O2Gold drills 0.7 metres of 19.26 g/t gold at Aurora vein, Colombia

O2Gold drills 0.7 metres of 19.26 g/t gold at Aurora vein, Colombia
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TORONTO – O2Gold Inc. [OTGO-TSXV] reported results from its continuing drill program that confirm the mineralized system of the main Aurora vein at depth located at its 30,000-hectarer property in Colombia.

Drill hole AUR-21-002, located 100 metres north of hole AUR-21-001, intercepted the main Aurora vein and showed the following results: 0.7 metres of 19.26 g/t gold and 10.5 g/t silver from 23.10 to 23.80 metres.

The gold-silver intercept of hole AUR-21-003 was between 159.20 to 163.20 metres, equaling 2 metres of true thickness.

The drill program is soon expected to expand to its nearby brownfields of Aparecida and Quintanillo, where ongoing exploration work has identified at least 9 separate veins, one with a projected extension of 1.2 km.

Holes AUR-21-002 and AUR-21-003 both targeted the main Aurora vein. The intercept from AUR-21-002, which was 18 metres from the surface, confirms the high-grade gold result seen in the first drill hole.

AUR-21-003 intercepted approximately 150 metres from the surface. The intercept was between 159.20 to 163.20 metres, totaling 4.00 metres of apparent thickness, with weighted average grades of 0.71 g/t gold and 5.09 g/t silver. The richest interval occurs between 159.20 and 160.40 metres, totaling 1.20 metres of apparent thickness and grades of 1.71 g/t gold and 14.20 g/t silver.

The intercepted interval confirms the mineralization seen in holes AUR-21-001 and AUR-21-002 and shows the extent of the vein at the projected down dip.

Following the company’s report of an intercept with 20.11 g/t gold, these results show that more drilling is needed to understand average values for the main Aurora vein’s width and grade. When the Aurora mine begins small-scale production, a large volume sample will be important for this definition and additional forthcoming drill results are expected to reveal its minimum extension.

Exploration of Aparecida, Quintanillo, and Botella

In addition to the five indicated or observed veins near the Aurora tunnel, ongoing rock channel sampling, geophysics, and mapping of the other brownfield targets has yielded many more areas of interest that need to be confirmed with drilling.

In Aparecida, five veins have been indicated, with average projected extensions of at least 300 metres. Aparecida’s Fortaleza vein has a projected extension of at least 400 metres and rock channel sampling returned maximum values of 42.3 g/t gold and 49.6 g/t silver.

In Quintanillo, directly south of the Aurora area, four distinct veins have been indicated with the primary vein projected to have an extension of at least 1.2 km.

Finally, in Botella, five distinct veins have been observed or indicated, with an average projected extension of at least 200 metres. The Esmeralda vein has an observed width of 1 metre, and several rock channel samples showed grades of more than 30 g/t gold.

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