Canada Computational signs LOI to acquire 700 new miners 

Canada Computational signs LOI to acquire 700 new miners 
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TORONTO – Canada Computational Unlimited Corp. (TSXV: SATO)  announced the signing of a non-binding letter of intent with Foundry Digital LLC for a transaction that would make it possible for the Company to purchase 700 miners. This addition of an equivalent of 65 PH/s at Center One shows our progress and commitment to reach 600 PHs.

Key Highlights

  • Addition of mining equipment for 65 PH/s
  • Center One based on the 20MW renewable energy contract will allow to reach an equivalent of 600 PH/s
  • The Q3 average to mine 1 Bitcoin in electricity power is USD$ 7,636 based on Q3 Financials
  • Possibility to extend the contract with Foundry to get more miners

Romain Nouzareth, CEO and Chairman of, commented, “This increment is the result of a collaborative effort from both parties and is the first of many that we have planned to reach our capacity of 600 PHs for Center One. This further proves that we are on a path to reaching our targets.”

The Company and Foundry will seek to conclude a definitive agreement prior to the end of January 2022. operates a state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral bitcoin mining center with a contract of 20 MW of stable, eco-friendly energy. The company’s high-density calculation centers are built for high-grade cryptocurrency mining, AI data processing, and fintech infrastructure.

Founded in 2017, is led by technology entrepreneurs, electricity and ventilation experts, network specialists, and Canadian industrialists. Since its inception, the company has pursued a vision of environmental stewardship throughout the mining process. The excess supply of renewable energy in the province of Québec has made this endeavor feasible and a great base for growth.


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