Crypto art autographed by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin auctioned ahead of fork

Crypto art autographed by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin auctioned ahead of fork
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SYDNEY – The crypto Mona Lisa autographed by the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin will be auctioned July 30th.

“CryptoMother” is an icon of the crypto industry. She is said to protect every block in the network and guide crypto enthusiasts in their decision-making. The artwork was first presented to the public at a blockchain conference in 2017 and since then, the physical painting has been exhibited at various crypto and blockchain conferences around the world – from Russia and the United Arab Emirates to multiple European countries.

Since its first appearance in 2017, “CryptoMother” has attracted a lot of attention from digital art collectors, all vying to get hold of this painting for their own collections. In 2018, someone from the United States offered the current owner $6 million for the artwork but was declined on ideological grounds. That year and for many to follow, “CryptoMother” remained unattainable to digital art lovers. That’s all changed now – Crypto Mona Lisa is finally entering the NFT market. “CryptoMother” is the centerpiece of the “Art of Blockchain” collection consisting of 5 NFT works of art and their original oil paintings – “CryptoMother”; “Miss Coin”; “CryptoFather”; “Ethereum”; and “Bitcoin”. The “Art of Blockchain” symbolizes the merge of contemporary art with modern science and honors important milestones and figures of the blockchain industry. All 5 pieces in the collection will be auctioned on the same day – 30.07.2021.

The Crypto Mona Lisa’s release back to the market coincides with Ethereum’s London Hard Fork, which is expected to be launched on 4th August 2021. The painting marks a turning point in the history of the network and celebrates the improvements and innovations to come.

Ethereum made a huge impact on the evolution of the crypto ecosystem, inspiring and empowering many developers to launch a plethora of dApps and services. “CryptoMother” appeals to the parallels between the importance of the network for the whole blockchain ecosystem and the role of the mother guarding over all crypto enthusiasts.

NFT STARS, the team organizing the auction, expects to hit several records with its “Art of Blockchain” drops. Each piece in the collection is unique in its own right, however, when properly appreciated together, the “Art of Blockchain” represents the core values and aspirations of the crypto community.


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