Blockmate Ventures to launch solar token 

Blockmate Ventures to launch solar token 
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VANCOUVER – Blockmate Ventures Inc (TSX.V: MATE) (OTCQB: MATEF) (FSE: 8MH1) and Sunified Group announced that they have agreed to work together to launch the world’s first solar energy oracle token. This global service will leverage Sunified’s patented UNITY sensor hardware and trust anchoring to digitize electrons directly on solar panels.

Sunified is creating & partnering to build solar projects across Europe and Australia as part of a unique strategy that develops Smart Solar Parks that are easier to build, closer to where energy is needed, and benefit from short construction times, moving forward DeFi and Web3 infrastructure for project capital formation and Tokenizing Real-World Assets.

Participation in these solar projects via Sunified’s token economy will begin in Q4 2023. Our community & developer programs will bring an exciting opportunity to engage in the early development of our cross-chain tokenized energy leveraging ML & AI of the future.

Sunified has set out to create a global marketplace enabling solar photovoltaic (PV) production data and API access to every solar panel, creating additional revenue streams from the data and digital off takes. Energy Tokenization is a significant driver for capital formation in developing solar & renewable assets, democratrizing the ownership and access to solar.

Sunified CEO Leon Gerard Vandenberg says, “Sunified is pleased to partner with Blockmate, as the leading blockchain platform listed on several tech friendly exchanges such as the TSX Venture Exchange. We have known the Blockmate team for many years and deeply value their blockchain markets expertise.”

Sunified’s Web3 oracle protocol will use DeepTech, Ml & AI to crypto anchor, enrich and store the solar and PV production data sets into a blockchain ledger for immutability. In addition, the platform data will also benefit financially from its ability to perform real-time granular stamping of green energy carbon credits via rather than RECs or LGCs (that can take up to 3 months to originate, verify and list).

Justin Rosenberg, CEO of Blockmate, said “We are honoured that Sunified have chosen Blockmate to partner with to list their token. Their technology is the missing link to democratise and therefore unleash what’s currently constraining solar energy. It is also our trojan horse to provide an end-to-end solution, ie Solar-as-a-Service, to solar farm developers, incorporating decentralised finance (DeFi) where possible and traditional finance where not.”

Mr Vandenberg added, “The solar industry suffers from opaque aggregate data, failing to deliver the green promise. Our UNITY Sensor delivers the objective truth measuring live data anchored in both physics & math per panel. The global transition to renewable energy has only just begun, and it is estimated to be a $120 Trillion opportunity. Sunified is well-positioned to underpin a trusted, real-time, renewable energy platform, starting with smart solar parks.”

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