Subscribe Technologies Introduces Gingerly Marketplace

Subscribe Technologies Introduces Gingerly Marketplace
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VANCOUVER – Subscribe Technologies Inc. (CSE: SAAS, OTCQB: SRBBF, Frankfurt: 6GQ) is pleased to announce its Gingerly Marketplace App development lineup.

The Subscribe development team is now finalizing the Gingerly Marketplace along with paid add-on upgrades available to users to enhance their business. Gingerly offers a freemium platform which includes basic versions of its business tools at no charge while offering add-on upgrades and customized features for additional fees.

Gingerly Marketplace Apps in Development:

  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Advanced Team Calendar App
  • Shop Generator
  • Backup Data Service
  • Payroll Add-on
  • Enhanced Email Dissemination System
  • Advanced Analytics & Business Reporting
  • Referral/Affiliate System
  • Rewards/Coupon System
  • Legal Document Template Generator
  • Business Template Generator
  • Smart Contract Creator

Gingerly’s Marketplace Apps range in price based on need, user team size and bandwidth usage for email dissemination services. Subscribe also intends to open the Marketplace to third party developers enabling them to generate revenue.

Upstarts like Gingerly have systematically been attracting new users from legacy vendors whose costly infrastructure are lowering their ability to be price competitive. Price competitiveness is not always a determining factor, ease of use play a major role; traditional CRMs are ultimately designed for upper management to forecast potential revenue, however, the data input is not conducive to how salespeople operate. Small and Medium sized businesses with few employees typically are in touch with sales activity and don’t require exhaustive data input measures.

President and CEO Mr. Paul Dickson states, “The Gingerly Marketplace will have dozens of business enhancements which allows our users to customize the basic platform to meet the needs of their growing business.”

Other current Gingerly features include:

  • Contact management with sales communications feature
  • Integrated email client; never leave the interface
  • Email dissemination to small or large contact lists both bulk and individual
  • Invoicing with automated reminders
  • Billing and Payment Processing as well as automated recurring billing
  • Product management
  • Bookkeeping and Bank balance reconciliation
  • Sales reports and user activity logging
  • Team management with integrated live messaging

About Gingerly

Gingerly is a cloud-based business management suite and dashboard offering a growing portfolio of a-la-carte business management applications for solopreneurs, small, and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

For more information or to sign up for the platform, please visit

About Subscribe Technologies

Subscribe Technologies (CSE: SAAS, OTCQB: SRBBF, Frankfurt: 6GQ) develops, partners with, acquires, and invests in cloud based software as a service (SAAS) solutions for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

To learn more about Subscribe Technologies, please visit

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