Silo Wellness kicks off second Oregon psychedelic wellness retreat

Silo Wellness kicks off second Oregon psychedelic wellness retreat
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TORONTO – Silo Wellness Inc. (CSE: SILO), a wellness company in the psychedelics and functional mushroom marketplaces announced that on Saturday, March 6, Silo launched its second ketamine-assisted psychedelic wellness retreat on the iconic McKenzie River in Oregon and third psychedelic retreat in 2021.

“Silo Wellness is intent on helping people heal right now,” said Chief Executive Officer, Douglas K. Gordon. “We have carefully crafted our Oregon retreat design in light of COVID-19 restrictions to permit participants to enjoy the healing power of nature in conjunction with their physician-led ketamine sessions.”

This week’s retreat has participants from Florida, Colorado, California, and Oregon. The retreat is designed to focus on nature and the most beautiful product of nature: the mind. During the five-day, six-night retreat, participants will explore waterfalls and experience the exhilarating, refreshing experience of whitewater rafting. The retreat agenda is focused on looking inward at the self during ketamine sessions and on teasing out personal growth through interactive group sessions. The remainder of the retreat is focused on communing with nature. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting potential mental health benefits associated with direct exposure to natural environments. There is also research and anecdotal support suggesting ketamine’s potential benefit in addressing mental health issues. It is with these two bodies of research in mind that Silo Wellness has married nature to ketamine therapy in this first-of-its-kind retreat system and North America’s first legal psychedelic retreat.

“In essence, our retreats facilitate and integrate the potential epiphanies and insights that are gleaned while using psychedelics,” stated Mr. Gordon. “In the case of both our Oregon and Jamaica retreats, nature is a vital component of that integration.”

In the United States, ketamine is a Schedule III substance under the Controlled Substance Act, meaning it has a low to moderate potential for physical and psychological dependence. Other examples of Schedule III substances include products containing less than 90 mg of codeine per dosage unit (Tylenol with codeine), anabolic steroids, and testosterone. To obtain ketamine, the prescribing physician must have an active DEA license. The use of ketamine for psychotherapy is a permitted off-label use by a prescribing physician.

All ketamine-assisted retreats of the company are conducted by a physician that is independent of the company. The physician qualifies and screens applicants for final acceptance, including any telephone or video consultations deemed necessary by the provider. The physician also provides consultations with each participant to screen for contraindications, appropriate diagnosis (if any), and mental preparedness for the retreat according to his own professional judgment. The physician, if the participant is deemed suitable for ketamine-assisted therapy, will prescribe ketamine to be administered under his medical supervision at the retreat location. The physician also provides pre-event information to attendees. There are individual meetings held virtually and with the group in preparation for the retreat.

Ketamine sessions and related therapy are provided solely by a physician and/or licensed counselor. Those services conducted at the retreat location are provided by the related practitioners and are not provided by or supervised by the company. The company does not practice medicine and is not involved with directing any medical care.

The mission of Silo Wellness is to improve health and wellness by developing and introducing psychedelic medicine to reduce trauma and increase performance by destigmatizing the active compounds in psychedelics and innovating ease of administration and ingestion.   Silo Wellness says it intends to introduce new, safe, and affordable alternatives to current medicines by facilitating entry into new and emerging markets where psychedelics are legal by conducting ketamine and psilocybin wellness retreats and elsewhere by manufacturing and distributing functional mushrooms.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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