BC-based licensed cannabis producer releases certificates of analysis

BC-based licensed cannabis producer releases certificates of analysis
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DELTA – Pure Sunfarms gives Canadian cannabis consumers access to dried flower test results (also known as certificates of analysis or “COAs”) as part of its ongoing commitment to transparency. Those seeking access to information can now easily learn about the quality of the bud in their bag, and find the information they care about — from cannabinoids, to terpenes, to strain information.

Canadian cannabis consumers can now access COAs for Pure Sunfarms dried flower products through an easy-to-use search function on the company’s website. The company’s COAs include key information about each batch of dried flower, including: cannabinoid content (potency), terpene levels, and the absence of unwanted chemicals and microbials.

“We’re making it easy for those who want to dig a little deeper,” said Mandesh Dosanjh, President & CEO, Pure Sunfarms. “This is something our consumers and retailers care about and have been asking for, and it’s important that we’re able to make this information readily available to them.”

Through the web function, consumers can simply input the Lot ID from their Pure Sunfarms dried flower package, and view a complete COA document with analytical data and testing information related to the specific batch of dried flower in their bag. Every batch of Pure Sunfarms dried flower is lab tested in accordance with Health Canada guidelines to ensure consumers are receiving safe, quality cannabis.

“Transparency matters to us,” said Dosanjh. “Public COAs are not currently a requirement in Canada, but we’re happy to be the first licensed producers of our size to take this step.”

To further this commitment to transparency, the company continues to advocate for accurate potency labelling in the industry. In a recent blog post, Dosanjh reminds readers that some producers are not playing by the rules, and are mislabeling and overstating potency levels despite regulations. Due to Pure Sunfarms’ efforts, Health Canada released a reminder letter to all producers on August 10, reinforcing that cannabis labels must “reflect the value as tested for the lot”.

“Consumers are being misled by some potency labels in the market, even though the regulations are crystal clear,” said Dosanjh. “They deserve to know what’s in their bag and can rely on Pure Sunfarms to do the right thing and give them access to this information.”


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