Logiq launches exclusive mobile payment services across Indonesia

Logiq launches exclusive mobile payment services across Indonesia
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Logiq, Inc. (NEO: LGIQ) (OTCQX: LGIQ), a global provider of award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions, has launched a new exclusive mobile payment option for driver license psychological testing in Indonesia. The tests are mandatory for millions of Indonesians looking to obtain or renew their license.

The launch follows Logiq’s announcement at the end of June that it partnered with Mentalku, the exclusive government-licensed provider of these tests that are mandated by regulatory statute. Mentalku administered about 17 million such tests last year.

As part of an initial pilot program for the new mobile payment services, Logiq has integrated its mobile payment solution, AtozPay™, into the Mentalku mobile app. AtozPay is also now initially available on payment terminals located in Mentalku testing centers across East Java.

The Mentalku app also offers telemedicine services, digital testing and virtual counselling that can be paid for using the newly integrated AtozPay eWallet payment gateway.

“This launch represents the first time electronic payments can be made within Mentalku’s mobile app or at their testing center terminals,” stated Logiq president, Brent Suen. “Following the initial pilot program, we plan to expand the payment services to Mentalku testing facilities throughout Indonesia beginning in 2022. The full roll out will include additional commercial features and services, such as mobile airtime and data top-up, e-money, general payments, and deliveries.”

The CEO of Mentalku, Dr. Mohsein Saleh Badegel, added: “Our strategic partnership with Logiq also allows Mentalku to expand its services online to include payments and delivery of pharmaceuticals. We see Logiq as a strong value-add partner who supports our aspirations to become the next Goto or Decacorn.”

Logiq’s digital wallet technology enables users to perform multiple financial transactions quickly and securely, including money transfers, receiving and repaying loans, accessing insurance, buying airtime or data, and paying bills or merchants—all conveniently on their mobile phone, anytime, anywhere.

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