Digihost reports on green energy consumption

Digihost reports on green energy consumption
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TORONTO – Digihost Technology Inc. (TSXV: DGHI; OTCQB: HSSHF) reported that over 90% of the energy consumed by the Company in its Bitcoin mining operations is from sources that create zero carbon emissions and more than 50% of the energy consumed by the Company is generated from renewable resources.

A cornerstone of Digihost’s business strategy is to continue to mine BTC in an efficient and environmentally conscious manner, thereby minimizing the Company’s carbon footprint.   Digihost will assess a number of alternatives including the purchase of carbon credits to reduce its already low carbon footprint. The Company’s long-term plans for growth include vertical integration of power production from low-cost, clean and renewable sources of energy. On March 24, 2021, the Company announced the acquisition of a 60MW power plant for which it intends, to the extent possible, to source and utilize renewable natural gas and also engage in the practice of acquiring renewable energy certificates, all in line with the Company’s objective to reduce and mitigate its carbon footprint.

Michel Amar, the Company’s CEO, stated: “We are extremely proud to report that over 90% of the energy consumed by Digihost is from sources producing zero carbon emissions and that over 50% is from renewable sources of energy, making Digihost one of the cleanest green Bitcoin mining operations in the United States. As a Company, we have always been cognizant of the potential impact Bitcoin mining could have on the environment and therefore have planned our growth and expansion to be environmentally conscious, in our pursuit of opportunities that maximize value for our shareholders.”

Digihost Technology Inc. is a growth-oriented blockchain technology company primarily focused on Bitcoin mining. The Company’s mining facilities are located in Upstate New York, and are equipped with 78.7 MW of low-cost power with the option to expand to 102MW. The Company is currently hashing at a rate of 200PH with potential to expand to a rate of 3EH upon the completion of the previously announced acquisition of a 60MW power plant.

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  1. Gerard Rotonda

    It is impressive to see that Digihost is using renewable energy. Digihost’s Bitcoin mining is focused and incentivized to use renewable energy. It remains critical to continue to harness clean-energy technologies to fuel the consumption needs of the growing blockchain ecosystem – Renewable energy. Gerard Rotonda, Digihost Technology Inc. (“Digihost” or the “Company”) (TSXV: DGHI; OTCQB: HSSHF)

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