Blockchain Foundry deploys Syscoin LUX; platform for NFTs and compliant payments

Blockchain Foundry deploys Syscoin LUX; platform for NFTs and compliant payments
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TORONTO – Blockchain Foundry Inc. (CSE:BCFN), a North American blockchain development firm, reported that, in conjunction with the Syscoin Foundation, it has successfully deployed Syscoin LUX, the latest version of the Syscoin blockchain. Syscoin is an open-source blockchain protocol that underpins many of BCF’s proprietary development efforts, and offers fast, highly scalable, and low-cost blockchain infrastructure for a wide variety of applications. Syscoin LUX introduces a range of new features which make Syscoin one of the best and most future-proof decentralized platforms for fungible and non-fungible tokens, payments, and non-custodial, rules-based compliance.

“Blockchain Foundry focuses on creating innovative business and consumer solutions using the unique infrastructure provided by Syscoin and other public and private blockchain protocols. With Syscoin LUX, we have an amazing platform to develop a wide range of cutting-edge solutions including NFT applications and compliant, rules-based payment systems using Syscoin Notary,” said Dan Wasyluk, CEO of BCF.

Commenting further, Mr. Wasyluk added, “We are very excited about the future of Syscoin and plan to leverage this technology in our work at Blockchain Foundry. BCF owns approximately 6.4 million Syscoin tokens, allowing our shareholders to participate in the growth and success of the Syscoin ecosystem.”

Blockchain Foundry develops and commercializes blockchain-based business solutions and provides consulting services to corporate clients seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their businesses.

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