FluroTech Announces Its Safe Air Travel Product Solution

FluroTech Announces Its Safe Air Travel Product Solution
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CALGARY – FluroTech Ltd.  (TSXV: TEST) (OTCQB: FLURF), announced that it will launch its first product solution aimed at solving the testing problems airlines and airport terminal operators face as they work to make air travel safe for domestic and international travel.

The FluroTest air travel solution is a COVID testing platform that the Company anticipates will be capable of running 3,000 tests per hour directly at the point of collection with accurate results immediately available to every passenger within 5 minutes. Systems will be placed in airport terminal locations enabling passengers to rapidly test and confirm their viral status before they reach the ticket counter to check their bags, or before they proceed to the normal airport security process. Platforms can be configured to assure high traffic areas have plenty of testing capacity to manage peak passenger demand.

“Boeing’s 737 Max announcement is a very positive development for the airline industry. This is a major step toward restoring trust in air travel,” said Bill Phelan, CEO of FluroTest. “Our testing system will further advance the trust that air travelers need to be comfortable to resume traveling. This means every passenger on the plane will have been tested with a digitally verified system with the results transmitted directly to every ticket holder’s digital safe pass within minutes of taking the test.”

By combining and leveraging the well-developed disciplines of robotics automation, biochemistry, fluorescence detection and cloud computing, FluroTest’s patent pending pandemic defense platform (the “Platform”) is designed to achieve throughput rates of 3,000 tests per hour with results on the mobile device of the test taker in 5 minutes. The system is interoperable with a number of digital safe pass systems including Clear, a system already with high rates of adoption in the airline industry.

FluroTest believes its Platform can benefit organizations serving large, concentrated populations and bearing significant pandemic risk, forcing them to incur consequential business disruptions and closures. Examples include, but are not limited to: colleges and universities, hospitals & large healthcare complexes, athletic stadiums & large performance venues, corporate campus environments, large office buildings & complexes, shopping malls and centers, retail working warehouses, factories, food processing plants, airlines, as well as any public transportation hub such as subway entrances and airport terminals.

“The FluroTest solution solves major problems facing the airline industry as it works to restore consumer trust in air travel. We have listened to industry veterans and deeply understand the problems they are working to solve. The FluroTest solution is fast, highly accurate, inexpensive, and enables travelers to move about freely with a digital safe pass that is so important as we prepare for the “new normal,” a world where frequent testing will become part of our daily lives.” said Danny Dalla-Longa CEO of Flurotech Ltd.

Readers are cautioned that, although FluroTest has achieved proof of concept prototype, the testing method and device is still in the early stages of research and development and accordingly FluroTest is not currently making any express or implied claims that the technology can, or will be able to, accurately detect the COVID-19 virus. The Platform is currently pending FDA approval. In addition, FluroTest requires additional capital in the near-term to further the development and deployment of its testing device and will be seeking equity investors and is exploring strategic partnerships in connection with the same.

FluroTech’s proprietary spectroscopy-based technology allows for the testing and identification of organic and inorganic compounds contained within biological samples for specific applications. Using technology that was first developed at the University of Calgary, FluroTech has created a two-part solution comprised of its CompleTest™ platform technology and consumable testing kits. Its accuracy has been independently validated. FluroTech continues to develop additional applications for the CompleTestTM platform technology.

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