The SolarWinds hack and how Leonovus helps enterprises protect their data from similar cyber-attacks in the future – a whitepaper

The SolarWinds hack and how Leonovus helps enterprises protect their data from similar cyber-attacks in the future – a whitepaper
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OTTAWA –  Leonovus Inc., (TSXV: LTV) today published a whitepaper on how its secure and smart data management technology provides part of the solution to protect enterprises from cyber attacks like the SolarWinds hack.

In December 2020, the USA, UK, and Canadian governments all warned the public of an active Advanced Persistent Threat, which became known as the SolarWinds Hack. As of December 2020, SolarWinds had 300,000 customers, including virtually all the Fortune 500 and many government agencies. According to public filings, the attack affected 18,000 customers directly.

“Leonovus’ end-to-end data-centric security and smart data management solution for data lakes could have significantly reduced the damage caused by the SolarWinds Hack,” said Michael Gaffney, Chair & CEO, Leonovus Inc.

Leonovus integrates with Zero Trust strategies and architectures. The system extends data-centric controls across the organization’s existing storage and network infrastructures—on-premises, in the cloud, or both, with cybersecurity capabilities for the entire lifespan of the data and beyond.

The Leonovus data-centric security design embedded within its smart data management solution has considerable added benefits to the organization. The effect on the end-user is transparent. Data and analytics leaders seamlessly use the hyper-secure system, keeping them agile and effective.

Because the data-centric architecture supports the inclusion of deep context from the point of origin, IT operations and data science experts benefit from more metadata and valuable contextual information. Leonovus data lakes are smarter and more secure. Analytics become faster and richer, making for better insights driven from the data repository, whether based on the raw data or meaningfully transformed for analytics-driven through data warehouses. Leonovus also dramatically reduces the overall cost of data integration and storage because it can seamlessly optimize data storage—another benefit of a data-centric design.

“The SolarWinds hack reminds us that the cyberthreat landscape is becoming even more pervasive and dangerous. However, companies still need to continue delivering business systems that support agile data processes and supply insights while securing underlying information,” said Gaffney.

“Since 2019, three departments in the Canadian federal government have tested our Vault and Smart Filer technology. After a year of testing, we are now negotiating a multi-year contract with one department and accelerating the final testing in another. We expect to add more federal departments testing our secure smart data management solution in 2021, given current levels of interest and demo requests. In 2021 we have a real opportunity to generate revenues from more than one federal department. I am delighted that our three years of business development and testing efforts with the federal government is finally paying off. Moreover, these government customers become huge Leonovus reference customers both inside the government and for the private sector,” said Gaffney.  

Leonovus is described as a secure and smart data management software company. The Leonovus suite of data management tools offer an organization what it needs for a complete end-to-end data-centric solution. This solution can stand on its own, or it can integrate with the organization’s zero-trust strategy and architecture. It takes seamless advantage of the organization’s existing storage infrastructure and network architecture, working on-premises, in the cloud, or both. It extends the data-centric controls across the entire architecture, including cloud resources. And it supplies these cybersecurity capabilities for the full lifespan of the data and beyond. The flexible and straightforward solution does not require changes in the method of data use. Applications, services, and users all interact with the data the same way they always have. The company says the system ensures the right users get access to the correct data, at the right time, but securely. In addition to working with existing systems, the Leonovus solution aids in the organization’s digital transformation by enabling ultramodern data concepts necessary for the data-driven world. These capabilities are included in an automated solution requiring little operations effort and no new skills or expertise.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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