Aben Resources CEO Jim Pettit, to speak at the San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit

Aben Resources CEO Jim Pettit, to speak at the San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit
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This weekend, Aben Resources CEO Jim Pettit will speak at the San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit. Gathering the top thought leaders, CEO’s, investment professionals and retail investors from around the world, the Silver and Gold Summit provides an unmatched opportunity for investors to get a behind the scenes look at how to make money investing in the resource industry.

Currently, Aben is focusing on their Forrest Kerr Project where the company is earning a 100% interest by spending $3 million over four years. Pettit said, “We had been following the Golden Triangle and what was going on up there. It took a few years for it to really start picking up steam. We put together a land package there that made sense to us based on geology.”

Pettit explained that the Forrest Kerr Project’s long narrow shape (8 km wide and ~50 km north south) is a result of strategically acquiring three claim groups on the Kerr fault that runs the whole length of the property. Pettit said, “We got a lot of data from each of the three properties. We consolidated everything and did a big compilation study and prioritized targets and here we are – still working on target number one two years later.”

In August 2017, Aben Resources began drilling at Forrest Kerr. The first three holes were drilled just to the north in a place called Carcass Creek. “We didn’t match the drill holes drilled in the past by Kiska Metals, so we moved on very quickly to the Boundary Zone,” said Pettit. “We went to the Boundary Zone because there was a Noranda hole from 1991 that was very high-grade – 10 metres of 34 g/t gold which comes down to one really high-grade metre but also there was mineralization for the next nine intervals. There was also a geochem survey done – historically. We had all that data. It looked really good. There was a tremendous amount of gold showing up in soil and rock samples. Our head geo and his guys started at the north end of the Boundary Zone. They found one outcrop; it’s hard to find outcrops, and they took samples off that. They came back 50 grams plus. So that’s where we started drilling. We drilled underneath it last year and that was three holes off one pad at 40, 60 and 75 degrees. We hit it and it was pretty significant.”

Investors are looking forward to more news coming from the very advantageously positioned Aben Resources. You can visit them at Booth #302 at the San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit October 28th – 29th, Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel.



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