American Legion and Reality Center provide drug-free psychedelic experience to Veterans

American Legion and Reality Center provide drug-free psychedelic experience to Veterans
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SANTA MONICA – American Legion Post 123 has officially partnered with Reality Mgmt Technologies (RMT) and its flagship facility Reality Center, located at the heart of Silicon Beach. This partnership will allow the Reality Center team to continue providing patented, drug-free psychedelic experiences to veterans in order to help treat post traumatic stress.

Since January of this year, the RMT team has successfully treated more than 200 veterans suffering from PTS at their new, state-of-the-art sensory wellness center and digital therapeutics lab only steps away from the Santa Monica Pier. These treatments have earned the interest of their local VSO, American Legion Post 123 in Santa Monica,as they became aware of the treatments Reality Center was already offering some of their members.

“Post 123 is committed to integrating our community of veterans with the rapidly growing wellness ecosystem here in Santa Monica,” stated Post Commander Bailey Steele. Since partnering, the local American Legion post has been offering free monthly treatments to their members as a way to increase their post 9/11 veteran membership and promote their focus on a new mental health ecosystem.

Reality Center’s patented tech and modalities work by combining ancient and modern science. They are able to address a wide array of mental, physical and emotional issues in a one-of-a-kind healing environment. Providing a safe and effective alternative to psychedelics and pharmaceuticals, Reality Center provides a controlled, drug-free experience using frequency technologies to stimulate the nervous system’s natural healing mechanisms.

The main treatment veterans experience include Reality Center’s most popular offering which involves having each veteran lay on a vibrational platform or liquid mineral bed for 30 minutes while experiencing pulsing lights and synchronized sounds that allow individuals to immediately exit fight or flight and journey deep into their consciousness.

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