Red flags to spot in a job posting and 3 excellent companies hiring

Red flags to spot in a job posting and 3 excellent companies hiring
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Here are a few red flags to watch out for when perusing through job listings – if you see all or any of these, you may want to move swiftly on. This week we have highlighted three excellent companies presently hiring and of course, there are plenty more opportunities available on the Canadian Investor Job Board.

1) No salary or salary range

In Canada from January 1st, 2019, Ontario-based businesses have been required to include a salary range in all publicly advertised job postings and prohibit reprisals against employees who discuss or disclose compensation too. In the US, only about 12% of postings on online job sites include salary ranges, an increase from 8% in 2019. So it is clear that many companies still don’t do this, despite it being a really quick and simple way for job seekers to narrow their searches. If this really matters to you, limit your searches to companies who do disclose what the salary or salary range for the role will be.

2) Vague job descriptions

You’re pretty clear on what you can do and furthermore, what you want to do, but er, does the company know what it wants from the person it is looking to hire? If you can’t get a clear sense of what the job description is, run for the hills. It’s indicative of a company without clear management, forward planning or goals.

3) Lists and lists of tasks and responsibilities

Obviously all jobs come with things to do. But when you see a job posting that contains 10 or 15 (or more) responsibilities, some of which are out of the scope of what would normally be expected in the same role, it’s time to have another think. Too many requirements either means that the employer doesn’t really know what they are looking for, or if you do get the job, you’ll be biting off far more than you can chew.

4) Avoid these phrases

Tech companies in particular love a buzz word but we’re not talking about job descriptions with the word ‘Ninja’ in them. Rather, check job listings for phrases like “fast-paced environment”, or “must be willing to switch lanes or directions quickly,” or anything that requires you to “wear several hats.” Any of these could indicate a culture of chaos, understaffing or poor management, none of which are conducive to a good work life balance. Another thing to avoid, especially in early career, is anything along the lines of “must be able to work independently”. While none of us enjoy being micromanaged, this could indicate you’ll receive little in the way of feedback and mentoring, both of which are essential for career success.

If you’re ready to start job hunting, these three companies are hiring, and there are plenty more opportunities available on the Canadian Investor Job Board too.


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By Kirstie McDermott

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