Nevada Sunrise drills 950.57 ppm lithium over 200 feet at Gemini, Nevada

Nevada Sunrise drills 950.57 ppm lithium over 200 feet at Gemini, Nevada
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VANCOUVER – Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp. [NEV-TSXV; NVSGF-OTC] reported intersecting lithium mineralization over significant widths in the inaugural drilling program at its 100%-owned Gemini lithium project, located in the Lida Valley basin in Esmeralda County, Nevada. Drilling began in the second week of March 2022 and concluded in the first week of April 2022. Two boreholes were completed for a total of 2,020 feet (615.85 metres) on drill sites located within a defined gravity low that hosts conductive layers detected by historical ground electromagnetic (EM) surveys.

Borehole GEM22-01 was drilled to a depth of 900 feet and was terminated in a black, sticky clay that impeded further drilling progress. At 320 feet (97.56 metres), Nevada Sunrise’s exploration team observed the presence of a clay layer similar to clay encountered in the company’s 2016-2017 exploration drilling in the Clayton Valley that had carried values of up to 1,400 parts per million (ppm) lithium. Fourteen samples taken at 20-foot intervals between a depth of 380 feet (115.85 metres) and 520 feet (158.54 metres) from the Gemini clay layer were processed on a rush basis in April 2022 and returned a weighted-average value of 1,177.6 ppm lithium over 140 feet (42.68 metres). Concentrations within this interval ranged from a low of 746.9 ppm lithium to a high value of 1,950.6 ppm lithium. This initial result represents a new discovery of lithium-bearing sediments in the western Lida Valley, which has not been historically drill tested for lithium mineralization.

A second suite of samples was subsequently submitted from the upper clay layer in borehole GEM22-01, which was observed to contain intermittent brown clays and tuffaceous ash layers. The analytical result was the recognition of another mineralized zone averaging 295.45 ppm lithium over 60 feet (18.29 metres) from 320 feet (97.56 metres) to 380 feet depth (115.85 metres). When the two consecutive layers from GEM22-01 are combined, the result is a continuously-mineralized interval of 200 feet (60.98 metres) from 320 to 520 feet (97.56 to 158.54 metres) averaging 950.57 ppm lithium.

Borehole GEM22-02 was drilled to a depth of 1,120 feet (341.5 metres) at a location approximately 0.69 miles (1.1 km) south of GEM22-01 and also encountered the brown clay/tuffaceous ash layer and the green clay layer. Representative samples from each layer were submitted in the second suite of rush samples and returned weighted-average values of 775.9 ppm lithium over 130 feet (39.63 metres) from 390 to 520 feet (118.90 to 158.54 metres).

Initial analytical results from boreholes GEM22-01 and GEM22-02 suggest that the lithium-bearing clay layers at Gemini may be widespread. Additional drilling is planned following receipt of an amendment to the current Bureau of Land Management drilling permit, which will be required to cover the company’s newly-expanded land position. In April 2022, Nevada Sunrise staked 258 lode claims totaling 5,420 acres (2,193.4 hectares) over the outline of the gravity low to effectively cover the possible extent of the lithium-bearing clay layers. Follow-up geophysical surveys are planned in 2022 within the gravity low to further map the conductive layers detected by Nevada Sunrise in 2016.

The company’s exploration objectives for Gemini are twofold: testing the conductive zones for lithium brines at depth and analyzing drill cuttings for lithium-in-sediments.

Gemini consists of 387 unpatented placer and lode claims located in the western Lida Valley, Esmeralda County, approximately 6 miles (10 km) east of the town of Lida, Nevada. Nevada Sunrise expanded the size of the Project by staking 80 new unpatented claims in March 2022, and 268 additional unpatented claims in April 2022. Drill pads and access roads remain in place at Gemini with an active drilling permit.

Exploration at Gemini is complemented by the company’s 80.09 acre/feet/year water right, a pre-requisite for the exploration and development of lithium brine projects in Nevada.

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