Minister of National Defence marks Canadian Armed Forces Day

Minister of National Defence marks Canadian Armed Forces Day
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OTTAWA – Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, issued the following statement today in recognition of Canadian Armed Forces Day:

“Today, on Canadian Armed Forces Day, we celebrate and honour the efforts of our military personnel.

“Every day, they sacrifice in big and small ways to keep Canada and Canadians safe. They put themselves at risk, working around the world and across the country, to keep Canada strong at home, and to reinforce our leadership on the international stage.

“Members of the Canadian Armed Forces have shown time and again that no matter the call of duty, they are ready to respond. Whether they are supporting NATO deterrence efforts in Eastern Europe, airlifting critical supplies across Africa in support of UN peace operations, or helping Canadian communities through pandemics and natural disasters – they consistently demonstrate excellence and professionalism.

“And through it all, their families are there with them. We are grateful for our military families today and every day, for their selflessness and strength in support of their loved ones in uniform.

“This past year, we’ve seen many of our Canadian Armed Forces personnel operate outside of their traditional roles in support of our whole-of-nation fight against COVID-19. They helped set up COVID-19 testing facilities, transported people to and from vaccination clinics, and aided Indigenous and remote communities in accelerating their vaccine distribution by providing logistical support, helping to establish vaccine clinics and delivering medical supplies.

“The pandemic has highlighted the resilience, adaptability, and strength of our people in uniform. And it has been a stark reminder of how they risk their health and wellbeing to protect our nation and its people. They deserve our deepest respect and gratitude. And they are entitled to a work environment that supports them to thrive and carry out the important work that they do. We have taken important steps to address misconduct in all of its forms in the organization, but we have only scratched the surface. We will continue our culture change efforts to create a Defence Team in which all members are treated with the respect, honour and dignity that they deserve.

“To all our Canadian Armed Forces personnel and the families who stand beside them, thank you for your service, and for your selfless commitment to our country.”

The Canadian Armed Forces Day is celebrated every first Sunday of June each year. This day commemorates Canada’s armed forces, their organization and personnel, as well as their heritage.

Salute to all the members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Happy Canadian Armed Forces Day!

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