New Leaf gets Health Canada approval for Psirenity to build psilocybin research facility

New Leaf gets Health Canada approval for Psirenity to build psilocybin research facility
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TORONTO – New Leaf Canada Inc. reported it has received approval from Health Canada that will allow its wholly-owned subsidiary Psirenity to begin construction of a psilocybin research facility at its Norfolk County location.

When completed the facility will be inspected for approval by Health Canada so it can become a CDSA licensed facility. Health Canada administers the CDSA (Controlled Drug and Substances Act) and its regulations to allow access for lawful purposes such as research and development.

Once licensing is approved, New Leaf Canada intends to use the CDSA licensed facility to expand Psirenity’s research and development into:

  • Psilocybin and psilocin production
  • Psilocybin containing mushroom strain development
  • Extraction and isolation of psilocybin and psilocin method development
  • Formulation of investigational products for future clinical trials
  • Supply of prescription-controlled drugs for Psirenity’s Health and Wellness Therapy Clinics
  • Supply of investigational products for Psirenity’s clinical trials

“We expect to start construction within the next 60 days on Psirenity’s new psilocybin research facility. It will establish a real footprint in Canada for Psirenity’s psilocybin and psilocin research once we receive CDSA licensing approval from Health Canada. Our work will hopefully lead to vital, new treatments in psychedelic-enhanced mental health, allowing Psirenity to commit itself even further to developing its unique Science of Peace of Mind,” says Psirenity CEO Chris McCullough.

The approval to build a psilocybin research facility is another important milestone in the growth of Psirenity, which is emerging as a global leader in science-backed brain health and wellness. Its focus is on providing holistic treatments that help solve today’s mental health pandemic by expanding its own understanding and the world’s acceptance of advanced psychedelic-enhanced mental health solutions, while accelerating patient intake and commercialization of its products.

Worldwide, more than 300 million people suffer mental health issues, creating a potential market worth $233 billion.

New Leaf Canada was founded in 2010 by former NHL enforcer Ryan VandenBusssche to explore alternative treatment for physical and mental health wellness. Ryan is a passionate spokesperson and advocate for bringing alternative health and wellness solutions to both athletes and millions of pain sufferers worldwide from his federally licensed Innovation Centre.

Psirenity Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Leaf Canada Inc., is a mental-wellness brand dedicated to developing clinically proven, scientifically-backed breakthroughs in psychedelics that restore mental well-being and lead to deeper self-awareness. Psirenity believes creating advanced psilocybin therapies for mental health and offering proprietary psycho-educational programs, as well as evidence-based therapeutics and nutraceuticals, can help advance human achievement through enhanced psychedelics. Psirenity’s leading scientific thinkers use high-quality, minimally processed products to develop the next generation of psilocybin-based therapies that heighten mental acuity and offer new kinds of connections with a more peaceful sense of self.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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