Vinergy expands investment policy to include Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain investments

Vinergy expands investment policy to include Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain investments
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VANCOUVER – Vinergy Cannabis Capital Inc. (CSE: VIN; OTCQB;VNNYF; FSE;1V7) reported it is updating and amending its current investment policy to broaden the spectrum of the types of investments it is focused on to include high impact and high growth opportunities in Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin derivatives, digital currencies, digital currency marketplaces and exchanges and blockchain, amongst others.

As a part of a new focus on these opportunities, the company says it will form an advisory board that is well versed in evaluating these types of opportunities.

Over the past few months the company has received interest and proposals from several Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain companies seeking investment. The company views the macro data points in the sector such as all-time high Bitcoin price, influx in investment dollars for the sectors and increased institutional/mainstream adoption as very favourable for several of the opportunities that have been presented to it.

While the company says it is focused on making investments in businesses that are involved in the aforementioned sectors, the actual composition of Vinergy’s investment portfolio may vary depending on its assessment of several factors, including the performance of its investments, developments in existing and potential markets and risk assessment. Vinergy says it’s investment objectives, investment strategy and investment restrictions may be amended from time to time on the recommendation of the investment committee or senior management and approval by the board. The company’s board of directors reserves the right and authority to change the general or specific focus of the company’s investments over time; and reserves the right to diversify the company’s portfolio of investments by industry, geography, and investment type without prior announcement or notice being given.

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