CSE reports strong listings growth in January

CSE reports strong listings growth in January
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TORONTO – The Canadian Securities Exchange announced market statistics for January 2023, highlighted by strong corporate listings growth.

January 2023 Operating Statistics

  • Trading volume of CSE-listed securities totaled 1.4 billion shares;
  • Trading value of CSE-listed securities was $508 million;
  • CSE issuers completed 48 financings that raised an aggregate $89 million; and
  • The CSE welcomed listings from 13 new companies, including one fundamental change of an existing issuer, bringing total listed securities to 819 as at January 31, 2023.
  1. Atlas Global Brands Inc. (ATL) – Fundamental Change
  2. Hercules Resources Corp. (HERC)
  3. Golden Age Exploration Ltd. (GDN)
  4. Rush Uranium Corp. (RSH)
  5. Moss Genomics Inc. (MOSS)
  6. Moonbound Mining Ltd. (MML)
  7. E-Power Resources Inc. (EPR)
  8. CMP Mining Inc. (CMP)
  9. Stearman Resources Inc. (STMN)
  10. Uriel Gas Holdings Corp. (UGH)
  11. Adaptogenics Health Corp. (ADPT)
  12. Showcase Minerals Inc. (SHOW)
  13. Enertopia Corp. (ENRT)

“Entrepreneurs across multiple industries continue to recognize that the Canadian Securities Exchange represents the ideal option to achieve their public market goals,” said Richard Carleton, CSE Chief Executive Officer. “Our 13 new corporate listings in January were the most of any Canadian stock exchange by a substantial margin, and our listings pipeline remains strong. We look forward to connecting with existing and potential new issuers and investors at events in the coming weeks, including the PDAC conference in March and our always-popular PreDAC networking events.”

The Canadian Securities Exchange is a rapidly growing stock exchange focused on working with entrepreneurs to access the public capital markets in Canada and internationally. The Exchange’s efficient operating model, advanced technology and low fee structure help companies of all sizes minimize their cost of capital and maximize access to liquidity.

The CSE offers investors in Canada and abroad access to a multi-sector collection of growth companies through a liquid, reliable and regulated trading platform. The Exchange is dedicated to entrepreneurship and has established itself as a leading hub for discourse in the entrepreneurial community.

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