Great Atlantic reports Newfoundland gold sampling results

Great Atlantic reports Newfoundland gold sampling results
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Great Atlantic Resources Corp. [GR-TSXV; PH0-FSE] received additional analytical results for 2020 rock samples collected at the newly discovered gold-bearing outcrop. The Otter Brook Gold Showing is located within the east-central region of the 100%-optioned Golden Promise Property in the central Newfoundland gold belt..

Four rock grab samples from float boulders and outcrop returned 1.44, 1.93, 2.92 and 3.53 g/t gold. A previous 2020 rock sample from this showing returned 5.75 g/t gold.

The Otter Brook showing has not been drilled.

Eleven rock grab samples were collected during the 2020 program from the Otter Brook showing, located in the east-central region of the Golden Promise Property. The samples were collected during two separate visits by company prospectors over a 30-metre length.

Outcrop samples returned gold assays of 5.758 g/t, 0.719 g/t and 1.1441 g/t. Float samples returned gold assays of 2.928 g/t, 3.534 g/t, 0.783 g/t, 0.888 g/t and 1.936 g/t.

A grab sample collected during the first visit from gabbro outcrop with quartz veining and sulfide mineralization returned 5.75 g/t gold. Six rock samples were collected during the second visit to the showing later in 2020, all returning significant levels of gold in range of 0.78 to 3.53 g/t gold while also returning up to 0.30% copper.

These consisted of sulfide bearing quartz breccia and sulfide bearing mafic rock with quartz veining. Samples exceeded 0.5 g/t gold from 2020 sampling at the Otter Brook showing include (gold converted from parts per billion to g/t)

The Golden Promise Property hosts multiple gold-bearing quartz veins and is located within a region of recent significant gold discoveries. The property is located within the Exploits Subzone of the Newfoundland Dunnage Zone. Within the Exploits Subzone, the property lies along the north-northwestern fringe of the Victoria Lake Supergroup (VLSG), a volcano-sedimentary terrane. The northwestern margin of the Golden Promise Property occurs proximal to, and, in part, contiguous with a major (Appalachian-scale) collisional boundary, and suture zone, known as the RIL. The RIL forms the western boundary of the Exploits Subzone. Recent significant gold discoveries within the Exploits Subzone include those of Marathon Gold at the Valentine Gold Project, Sokoman Minerals at the Moosehead Gold Project and New Found Gold at the Queensway Project.


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