Salons and barbers to take a financial hit as they start to reopen

Salons and barbers to take a financial hit as they start to reopen
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Salons and barbershops are starting to reopen in some parts of Canada with more on the way, but the industry says the measures needed to keep everyone safe while getting a haircut will mean a big financial hit.

The Allied Beauty Association estimates an average of a 30 per cent loss of revenue as distancing measures limit shop capacity and operators space out appointments to allow for more time to clean between clients.

Association executive director Alain Audet says the necessary precautions will mean more strain for an industry with a high proportion of self-employed workers and thin profit margins.

The association agrees that restrictions are important to keep everyone safe and has put together its own suggested guidelines, though some provinces have gone ahead with their own regulations with varying degrees of latitude.

Manitoba, which started allowing hair stylists and barbers to reopen last week, requires staggered appointments to avoid congestion and food and drink services to stay suspended, though it doesn’t require the use of masks and gloves.

Prince Edward Island, which will allow shops to reopen May 22, requires sanitizing all chairs, tools and capes between clients, that employees wear a mask and gloves, and has banned the use of neck brushes.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 13, 2020.

The Canadian Press

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