VirgoCX crypto trading platform to launch NFT brokerage service in Canada

VirgoCX crypto trading platform to launch NFT brokerage service in Canada
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TORONTO – Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform VirgoCX has announced the addition of an NFT Brokerage Service to its platform’s service line-up, one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms in the country to offer such services. The NFT market has received tremendous amounts of attention in the summer this year, with more than 3.5 billion USD on-chain trading volume just in the month of August. However, most new collectors are facing challenges in navigating through the market filled with millions of items. A brokerage service that can aggregate information and filter noises away in the market will add sustainable value to the rapid evolution of NFT industry.

VirgoCX’s NFT Brokerage Service allows clients to find, trade, and collect trendy NFTs. Operating in the same vein as its well-established over-the-counter (OTC) platform, the service provides clients with insights to re-discover the NFT market and to grasp the fast-changing collectors’ appetite. From buying the first NFT, to liquidating your existing NFT quickly, even to deploying your own creation and becoming a full-scale member of the NFT community. They say clients can also expect immediate delivery of the NFTs after purchase, competitive fees and fast turnaround from trading with VirgoCX.

“The VirgoCX NFT Brokerage business adds needed liquidity to the market. We aim to enable clients to buy and sell NFTs in a timely manner and provide them with necessary tools to make informed decisions,” says Adam Cai, CEO of VirgoCX. “The goal is to bring more transparency and consolidation to the highly divided NFT market.”

Founded in 2018, VirgoCX says it is committed to making crypto trading safe, easy, and affordable for Canadians.

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