Largest funding round of Orfinex raises 100 Million

Largest funding round of Orfinex raises 100 Million
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KINGSTOWN – Orfinex, a global provider of Forex Brokerage & Trading services, announces that it has closed its largest funding round to date bringing in $100 million in capital and $30 million in the past 18 months from seasoned Middle East investors.

The valuation of the business has shot up in recent months because of the recent monetary boost. This announcement comes on the heels of an all-time high in the stock market, with triple-digit YoY increases in active users, trade volumes, and revenues.

Group CEO of Orfinex, Ali Aziz Imailov, announced, “This fundraising campaign marks the beginning of the next step in Orfinex’s development as we continue to make a splash in the fintech industry. We are pleased to have backers from all over the world helping us to continue to grow.”

The company will continue to develop new capital in order to hire top talent and hasten the development of its proprietary trading technology to remain adaptable in a constantly evolving monetary and industrial environment. Orfinex aims to produce simple yet dynamic technology that allows clients to provide simple and straightforward package service for their back-end offerings. The corporation is committed to investing deeply in this vision, with funding from its talented workforce and state-of-the-art technology. Its services are expansive, and it aims to keep its position within the industry.

Orfinex’s revenues increased by 20% after it released many new products, including its new CRM and introducing broker and affiliate platform with a specialized partner portal that adds transparency and efficiency for partners, as well as the launch of the Orfinex Social Trading platform, where customers can copy or follow thousands of trading strategies provided by other traders. Orfinex was one of the first firms to offer trending products in the crypto market using MetaTrader 5, the seed culture of which fascinated traders and the public throughout 2019. Orfinex stays up to date on the latest trends, and remains committed to its vision: to continue to be visible for traders and investors in all aspects of their financial lives.

Orfinex has been developed as a Financial Technology service that provides suitable trading experiences to its clients. In the latest development, the company is introducing new Forex Broker services in Forex Expo Dubai that cater to the requirements of Islamic trading.

With the new advancement in the company, the media spoke with Ali Aziz Ismailov, Director of Orfinex. He dove into the company’s expansion and growing market footprint in the Middle East. Ali Aziz Ismailov explained the company’s growth in the Middle East and beyond. Orfinex has seen a significant increase in recent years thanks to its innovative approach to Forex trading and its commitment to providing its clients with satisfactory services.

Orfinex focuses on Islamic Trading Accounts. The company is pleased to offer a trading account tailored to Islamic traders. It features no swap fees or interest payments; this account can work for those who cannot earn or pay the interest due to religious beliefs.

The director of Orfinex also expressed his views about the expansionary plans in the works at Orfinex Capital and the company trying to expand its market footprint. The company’s recent partnership with The Forex Expo as a Gold Sponsor is further evidence of Orfinex’s growing reputation as a leading Forex broker.

In addition, Orfinex is adapting to this shifting landscape and staying ahead of the competition, considering the retail brokerage scene continues to evolve in 2022. Ali Aziz Ismailov explained by stating, “Since we ventured into the retail market in 2015, and rebranded our old Firm “OFTFX” into “Orfinex” in 2020, our growth has been steady and gradual. The company has been operational for 7 years, and in that time, it has managed to amass an impressive clientele.”

He further added, “The firm offers its clients a variety of services such as currency trading, CFD trading, and margin trading. What makes Orfinex stand out from other brokers is its commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for its clients to trade in.”

Consequently, Orfinex also facilitates its clients with reasonable pricing and convenient customer service. It has built a reputation amongst traders for being a reliable and trustworthy partner, which they mainly attributed to the word-of-mouth client references they get due to its accurate track record and customer service.

Orfinex was established and regulated in 2015 and has emerged as a global Financial Technology services Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFD) broker. They deliver trading experiences to their clients according to their convenience.

Moreover, Orfinex keeps its clients updated through Orfinex Daily Financial News. MetaTrader mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices and provide similar functionality to the desktop version. People can choose from MT4 or MT5 and get interactive quote charts, a complete set of trading orders, and analytical tools.

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