ParcelPal Announces Strategic Partnership With MADD Canada to Stop Impaired Driving

ParcelPal Announces Strategic Partnership With MADD Canada to Stop Impaired Driving
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VANCOUVER – ParcelPal Technology Inc. (CSE: PKG) (FSE: PT0) (OTC: PTNYF) has announced that it has formed a partnership with MADD Canada to aid in the continuous fight to prevent impaired driving. MADD Canada has endorsed ParcelPal as their official delivery service in Canada.

MADD Canada has over 100 Chapters and Community Leaders in Canada and provides education and awareness programs to educate the public on the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol, cannabis and/or other drugs. As part of the ParcelPal’s national rollout campaign, advertising for ParcelPal’s service will be seen across the country in various educational forms. Together, MADD Canada and ParcelPal will launch a national awareness campaign focused on educating Canadians on the dangers of impaired driving and the options they have for getting items they want or need without leaving the party. This awareness campaign, which will be launched through social media and live television, will appeal to party-goers to not leave for cannabis, alcohol or other items if they don’t have to – “Don’t drive impaired; ParcelPal it”.

President and CEO Kelly Abbott States, “As ParcelPal dives deeper into cannabis and alcohol delivery, we are very aware of the inherent risks associated with consumption. We take every precaution to ensure the product is not only delivered safely but will be consumed responsibly as well. Our driver training programs and our technology are designed to ensure they do not deliver to a highly intoxicated or underage person.” Abbott continues, “Most of our orders are later weekend nights, where people are already at a party or are at home with friends. With ParcelPal, why leave? We take the risk away from people leaving the party to ‘re-up’ on their booze, cannabis, or snacks among many other use-cases. If this awareness campaign can change the lives of just one family – it is totally worth it.”

Customers who order cannabis or alcohol through the ParcelPal platform will be required to upload and verify their identities. Users that are under the age within their jurisdictions will not be allowed into this vertical on the application. The identity verification system ensures that the person is of age and that the identity is in fact real, and it is checked twice – once before and once upon delivery. Consumers who order product will have to be the person to receive the order. ParcelPal’s technology complies with all local, provincial and federal laws.

About ParcelPal Technology Inc.

ParcelPal is a technology-driven logistics company that connects consumers to the goods they love. Customers can shop at partner businesses and through the ParcelPal technology receive their purchased goods within an hour. The Company offers on-demand delivery of merchandise from leading retailers, restaurants, medical marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores in Vancouver and soon in major cities Canada-wide.

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