inc.NCTechnology
New Age Farm Inc.NFLife Sciences
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.LUXMining
Nexco Resources Inc.NXUMining
Northern Sphere Mining Corp.
(formerly Argentium Resources Inc. 9-Sep-11 to 21-Aug-15)
Norsemont Capital Inc.
(formerly Lornex Capital Inc. 27-Jun-14 to 12-Feb-16)
Novicius Corp.
(formerly Intelligent Content Enterprises Inc. 16-Nov-16 to 26-May-17)
Nuran Wireless Inc.NURTechnology
Nutritional High International Inc.
(Symbol change from NHL 24-Aug-15)
EATLife Sciences
One World Minerals Inc.OWMMining
Open Source Health Inc.OSHTechnology
Orca Touchscreen Technologies Ltd.OAATechnology
Organic Potash Corporation
(formerly under symbol GOP 15-Aug-11 to 28-Sep-12)
Oriental Non-Ferrous Resources Development Inc.URGMineral Exploration
Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc.ORTHLife Sciences
Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp.BOLTMining
Parana Copper Corporation
(formerly AAN Ventures Inc. 30-Apr-12 to 25-Aug-17)
ParcelPal Technology Inc.
(formerly Plus8 Global Ventures, Ltd. 15-Apr-13 to 21-Mar-16)
Park Lawn Company LimitedPRLDiversified Industries
Pasinex Resources Limited
(formerly Triple Dragon Resources Inc. 23-May-07 to 30-Mar-12)
Patriot Gold Corp.PGOLMining
Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.PKKTechnology
Peloton Minerals Corporation
(formerly Montana Gold Mining Inc. 05-Jan-11 to 15-Jul-16)
Petrocapita Income TrustPCE.UNOil & Gas
Plaintree Systems Inc.NPTTechnology
Platinex IncorporationPTXMining
Portage Biotech IncPBT.ULife Sciences
Preferred Dental Technologies Inc.
(formerly Whitewater Capital Corp. 10-Jun-16 to 08-Jun-17)
Premier Diversified Holdings Inc.
(formerly Premier Diagnostiic Health Services Inc.)
PDHDiversified Industries
PreveCeutical Medical Inc.
(formerly Carrara Exploration Corp. 30-Dec-16 to 13-Jul-17)
PREVLife Sciences
PrimeWest Mortgage Investment CorporationPRIDiversified Industries
Provenance Gold Corp.PAUMining
PUDO Inc.PDODiversified Industries
PUF Ventures Inc (formerly CHLORMET TECHNOLOGIES INC 19-Jun-14 to 13-Nov-15)PUFTechnology
Quadron Cannatech Corporation
(formerly Quadron Capital Corporation)
QCCLife Sciences
Quantum Cobalt Corp
(formerly Bravura Ventures Corp 12-Feb-15to 07-Nov-17)
Quinsam Capital CorporationQCADiversified Industries
Qwick Media Inc.QMITechnology
Range Energy Resources Inc.
(formerly Hawkstone Energy Corp. 01-Sept-11 to 16-Nov-11)
RGOOil & Gas
Ravenquest BioMed Inc.
(formerly Ravencrest Resources Inc. 05-Nov-10 to 03-Oct-17)
RQBLife Sciences
Razore Rock Resources Inc.RZRMining
Renforth Resources Inc.RFRMining
RESAAS Services Inc.RSSTechnology
Rift Valley Resources Corp.RVRMining
Rise Gold Corp.
(formerly Rise Resources Inc. 01-Feb-16 to 06-Apr-17)
River Wild Exploration Inc.RWIMining
RIWI Corp.RIWTechnology
Robix Environmental Technologies, Inc.
(Robix Alternative Fuels Inc. 26-Sept-13 to 03-Mar-16)
Rockex Mining CorporationRXMMining
Rockshield Capital Corp.
(formerly CuOro Resources Corp. 02-May-14 to 29-May-14)
RKSDiversified Industries
Seahawk Ventures Inc.
(formerly Brabeia Inc. 28-Aug-15 to 29-Feb-16)
SHVDiversified Industries
Shamrock Enterprises Inc.SRSMining
Sharc International Systems Inc.
(formerly Internationa Wastewater Systems Inc. 28-Oct-15 to 08-Sep-17)
Shoal Point Energy Ltd.SHPOil & Gas
Silver Phoenix Resources Inc.SPMining
SponsorsOne Inc.
(formerly New International Infopet Systems Ltd. 23-Dec-13 to 10-Jan-14)
Squire Mining Ltd.SQRMining
St-Georges Platinum and Base Metals Inc.
(formerly ACFAW.com Inc. 03-Jun-09 - 03-May-10)
Star Navigation Systems Group LTDSNATechnology
Starrex International Ltd.
(formerly Starrex Mining Corporation)
STXDiversified Industries
StartMonday Technology Corp.JOBTechnology
Stina ResourceSQAMining
Stompy Bot CorporationBOTTechnology
Stone Ridge ExplorationSOMining
Squatex Energy and Ressources Inc.SQXOil & Gas
Subscribe Technologies Inc.
(formerly Surrey Capital Corp. 02-Jul-15 to 10-Jan-17)
Super Nova Petroleum Corp.
(formerly Super Nova Minerals Corp. )
SNPOil & Gas
Supreme Metals Corp.
(formerly Alibab Innovations Corp. 30-Jan-15 to 23-Dec-16)
ABJMineral Exploration
Taku Gold Corp.TAKMining
Talmora Diamond Inc.TAIMining
Tantalex Resources CorporationTTXMining
Target Capital Inc.TCIDiversified Industries
Tartisan Resources Corp.TTCMining
Telferscot Resources Inc.TFSMining
TerrAscend Corp.TERLife Sciences
THC Biomed Intl Ltd.THCDiversified Industries
The Tinley Beverage Company Inc.TNYDiversified Industries
ThreeD Capital Inc.
(formerly Brownstone Energy Inc. 02-Jul-15 to 22-Jun-16)
IDKDiversified Industries
Tier One Capital Limited Partnership
(formerly The Business, Engineering, Science and Technology Discoveries Fund Inc. 21-Aug-09 to 10-Jul-14)
TLP.UNDiversified Industries
Torino Power Solutions Inc.TPSTechnology
Tower One Wireless Corp.
(formerly Paicific Therapeutics Ltd. 11-Nov-11 to 25-Jan-17)
True Leaf Medicine International Ltd.MJLife Sciences
Umbral Energy Corp.UMBMining
United Coal Holdings LimitedUCLMining
Upco International Inc.
(formerly NSS Resources 18-Dec-14 to 02-Nov-17)
UpSnap, Inc.
(formerly VoodooVox Inc. 13-Dec-12 to 24-Jul-14)
Urbana CorporationURBDiversified Industries
Urbana Corporation Cl AURB.ADiversified Industries
Valens Groworks Corp.
9formerly Genovation Capital 20-Aug-20 to 23-Nov-16)
VGWLife Sciences
Velocity Data Inc.
(formerly GTO Resources Inc. 25-Jul-14 to 13-Aug-14)
Veritas Pharma Inc.
(formerly Seashore Organic Medicine Inc. 12-Aug-14 to 24-Dec-15)
VRTLife Sciences
Versus Systems Inc.
(formerly Opal Energy Corp. 18-Nov-15 to 12-Jul-16)
Victory Nickel Inc.NIMining
Victory Square Technologies Inc.
(formerly Fantasy 6 Sports Inc. 04-May-16 to 08-Jun-17)
Vinergy Resources Ltd.
(formerly Vanguard Investments Corp. 14-Apr-10 to 17-Jun-11)
VINOil & Gas
VirtualArmour International Inc.
(formerly VirtualAmor International Inc. 24-Nov-15 to 31-Oct-16)
Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(formerly Southbridge Resources Corp. 15-Oct-12 to 28-Jul-14)
VPLife Sciences
Wabi Exploration Inc.WABMining
West Isle Energy Inc.WEIOil & Gas
West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc.
(formerly HY Lake Gold Inc. 23-Oct-06 to 28-Jun-12)
Westridge Resources Inc.WSTMining
Western Uranium CorporationWUCMining
Wildflower Marijuana Inc.
(formerly Sunorca Development Corp. 26-May-04 - 13-Jun-14)
SUNLife Sciences
Winston Gold Corp.WGCMining
Winston Resources Inc.
(formerly Gorilla Resources Corp. 31-Oct-11 to 22-Jun-12)
World Mahjong LimitedWSMDiversified Industries
Exro Technologies Inc.XROTechnology
Zara Resources Inc.ZRIMining
Ztest Electronics IncZTETechnology
360 Blockchain Group Inc.
CODEDiversified Industries