Psyched Wellness announces key findings from study on AME-1

Psyched Wellness announces key findings from study on AME-1
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TORONTO – Psyched Wellness Ltd. (CSE: PSYC) (OTCQB: DCNPF) (formerly Duncan Park Holdings Corporation), a life sciences company focused on the production and distribution of health and wellness products derived from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, announced the company KGK, a licensed CRO in Canada, has reported recent findings from the analysis of the intestinal epithelial immune receptor expression study performed in conjunction with the 90-day oral toxicity study with Amanita Muscaria Extract (AME-1). The in vivo study via oral supplementation with AME-1 focused on the potential bioactive effects on the immune receptors Toll-like Receptor-2 (TLR-2) and Dectin-1, both of which are found on the surface of gut epithelial cells. The Toll-like receptors are an important family within the innate immune system and play a vital role in host-defense mechanisms against pathogens. The main function of TLRs is the ability to recognize numerous pathogens, thus activating the host-defense mechanism through the induction of antimicrobial activity. Dectin-1 is a cell surface pathogen recognition receptor that recognizes soluble and /or particulate forms of β-1,3 or β-1,6-glucans and, like Toll-like receptors, plays an important role in the host-defense mechanism as well.

The recent results of the in vivo study showed only a modest increase in TLR-2 and Dectin-1 receptors, but this was not a significant finding. It could be interpreted that the challenge of continuous dosing of AME-1 resulted in maximal cell surface expression of TLR-2 and Dectin-1, thus seeing only a modest positive upregulation of cell surface membrane expression. However, the sustained upregulation of both TLR-2 and Dectin-1 receptors indicates innate immune mechanisms that were primed and maintained throughout the course of the 90-day oral study. Furthermore, there was no downregulation of either surface receptor type, nor was there any over priming or stimulating effect which would have negatively impacted the immune system through the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

“The importance of these in vivo findings indicates an innate immune priming biological activity, and this is preserved during the 90-day study. The potential priming effect and maintenance result in a more efficient response to an invading pathogen, thus promoting greater gut health and increased health and wellness of the individual. There was no over stimulation or negative effects with long -term use of AME-1 in terms of gut health and wellness. This is another key finding in the further understanding of the effects of AME-1 on health and wellness,” says Brian Tancowny, a scientific advisor for Psyched Wellness.

Psyched Wellness Ltd. is a Canadian-based health supplements company dedicated to the distribution of mushroom-derived products and associated consumer packaged goods. The Company’s objective is to create premium mushroom-derived products that have the potential to become a leading North American brand in the emerging functional food category. The Company is in the process of developing a line of Amanita Muscaria-derived water-based extracts, teas and capsules designed to help with three health objectives: promote stress relief, relaxation and assist with restful sleeping.

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