Canadian freedom demonstration brings hope and unity

Canadian freedom demonstration brings hope and unity
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OTTAWA – Thousands of peaceful protesters continue to gather in Ottawa today while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reportedly fled. Mainstream media outlets such as the CBC have failed to report the massive turnout, the inspiring speakers and united Canadians from all backgrounds coming together peacefully to protest their right to basic freedoms. It should be noted the CBC receives approximately 1.4 Billion in taxpayer dollars annually from the Trudeau government.

In a press release on Sunday, Ottawa police said large crowds remained in the city’s downtown core throughout Saturday night and were “actively managed” by police. They reported no arrests and cautioned residents about parking and gridlock due to the demonstration.

Protesters have been heard singing the national anthem and have also united in prayer from various spiritual leaders.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 GoFundMe continues to receive support and is now nearing its 9 Million dollar goal.





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