Abaxx Technologies to begin Trading on Canada’s NEO Stock Exchange

Abaxx Technologies to begin Trading on Canada’s NEO Stock Exchange
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TORONTO – Abaxx Technologies Inc. announced it has received final approval to list on the Neo Exchange Inc. in Canada and will begin trading on December 18, 2020 under the symbol “ABXX”. Abaxx successfully completed the previously announced reverse takeover with New Millennium Iron Corp. on December 14, 2020 pursuant to the terms of a business combination agreement dated September 18, 2020.

Abaxx will commence trading on the NEO Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ABXX and will have 63,558,062 shares outstanding at the start of trading. A filing statement prepared in accordance with the policies of the NEO is available on SEDAR at www.sedar.com

Abaxx Technologies Inc. is a development stage financial technology business developing software tools which enable commodity traders and finance professionals to communicate, manage risk, and transact faster and more securely.

A confluence of global socio-economic trends created opportunities for Abaxx and Abaxx.Exchange. Generational changes in the world are happening faster than industries, systems and infrastructure can adapt. Massive capitalization for renewable energy-based electrification is driving an energy transformation from carbon intensive coal and oil energy sources to natural gas, wind, solar, and smart grid energy storage requiring new natural resources and more efficient markets to trade them. Public opinion and necessity have reordered capital allocation priorities and investment criteria among the largest banks and institutional investment firms globally to better price environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. And current internet technologies and online commerce systems are experiencing an acute need for better tools to manage privacy, data and network security.

“Abaxx was founded with a vision of how global markets and the internet economy will fundamentally transform over the next decade,” remarked Josh Crumb, Founder and CEO. “We quickly learned that many people share our thesis around the socio-economic transition taking place, and we fundamentally believe that more stringent trust and transparency, more efficient market-based solutions, and trustworthy-computing software systems will enable global markets to organize and transact, resulting in the best emergent outcomes for society. The vision crystallized into a business strategy for capturing opportunities that are emerging faster than anticipated. Abaxx has an exceptional team, transformative technology and a commercial roll out planned beginning with the launch of Abaxx Exchange in Singapore, anticipated in the summer of 2021.”

We seek safe harbor.

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