Aris Mining drills 647 g/t gold over 0.48 metres at Segovia, Colombia

Aris Mining drills 647 g/t gold over 0.48 metres at Segovia, Colombia
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VANCOUVER – Aris Mining Corp. [ARIS-TSX; TPRFF-OTCQX] reported results received to date from its continuing 2023 exploration program at its Segovia operations in Colombia. The 84,500-metre exploration drilling program is now 58 per cent complete.

Neil Woodyer, CEO, commented: “Our program encompasses the exciting work of discovering new high-grade vein structures near existing mine infrastructure. Drilling this year has successfully intersected 32 different mineralized vein structures at strategically spaced drill points. Additionally, given the widths and grades of vein intersections near active mining operations, this work is expected to convert mineral resources into mineral reserves and to continue Segovia’s history of growth and reserve replacement.”

The Segovia operations exploration drilling program is a comprehensive undertaking with 17 drill rigs operating in the El Silencio, Sandra K, Providencia and Carla mines from 21 surface and underground drilling chambers. As of a cut-off date of July 31, 2023, the company has completed 48,964 m of drilling. The 2023 exploration program at the Segovia operations has been designed to target the following objectives: reserve replacement (29,000 m budgeted), expanding resources at existing operations (39,000 m budgeted) and testing high-priority exploration targets outside the current resource area but near mine infrastructure (16,500 m budgeted).

Highlights – El Silencio – 450 vein returned 0.48 metres at 647 g/t gold in hole ES-MH10-04; 0.19 metres at 216 g/t gold in hole ES-EU-095; 0.49 metres at 62 g/t gold in hole ES-MH10-02; and 0.23 metres at 126 g/t gold in hole ES-EU-102.

El Silencio – Manzanillo vein returned 0.32 metres at 109 g/t Au in hole MAN-IU-03; 0.55 metres at 26 g/t Au in hole MAN-EU-016; 0.50 metres at 21 g/t Au in hole MAN-IU-003; and 0.45 metres at 15 g/t Au in hole MAN-EU-005.

El Silencio – Reliquia vein returned 0.69 metres at 152 g/t Au in hole MAN-IU-005; 0.43 metres at 144 g/t Au in hole MAN-IU-001; 0.74 metres at 25 g/t Au in hole MAN-EU-008; and 0.57 metres at 32 g/t Au in hole MAN-EU-010.

Sandra K – Sandra K Techo vein returned 0.25 metres at 99 g/t Au in hole SK-EU-011; 0.51 metres at 41 g/t Au in hole SK-IU-233; 0.64 metres at 32 g/t Au in hole SK-IU-232A; and 0.53 metres at 33 g/t Au in hole SK-IU-240.

Providencia – Marmajito vein returned 0.60 metres at 71 g/t Au in hole MAR-IU-007; 0.46 metres at 57 g/t Au in hole MAR-EU-036; 0.56 metres at 18 g/t Au in hole MAR-IU-005; and 0.24 metres at 23 g/t Au in hole MAR-EU-029.

Carla –La Gran Colombia vein returned 0.72 metres at 62 g/t Au in hole CA-IU-001; 0.61 metres at 19 g/t Au in hole CA-IU-013; 0.30 metres at 38 g/t Au in hole CA-IU-005; and 0.47 metres at 21 g/t Au in hole CA-IU-004.

At the El Silencio mine, 81 drill holes with full sample assays have been completed during 2023. At the 450 vein, 16 holes with an average vein width and grade of 0.8 metres at 34.09 g/t gold have been drilled into inferred mineral resource volumes

Additionally, the 2023 campaign includes 18 drill holes covering an 80-metre wide grid pattern over a strike distance of 200 metres. This work intersected the brownfield Reliquia vein target, which is located 130 metres above the Manzanillo vein. Drilling at Reliquia returned an average vein width and grade of 0.7 metres at 21.83 g/t gold.

At the Sandra K mine, 32 drill holes have been completed. The 2023 program included 15 holes targeting inferred mineral resource volumes of the Sandra K Techo vein. The average vein width and grade of these holes is 0.6 metres at 13.94 g/t gold.

At the Providencia mine, 23 holes have been completed. A key target is the down-dip extension of the historically mined Marmajito vein, located in the hangingwall of the Providencia vein and where 51 drill holes have been completed by the company since 2021.

At the Carla mine, 46 drill holes have been completed. Nineteen holes have been completed in the La Gran Colombia vein over a 200-metre strike length with an average vein width and grade of 1.2 metres at 7.10 g/t gold.

In Colombia, Aris Mining operates several high-grade underground mines at its Segovia operations and the Marmato mine, which together produced 235,000 oz gold in 2022. Aris Mining is advancing the Marmato Lower mine expansion project, which will provide access to wider porphyry mineralization below the current Upper mine. Following completion and ramp-up of the Marmato Lower mine expansion project in 2025, the Marmato mine is expected to deliver average production of 162,000 oz/year over a nearly 20-year mine life from existing mineral reserves.

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