MJardin announces standing offer agreement with Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis

MJardin announces standing offer agreement with Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis
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TORONTO – MJardin Group, Inc. (CSE: MJAR) a leader in premium cannabis production, reported that it has been registered to sell cannabis through Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis, and has entered into a standing offer agreement with AGLC for the sale of its premium high-quality cannabis in the Alberta market, under the Flint & Embers and BLLRDR brands.

AGLC is responsible for regulating private retail cannabis, the distribution of cannabis and operation of Alberta’s only legal online cannabis store, AlbertaCannabis.org.

The AGLC registration and standing offer agreement enables MJardin to make its product available to consumers in Alberta, which is the fourth largest populous market with the second largest cannabis sales in Canada. With active agreements in place in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, the company now services over two-thirds of the Canadian population and anticipates increased revenues as a direct result of their increased availability across Canada.

Moving into the Alberta market marks a key step in the achievement of MJardin’s 2021 goals. Last year, the company set forth on a path to develop knowledge and create processes required for successful brand launches in the emerging recreational cannabis market in Canada. Today, the company displays laser focus on its Canadian consumer-facing brand, Flint & Embers, and partner brand, BLLRDR.

“We have put a lot of time and effort into identifying our unique and unassailable competitive strengths before applying them elsewhere,” stated Pat Witcher, CEO of MJardin. “We have determined the nature of our strengths and we have identified our value in this new market. Our excellent horticultural background and data driven processes have radically improved the performance of our company over the last four years. We’re excited to introduce the culmination of our commitment, to our high-quality cannabis products, through the market entry of our consumer-facing brands.”

Alberta, having established early market leadership with nearly half of the cannabis retail locations in the country, continues to see rising earnings driven mainly by a proliferation of stores. MJardin plans to help Alberta capture additional customers by establishing a strong presence in the province through collaborative retailer engagements, consequently decreasing illicit market purchases.

“This agreement will enable us to deliver high quality cannabis to another great Canadian market under favourable terms,” stated Eric Gattoni, Senior VP Business Development of MJardin. “The market for quality cannabis in Alberta is growing at a remarkable pace, and thanks to this agreement, and our strategically planned collaborative retailer engagements, we have a scalable means to help meet this demand”.

MJardin owns multiple operations in Canada. MJardin is publicly listed on the CSE (MJAR) and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and Denver, Colorado.

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