Urbanimmersive Brings 3D Tours Social With UiMeet3D

Urbanimmersive Brings 3D Tours Social With UiMeet3D
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SAINT HUBERT – Urbanimmersive Inc. (TSX VENTURE: UI) (OTCQB: UBMRF) announced the launch of UiMeet3D, a new way of remotely visiting digitalized real places with friends and clients aiming at bringing 3D tours more social, engaging and interactive. UiMeet3D is a new integrated feature of Urbanimmersive’s 3D tour technology.

Using multi-user servers, 3D real place environments and video conference technologies, UiMeet3D is an immersive solution on the market enabling people to walk through a digitalized real place (i.e. 3D tours), like a property for sale, while visually interacting with other visitors represented by avatars. The integration of the Video Conference technology shows avatars with people’s live feeds cameras. UiMeet3D does not require any software or plugin download or installation making it easy to use on any browsers and devices.

UiMeet3D is a way to mimic real life visits of digitalized real environments providing real estate marketers with a new and powerful lead generation and communication tools aiming at improving conversion rates. For example, a real estate agent can recreate a virtual open house, share its 3D tour on social media to invite interested people, greet visitors (avatars) entering the digitalized home, see them freely walking from one room to another and decide to engage with visitors showing real signs of interest, exactly like they would do in real life.

“We believe UiMeet3D will become the norm in the 3D tours industry like it has been in the past for video games going from solo player to large multi-user’s game and we are happy to be the first mover to market with clear technological and distribution advantages over the competition. Very soon, it will be boring to visit 3D tours of homes and/or local businesses alone without friends or clients”, stated Ghislain Lemire, President and CEO of Urbanimmersive. “From a business angle, as real estate professionals are spending much more on digital advertising (lead gen) than visual content alone, we believe UiMeet3D subscription revenue model could become a significant growth driver for Urbanimmersive as it opens up the monetization of 3D tours usage rather than only its production and hosting”, added Ghislain Lemire. “With Urbanimmersive 3D technology being camera hardware agnostic, meaning working with all cameras and software capable of generating 360 imagery, and by the fact that Urbanimmersive already possesses a large network of real estate photographers in North America to distribute its complete solutions, we believe we are well positioned to become the leading brand in video conferencing solutions, when the main emphasis being of meeting in a place”, concluded Ghislain Lemire, President and CEO of Urbanimmersive

Urbanimmersive is a SaaS business management solution that provides mission-critical solutions to visual content providers serving the real estate residential, commercial, construction, and local business markets.

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