Allied Corp receives plant breeding license for psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis in Colombia

Allied Corp receives plant breeding license for psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis in Colombia
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KELOWNA – Allied Corp. (OTCQB: ALID) reported that it has been granted additional licensing that enables the Company to function as a research and plant breeding unit for psychoactive and non-psychoactive Cannabis in Colombia.

The activities that are included in the approved Colombian Research and Plant Breeding License include:

  • The ability to import and export cannabis seeds that are required for research.
  • The ability to work in seed research activities inside the company, independent to providing services to third parties.
  • The ability to carry out agronomic evaluation tests for the strain varieties of the Allied genetics developed.
  • The ability to conduct activities relating to Allied’s cannabis plant breeding program and registration of new strain varieties, thus giving Allied independence from the seed source registered with ICA (the agronomic registration and regulatory department for Colombia).

“As Colombia continues to move towards the ability to export cannabis flower to countries where it is legal to do so, this additional licensing will enable us to continue the development of our custom cannabinoid strain profiles. The Colombian temperate climate continues to impress us with regards to the expression of novel cannabinoid profiles. We are excited to showcase some of these cannabinoid strains to the international marketplace,” said Mr. Calum Hughes, CEO and Chairman of Allied Corp.

Allied Corp. is an international cannabis company with its main production center in Colombia and is one of the few companies that has exported from Colombia internationally. In preparation for the possible legalization of cannabis by the US Federal Government, Allied also has the option to purchase a US cannabis license in the US (Nevada) exercisable if such were to happen. In addition to this, Allied has three CBD-brands to market with products selling in the United States. Allied has both Cannabinoid and psilocybin products in the pharmaceutical development track seeking pharma drug indications for depression, anxiety and PTSD.

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