Solarvest Bioenergy granted patents in India and Australia

Solarvest Bioenergy granted patents in India and Australia
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VANCOUVER – Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. (TSXV:SVS) reported that it has been granted patents in Australia and India.  The intellectual property protection concentrates on the production of algal biomass, algal cell cultures, lipid compounds, and compositions thereof, including fatty acids, carotenoids and fat-soluble vitamins.  These patents add additional strength to the Company’s existing patent portfolio as it commercializes its line of organic Omega-3 products.

After its initial product launch and further industry discussions, the Company has focused on supplying unique “clean label” products to satisfy the demand for premium plant-based, organic Omega-3 health products.  In addition, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Eversea has accelerated efforts to offer organic marketing companies and organic-oriented retailers with house-branded products (often termed “white label”) based on their unique bioavailable Omega-3 ingredient. Channel marketing feedback indicates that there is extensive market demand for the product’s unique characteristics, particularly among consumers focused on organic and vegan diets.  The Company’s patented Omega-3 active ingredient has obtained FDA NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) certification and is USDA and EU Organic Certified.

Further to the marketing of Organic Omega-3 in the United States, the team has received substantial interest due to the timely introduction of a premium ingredient when the reality of chemical and heavy metal contamination in baby food has been brought to light. The versatility of the patented ingredient has enabled the Company to demonstrate various Organic Omega-3 products that can be integrated into existing marketing channels. Organic marketers fully recognize the value of chemical-free production as a competitive advantage. Moreover, in terms of intellectual property protection, the IP has been described as a rare commodity in a growing market segment.

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. is an algae biologics company whose production platform provides an extremely flexible system capable of producing numerous products from Omega 3 fatty acids to human therapeutic proteins. The company has successfully demonstrated the expression of BMP, a high-value therapeutic protein, viral antigens (immune-stimulating proteins), and Cecropins (antimicrobial peptide/protein). The company has initiated a program for the expression of CBD and THC to be produced in GMP fermentation facilities.


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