Watchdog looks into anti-competition practices in the digital economy

Watchdog looks into anti-competition practices in the digital economy
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OTTAWA — Canada’s competition watchdog wants information on what companies in the digital economy may be doing to harm competition.

The Competition Bureau is asking businesses and other interested parties to provide it with information on strategies firms may use to hinder competition in some core digital markets, like online search, social media, display advertising and online marketplaces.

The move comes as it examines concerns that these markets have become increasingly concentrated, hurting consumers and businesses.

It says the information will be confidential and should be submitted by November 30 via an online form on its website or to an email address.

The bureau says the information could be used to inform potential investigations or help it develop guidance for companies participating in the digital economy.

The news comes on the heels of a July report from the bureau’s Australian counterpart, which made several recommendations after examining the impact of online search engines, social media and digital content aggregators on competition in the media and advertising services markets.

The Canadian Press

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